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Business Schools in UK - Edwise International. May 2017 British higher education and qualifications have an impressive International reputation.

Business Schools in UK - Edwise International

A degree in a business related subject strikes a balance between theoretical and practical work. Universities use real-life examples so students can apply their learning. Students are seldom in doubt as to whether what they’re learning will have real-life applications. Students can tailor their degree according to their career aspirations. Top 5 Universities in the UK 1) Warwick Business School (WBS) Warwick Business School (WBS) is an academic department of the University of Warwick, originally established in 1967 as the School of Industrial and Business Studies. 2) Alliance Business School – University of Manchester Alliance Manchester Business School (Alliance MBS) is the business school of the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. 3) Cranfield School of Management – Cranfield University 4) University of Edinburgh 5) Durham University Intake Major Intake for UK is SEPTEMBER.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad - Edwise. May 2017 The cost of studying abroad largely depends on your study destination and programme.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Abroad - Edwise

Once you have decided on your programme of interest, ensure that you know what costs are covered in this programme. When deciding on where you wish to study, take into account that living costs, tuition fees, transportation and food along with your everyday costs will vary across different countries and Universities. International Student Survival Guide - Edwise. May 2017 While studying in a new country may seem challenging at first, you will need to set aside time to settle in before you fully adapt to your new environment.

International Student Survival Guide - Edwise

An overseas education can be culturally and academically enriching. Being able to adapt to different circumstances will help smoothen your transition period. Study Abroad in top Universities. May 2017 While Studying abroad can sometimes be challenging, it is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow.

Study Abroad in top Universities

Every individual should have the opportunity to travel atleast once in their lifetime. You become more open as a person, and develop a broader outlook towards life. It gives you a chance to experience learning strategies that are different from the ones that you have back home. Top 7 Things to Look For In a Business School. April 2017 A business degree requires a huge investment of time, money and effort, so it is crucial to ensure your programme and school meet your needs.

Top 7 Things to Look For In a Business School

Before you choose your business school ask yourself what kind of study abroad experience you want to have? Look for a school that fulfills both your academic and career goals. Choosing the right business school plays an important role in shaping your career. Many organizations today need workers to complete a degree program before entering the workforce. Best Places to Study in Europe. April 2017 Studying abroad is a great way of traveling and exploring new places.

Best Places to Study in Europe

Many students that travel to Europe learn a new language and meet new people. Is an International Education Worth the Investment. Study Abroad Resources - Articles. How Studying Abroad Improves Your Career Prospects March 2017 Studying abroad is a life changing experience, and while earning your degree in a foreign country provides you with several personal and professional benefits, the international experience that you gain will make you more attractive to companies....

Study Abroad Resources - Articles

Read More. A Parent's Guide To Choosing a Study Abroad Program. March 2017 Although choosing a right study abroad program for your child is never easy, it does however provide your child with several opportunities.

A Parent's Guide To Choosing a Study Abroad Program

Whether your child is in College or in a post graduate program, there is always a study abroad program they can benefit from. Sitting down with your child and discussing where their interest lies, can help them decide what program to opt for while studying abroad. Parents need to take into account several factors before they send their children for a study abroad program, factors such as academic concerns, housing, cost, and safety are just some of the areas you and your child should consider as you research programs.

You can find out more about a specific program by browsing through University websites or by looking at brochures. 10 Things To Know Before Studying Abroad in Canada. March 2017 Studying in Canada can be a great opportunity and an exciting one.

10 Things To Know Before Studying Abroad in Canada

Prior knowledge on the foreign country you’ll be studying in not only helps you understand the culture and people, but also helps you adjust to the new environment. Canada provides opportunities to encounter different cultural and natural experiences. Surviving Culture Shock While Studying Abroad. March 2017 Although pursuing higher studies abroad is exciting and rewarding, it requires extensive preparation to manage culture shock and to adapt to new culture.

Surviving Culture Shock While Studying Abroad

Beliefs, customs, laws and attitudes of people are very different from the ones back in your home county. Culture shock can be more than a feeling of homesickness; it can often lead to symptoms such as frustration and confusion. For many students, culture shock motivates them to make the most of their experience. Live An Inspired Life After Study Abroad. February 2017 You’re home after one of the most incredible, memorable experiences of your life. Your view of the world has shifted and you’ve changed in every way. The idea of life after study abroad might seem unimaginable.

You've learned so many new things in your host country, and gained some new perspectives on life. However, many people don’t realize that returning home can be challenging. 10 Things You Need To Know Before Pursing Your Studies In The US. 6 Biggest Hurdles To Studying Abroad And How To Overcome Them. February 2017 While studying abroad certainly has its challenges, leaving your home country is your chance to gain independence and experience new things, you will be presented with new responsibilities such as paying your bills and stocking up on groceries.

Although this will take some time getting used to, these skills will be beneficial and will continue to be with you all through life. Studying overseas will also give you the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and a chance to explore the country's culture and activities. In addition, you won’t be limited to traveling in just the country you are studying in, but you will also be able to visit neighbouring countries.

Here are some of the hurdles most students face Feeling like an outsider. All about Student Loans for Overseas Education. February 2017 You can easily achieve your dream of STUDYING ABROAD even if you have limited funds. Educational Loans can be an important part of your overall funding strategy. We at Edwise provide you the opportunity to avail of an Education Loan that covers all aspects of higher education including college fees, cost of books and accommodation. We have a list of Nationalized & Co-Operative Banks offering loans at reasonable interest rates and we also have association with well-known nationalized Public Banks, Private Banks and Financial Institutions.

5 Common Challenges you will face while Studying Abroad. February 2017 Studying abroad offers a unique opportunity to grow academically, professionally, and personally while going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. There are a number of other benefits to studying abroad; however, there are also numerous challenges. What is it like for an Indian student to study abroad? The truth is, it is not very easy. However, everything that you go through is worth the effort. Here are a few challenges that you may encounter abroad: 1. Indian students may find it difficult to find suitable accommodation in a foreign location while pursuing higher studies.

How To Avoid Feeling Homesick While Studying Abroad. 10 Things You Must Do Before You Hit 25. February 2017. Here's How You Can Increase Your Band Score On The Writing Section. February 2017 The International English Language Testing System is a standardized English proficiency test that assesses English Language skills in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

It is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP- Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL EXAMINATIONS. Your Pathway to Infinite Knowledge and Success - Study in USA. Here's How You Can Improve On Your PTE Writing Skills. February 2017 PTE Academic is a computer-based test that assesses the Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening abilities of non-native speakers of English who need to demonstrate their academic English capability of obtaining places at English-speaking universities, higher education institutions or as proof of their language ability for a visa application. Managing Your Overseas Studies in USA? February 2017. Think Bigger - Study in Australia. Tips and Strategies on TOEFL iBT Speaking Section. January 2017 The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a standardized English proficiency test that assesses English Language skills in the areas of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. World Education Fair- India's Largest International Education Fair.

How to Score High on the IELTS Academic Reading Test. January 2017 IELTS i.e. Things You Must Know BeforeYou Study in Singapore. How to Ace the Listening Section on the TOEFL. How To Crack The Writing Section On The TOEFL. The Path Towards the Future: Study in Canada. How to Speak Effectively on the PTE. Do's and Dont's On Your First Day of College. Frequently Asked Questions On The IELTS Test. Frequently Asked Questions On The Redesigned SAT. Australia and The Experience Of A Lifetime. How To Make International Education Affordable. Graduate Record Examination. Everything You Should Know About the GMAT Exam. Graduate Record Examination. Confused in Career? Get the Best Career Advice. Studying in USA is a Choice You'll Never Regret. Confused in Career? Get the Best Career Advice. Confused in Career? Get the Best Career Advice. Things You Should Know Before You Give TOEFL Test. Useful Information on 'ACT' Why TOEFL Exam is required? Things You Should Know Before Giving GMAT Exam.

10 Things You Will Understand When You Start Living Alone. World Education Fair Septermber 2016. World Education Fair Septermber 2016. Higher Education in UK Universities. Purpose of Giving English Proficiency Tests. Study Overseas Resources. Australia Education Fair August 2016. Study Overseas Resources. The Best of UK Universities. The Best of Singapore Colleges and Universities. Study Overseas Resources. The Best of AUSTRALIA Universities.

Frequently Asked Questions- PTE Academic Test. Frequently Asked Questions - TOEFL. The Best of New Zealand Colleges and Universities. The Best of Canada Colleges and Universities. What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Says. Study Overseas Resources. Frequently Asked Questions - IELTS. Taking the Pearson Test of English Academic the Smart Option. The Best of USA Colleges and Universities. Study Overseas Resources. Study Overseas Resources. We Think Twice So You Don’t Have To. Study Overseas Resources. India's Largest International Education Fair. Study Overseas Resources. Things Every Undergraduate Candidate Should Know Before Studying in UK & USA. Canadian Universities. Universities in America. Overseas Education Consultants. Universities in London.