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Want a Make your Blog More SEO Friendly?... Follow Some Tips. Do you own a blog?

Want a Make your Blog More SEO Friendly?... Follow Some Tips

… If yes then there are pretty much chances that you already understand the importance of business blogging. But have you got your blog optimized for better user experience? … The fact is many bloggers fail to take advantage of the huge marketing potential of their blogs. Clap Creative - Blog. If you own a small business, you might think why SEO is important and how it will affect your business to gain popularity on an online platform?

Clap Creative - Blog

… Well, surely it is important because your visitors will have fantastic user experience with the help of SEO services. Many companies and brands know they need search engine optimization for their websites. This certainly improves a website’s overall searchability and visibility, but what other real value does it offer? … Check Below:- Builds Trust and Credibility.

Clap Creative - Blog. M-Commerce is revolutionizing the shopping world with its exceptional customer satisfaction features.

Clap Creative - Blog

With the increasing number of mobile phones, techies these days trying to provide each and everything in the hands of people with one device. No doubt, this technology has been changing our daily life routines day-by-day. And if you are going to establish your online store, mobile commerce is the latest buzz to be considered in the important notes. Now, if you want your online mobile shopping to have more flexible options that enhance positive customer experience, you need to choose the right platform.

Clap Creative - Blog. With the revolution of human interaction with technology and the internet, those everyday objects in our house that have in connection with the internet, bringing valuable changes to human lives.

Clap Creative - Blog

It is IoT (Internet of Things) that is forming a bond between real and virtual life to experience technology more realistic. But out of daily routines, if we talk about websites, how the IoT leave an impact over designing of these online sites. Clap Creative - Blog. Clap Creative - Blog. Online businesses are today dominating the whole world.

Clap Creative - Blog

But to stay in the rank of this tough competition possible with your available content and evaluator scores. Content matters where the whole game of ranking has evolved to a new level. Instant Apps - How it Makes a Difference? A new trend of instant apps is in vogue and a great step towards app evolution.

Instant Apps - How it Makes a Difference?

They give native apps great speed and power. These apps have a feature that lets you use without needing to completely download onto your phone. So that you can use the app quickly when you need it, rest it benefit with less space consumption. Importance of Mobile First Indexing : SEO. Clap Creative - Blog. Mobile first indexing has been the talk of the SEO world for a long time now.

Clap Creative - Blog

So, when Google officially announced its rollout last week and started migrating the sites following the best practices of mobile-first indexing, it received a mixed response from the SEO community rather than all claps and cheers. All thanks to the worldwide confusion that’s been circling around this whole mobile indexing thing. Updated Google Search Console - What’s New with Latest the Version? Google recently announced a new version of the search console.

Updated Google Search Console - What’s New with Latest the Version?

With new updates, the company made a hard decision to let go of some legacy features in the new version. This drastic change of features and tools aimed at improving some of the popular properties the webmasters use. Want to Start a New Blog? Pick the Best Blogging Platform. The Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites of 2019.

Highlight Your Online Presence With Elegant Website Design. Facebook Instant Articles; Let’s clear the air, shall we? It’s been 3 years since Facebook has made Instant Articles available to the publishers but I bet there are still many in the industry who haven’t even heard the name let alone fathom what it is.

Facebook Instant Articles; Let’s clear the air, shall we?

Nevertheless, we all surely understand one common thing i.e. making more money. And though not everybody writes blogs to earn money, a little extra doesn’t hurt anybody either. So, let’s clear the air for the ignorant ones and show them what these are and how to use them like a pro. Back in 2015, Facebook released a new feature called ‘Instant Articles’ which was somewhat similar to Google’s AMP articles.

This new feature was introduced to solve the issue of slow loading times on the mobile web. Top 5 AMP-Ready Magento 2 Templates for 2019. What are the best SEO secrets you know? The world of Search Engine Optimization is ever-changing and the worst part is, you might not even know it.

What are the best SEO secrets you know?

SEO hacks that have worked fine for you till last year are not only obsolete in 2019 but might even hurt your site’s rankings. Especially, if your so-called SEO hacks land your website a penalty from Google. Well, your online business, let alone any reputed SEO company Los Angeles (or anywhere for that matter) can never be too careful these days when Google is ever-updating its page ranking algorithms and guidelines, besides releasing new features every now and then and paying more attention to websites adopting the “best practices”. All the more reason for you to stay on the top of the SEO ball, i.e. learning some of the top SEO techniques that can help you skyrocket your search engine rankings along with boosting your number of monthly visitors from organic search.

Clapcreative. Is your answer something resembling, “let us recognize and identify people”? Well, it’s true. But a face does much more than that, let’s find out- Faces help in identifying the person’s ethnicity.Faces show the person’s genetic inheritance.Apart from identity, faces reveal gender and age as well.Faces portray a variety of emotions such as anger, distress etc. And that’s why human faces are considered very powerful. Whenever we see a face, we are automatically drawn towards that person or feel empathy. Logo Designing - Why It Is Valuable For Your Business.

Creating a logo might not your first priority if you are a small or mid-sized business. Sometimes, your business logo might not be created with strategic thought or planning. However, a logo is what really matters in branding your business. This influence your brand success as well as control the perception of your company. That’s why you need to take care of your brand image which emanates all of the things you want to represent your company. A logo leaves the first impression by creating a visual connection between your customer and the company.

Utilizing BigCommerce SEO Tips for Improved Rankings. In today’s competitive market, one can never take enough steps to ensure success, there’s always seem to be some efforts lacking. What one can do, in fact, is constantly upgrade his abilities and knowledge to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing world. This ever-changing world enabled businesses to move from real-world platform to online e-commerce platform, so they can generate even more cash-flow by targeting more people. After all, that’s the whole point in starting a business in the first place. Today e-commerce industry stands at a whopping $7.7 trillion for B2B and $2.7 trillion for B2C as per Statista. Tips to Boost your Magento E-Commerce Store Sales. The e-commerce market of today is packed to the brim with businesses scrambling for the top, trying to gain as much space as possible. However, in order to get the best out of your e-commerce store which in this case is Magento, it only seems plausible to keep oneself up to date with current marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Although Magento website development company already provides a leading platform when it comes to accomplishing great wonders in the big world of e-commerce and is self-sustainable in satisfying all online shopping preferences, there are still areas where you can make certain efforts to increase the overall sale of your online store. Before we look any further into the areas of improvement, let’s look at- Some of the Factors that Influence the Online Shopping Behaviour of Consumers: The Speed Related Technical Parameters you should Consider in order to Boost your Magento Store are: Download the Latest Version Remove any 3rd party Extensions Conclusion. Top WordPress Themes for Authors and Writers in 2019.

Blogging, for some time now, has become quite a buzzword among authors and writers (pretty much anyone with a knack for writing) since the mainstream medium of books and magazines have been run over by the digitalized media. No wonder, with more and more online audience rocking the stage, blogs have only become the preferred choice for sharing content to your targeted audience. Speaking of blogs, what’s better than WordPress, a leading platform for online blogs and sites. Why? Because of the way it’s been designed, keeping writers and authors in mind. And by design, I mean the themes that come with features and components to go well with your written content and perspective reserved for your site. What are the Startup accelerators for social media? Taking a business to the next level is getting easier in today’s world, thanks to innumerable accelerators and new venture funds that have come up in the past few years.

6 Top Reasons Why Content Management System is Important for your Business. CMS has created a lot of buzz in the web development industry because of the countless benefits associated with it. Things to Consider Before You Launch Your Website. How the Future of User Interface (UI) will Redefine your Life. There has always been a connection between the user and the thing in use regardless of it being simple, a mechanical handle or something with complex, digital display, in short, for every technology there’s always been an interface.

And these interfaces are created with the help of user-centered designs which is currently the best practice for shaping technology to support people based on the understanding of their goals, needs, and capabilities. Advantages of E-Commerce site over Physical Store. 7 Reasons Why Pageless Design is the Future of Web Designing. Earlier, when websites were invented, basic HTML pages were enough to bring in quality traffic. Those were the days when websites were composed of several pages containing tons of information. These pages were further subdivided into several more pages, breaking the information into smaller bits that could be accessed from the navigation menu. However, with the evolution of technology came mobile phones which replaced desktops and became our prime source of web browsing.

BigCommerce Development Tips for Starting Out Your E-Commerce Journey. When it comes to e-commerce stores, design plays a crucial role regardless of the platform you use. It should be something that makes your site look visually appealing but should also hold the potential to lead in prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Though there are plenty of e-commerce platforms in the market to choose from, BigCommerce is the one you will find standing taller above everything else, all thanks to its attention to detail and dedication towards creating a superior design custom build for improving conversion rates. Los Angeles SEO Services. A great website without a Local SEO strategy is like a store built on a deserted island. Why Routine Website Maintenance is Critical for your Business. The importance of having a website is a fact that is well understood by the majority of business owners worldwide.

However, what they fail to understand is that maintaining their websites at regular intervals is equally important than simply creating and launching. Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento & the Future of E-Commerce. Adobe finally acquired Magento Commerce on 30th May, 18 for a whopping amount of $1.68 Billion after its announcement a week ago. This purchase has given Adobe a missing e-commerce platform piece that is expected to fit nicely in the company’s Experience Cloud in the context of both B2B and B2C marketing. Magento was originally released in 2008 by Varien Inc. under the foundership of Roy Rubin. Later it was acquired by eBay in 2011 for an estimated sum of $180 Million but after the break up of eBay itself on 18th July, 15 Magento went private once again with the help of $200 Million in funds by Permira private equity later that year. Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President, Digital Experience, Adobe has already confirmed that after the acquisition, the Magento team will continue its work as part of Adobe’s Digital Experience business under the supervision of Mark Lavelle, Magento’s existing CEO.

Responsive Web Design to Increase Traffic and Conversions. 20 Must Have Essential Features for Your E-Commerce Store. Magento Support and Maintenance Services in LA. Successfully Launch Your Shopify Store with 7 Steps. Wordpress Development Los Angeles. Magento SEO Extensions - Best Add-Ons to Rank Your E-Store. Los Angeles SEO Services. Migrating To New WordPress Domain Without Affecting Its SEO. How to Tell if Your Website Needs Redesigning. Advantages of E-Commerce site over Physical Store. Typical Web Design Fails and How to Fix Them.

Infographic: Magento Maintenance Services. Internet Marketing Company. 5 Things to Keep Your E-Commerce Site in Shape with Magento Support and Maintenance Services. WordPress Support Services in Los Angeles. Magento Website Development. Real Estate Web Design + Development Company. Digital Marketing Trends to look out for in 2019.