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43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist. PETA's New Big Swinging (Veggie) Peckers Ad (NSFW-ish) A Very Odd 1960s Japanese Sex Guide. 8 Ways Your Facebook Profile is Like a Serial Killer's Lair. The 20 Most Trashy & Unconventional Barbies EVER. Calvin & Hobbes GIFs For Every Occasion. Go Daniel. 'Doorways To Demonic Possession': Fundamentalists Allegedly Pamphlet Comic-Con With Evil 'Hobbies' List. Eastern religions, yoga, vegetarianism and meditation are just a few of the so-called "hobbies" that may lead to demonic possession, according to a list that was distributed by people posing as a fundamentalist group outside Comic-Con 2012. A photo of the pamphlet was posted to the online image board MyBroadband by a user called "DJ" on July 17. It then quickly circulated around the Internet. UPDATE: The list is part of a parody cartoon used as promotional tool for the Cult Jam Productions film "Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story.

" The pamphlet, which can be viewed in full on the film's blog, lampoons Chick tracts -- short, evangelical comic books that espouse Christian fundamentalist beliefs. Scroll Down To View List "Beloved, do not take part in any of these components of Satan's Spiritual Structure," the pamphlet reads. Items on the blacklist range from offensive, to humorous, to nonsensical. Oddly, many traditional sins are absent from the list. [H/T Fark] The 17 Craziest Tweets of Yoko Ono. Like most of you, I'm not really good at being an adult/socialized human being.

The 17 Craziest Tweets of Yoko Ono

I try to be a functioning member of society, but, on my best day, I'm still just a sweaty collection of farts and stuttered observations about pop culture, covered in a stained t-shirt. I'm always looking for advice on how to be a better person, and I often turn to celebrities, because they seem pretty on the ball. Last year, I learned all about myself (and also partying) by religiously reading and following everything that Andrew WK said on Twitter. This time around, I'm following the words of singer(?) /artist(?) I settled on a business week because, if I had to do this for two more days, I would have murdered just everyone. Random facts you didn't know. Follow Bob on Tapiture They won’t care, for the record.

Random facts you didn't know

But go ahead and try…. I know you want one! A nose job always helps. I feel so sorry for this guy. The 35 Most Insane Halloween Costumes from Around the World. Two years ago, we took you inside the insane world of Japanese Halloween costumes.

The 35 Most Insane Halloween Costumes from Around the World

Last year we visited the dark carnival that is the German Halloween industry. So how to top that this year? What nation or ethnic group would we slander next? Mexico is a fairly reliable whipping boy. Everyone hates Italians, how about them? Well, it turns out that Japan is just way, way better at this than anyone else. We didn't even know we wanted to see the Japanese take on Eddie Murphy in Delirious, but now we can't imagine how we lived without it. Hey folks! Cobalt Rape Demon, a character from a popular Japanese children's cartoon. We're hoping Inter-racial limb and scalp transplants are a pretty big thing in Japan, because otherwise this is pretty inexplicable. This is a little clearer. Daniel or Elijah, Elijah or Daniel?

Playing With Cats Lvl Asian. When you see it... Adorável Psicose. Wheel of Nutrition. Journalists at a Microsoft press conference. Nico & Gabi. Pérolas do Orkut - Imagens, fotos e scraps engraçados do orkut. I hate my parents. Fuck yeah dementia!!1! O mundo maravilhoso de Adão Iturrusgarai. Eu Sou Rica (Pobreza Pega) - DJ Rafael Lelis Feat. VJ José Del Duca. Superlistas. Por Luíza Antunes Todos os sites de notícia têm falado sobre o avião da Malaysia Airlines que desapareceu no dia 8 de março sem deixar rastros, com 239 passageiros.


Como pode um avião desse tamanho simplesmente sumir de todos os radares? Bom, esse não é o único caso de desaparecimento na história. Ao longo dos anos, alguns aviões sumiram de repente, como se nunca tivessem existido. As especulações vão de acidentes, ataques piratas até a real existência da ilha de Lost ou abdução por extraterrestres. 1. Amelia Earhart é uma grande pioneira da aviação. Em março de 1956, quatro jatos Boing B-47 da Força Aérea dos Estados Unidos levantaram voo na Flórida em direção a uma base militar no Marrocos. 3. Frederick Valentich era um jovem australiano de 20 anos que sonhava em ser piloto, apesar de não ter exatamente a disciplina e habilidade para tal profissão. 4.

Um dos desaparecimentos estranhos faz parte da história da aviação brasileira. 5. 6. A história do Navy Flight 19 já virou até livro. Placas Ridículas. NIQUEL NAUSEA [ ] YouTube. Um Sábado Qualquer. Porra, Mauricio! (Imagem via Rafael Monteiro) (Imagem via voodoo-witch-queen)

Porra, Mauricio!

Sei la como se escreve.