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My name is Edwin Miller, I am from New york. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist at CODWORD; SEO Company in New York. I have 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing. I have been working in CODWORD since 2018. We are offering SEO services in USA at pocket-friendly price.

How Google Bert Update Impact Your Website Ranking – Internet Marketing. As Google announced its update earlier, but now Google is releasing its update now.

How Google Bert Update Impact Your Website Ranking – Internet Marketing

This update has some major and minor changes. Some major changes affect many businesses and organizations and some of the minor changes remain unnoticed. This new update is known as BERT. as per the latest update, it is meant that it is good for SEO and content writers. In this article, we will discuss how Google’s Bert Update Will Affect Content Marketing. In other words, it is a good chance that impacts your site in a good way and enhances your business.

Know about BERT Everyone uses Google, and it comes with an unusual name BERT. In layman’s term, the new update of Google, BERT helps to better understand the search queries and phrasing more like a human rather than a robot. Impact of Bert on SEO: BERT is all about picking up the content that is relevant to the natural language. Now, you have to focus more on the user intent rather than on keywords. 10 Exclusive SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design – Tech Blogs. Did you realize that more than 60 percent of websites detest the benefits of responsive web design?

10 Exclusive SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design – Tech Blogs

There are 66% of business website owners without advanced web design. By boosting your SEO (site design improvement) procedure, you can improve your rankings on SERPs (web search tool results pages) availing SEO services in New York. In the event that you need to get an edge over your rivals, you have to ensure you’re at the top of the Google results page in your specialty. How about we think about the top seo benefits of responsive web design.

How can SEO Play a vital part in Small Business - Digital Marketing Blog : powered by Doodlekit. Does SEO matter for every Small business?

How can SEO Play a vital part in Small Business - Digital Marketing Blog : powered by Doodlekit

As a small business owner, you are responsible for all the processes that are going on in the business. Whether it is from finance to marketing, you have to make sure all aspects are working in a manner to grow your company. In the small business, sometimes, the owner can be overwhelmed about its image and SEO. But if your brand visibility and online reputation are good, then it does not matter the size of the business.

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. Since the last 4-5 years, business entrepreneurs are seen promoting their brand or services through content and that because of knowing the benefits of blogging for business.

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal

Content marketing has increased the opportunities for every business to fetch more potential leads that can help them convert into potential clients. In recent times, digital media helps in creating value for the business and that is through blogging. Online Marketing & Technical Blog — Long Domains vs Short Ones: Does Your URL Affect... Online Marketing & Technical Blog — 6 Essential Tips for Business/Entrepreneurs to... Online Marketing & Technical Blog — How to Generate Leads for Travel Agency?

What is the Impact of Voice Search over SEO Infographics - Presently, with headways in innovation, clients can search using their voice on the Internet.

What is the Impact of Voice Search over SEO Infographics -

Assume in case you're talking to your desktop or smartphone using a remote helper to gain personalized information. With a straightforward expression, the voice-enacted software utilizes common language processing and content to-discourse to comprehend your search intent. What’s The Reason Behind the Failure of Online Businesses? Why do online businesses fail?

What’s The Reason Behind the Failure of Online Businesses?

The answer to this question is not so easy. But there are many factors that affect the growth of your business. Benefits of SEO Services over Paid Advertisement. It's been said previously, yet it bears repeating: Traffic is the soul of any online business.

Benefits of SEO Services over Paid Advertisement

The success of internet marketing enormously relies upon the measure of traffic it can generate for the landing pages on the website. This is an indubitable actuality. Does Blogging Really Help SEO? A Quick Insight. For pretty much any inquiry or need you have, you realize Google is there.

Does Blogging Really Help SEO? A Quick Insight

For many individuals, the uncontrollably popular search engine is their first stop when trying to search for pretty much anything. Be that as it may, individuals have the inquiry "does blog really help seo? " That means that regardless of what kind of site you have, in the event that you want individuals to find it, you need blogging for seo success. And that's the unpolished truth Probably the best thing you can do to improve your chances of ranking high in the search engines. On-Page SEO Guide – 2019 SEO Tips and Tricks. Artificial Intelligence Apps Going to Bring A Revolution in Technology. Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses. How Accelerated Mobile Pages Affect SEO? SEO & Content strategy to Build Brand’s Authority – Tech Blogs. Build Brand’s Authority with Content strategy Content strategy refers to the management of media that you create and own.

SEO & Content strategy to Build Brand’s Authority – Tech Blogs

THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN HIRING A WEB DESIGN AGENCY – Tech Blogs. Introduction: In this digital world, the Website plays an integral role in business growth.


Website is the best way to expand their business to the world. Reasons for High Bounce Rate on Website and Measures to Control it. Bounce rate is not good for any website as it always delivers an adverse impact. Whenever you notice bounce rate is too high on your website, it means nothing is going is the right direction. Bounce rate which is a tracker tool in Google analytics; analyze how many numbers of web users enter the website through a particular webpage and exit from the very same page. In spite of making so many efforts to advertise the website, the only question stands upfront is high bounce rate. In some cases, bounce rate is a good thing as people visiting the website for some purpose, get it fulfilled and leave the website by making payment for subscription services but this is not the same case every time. Many of the web users are seen asking the question.

5 Easy Steps to Kick Start Brand Marketing. Why Does Video Marketing Matter a lot for any Industry? – Tech Blogs. Video marketing has become an essential attribute in digital marketing since 2016 but this trend has sparked an incline in mid-2019. The video marketing strategy has changed the overall scenario. Each and every brand connects with video marketing agency to avail those services and this concept is something everyone is actually familiar of. YouTube; being the main source of video marketing has given a new dimension to the marketing standards. Every brand knows the importance of YouTube marketing and how it can take them to the next level and offer an edge against competitors in terms of high competition. Just look for one of the best advertising agencies or video marketing company in NYC who can serve your brand requirements and implement necessary techniques to promote the same and increase the number of audience viewing the video added on YouTube channel or embedded in the webpage through coding.

Does Live Chat Actually Worth the Hype in increasing Online Sales? – Internet Marketing. A live chat tool is something more than an application that creates a connection between you and the customer as well as help in offering exemplary customer service. As if you’re thinking to boost the conversion rate and easily comply with the tracking application, add live chat tool to your business website.

The benefits of online chat will definitely be going to take your conversion rate to sky heights as one to one conversation with client help you understand its requirement in a better way as you get the feeling of interacting with someone you know Are you really interested to know the advantages of live chat support offered to customers who visit the website for a certain reason?

If yes, then one thing that needs to be kept in mind is to you need to generate more leads as well as increased revenue. How Digital Marketing Strategies can make Your Business Successful – Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is never again an unexplored term for anybody in the field now. It has been thriving and growing for quite a while now.

Be that as it may, what still remains a riddle for all is a certain shot tested formula for an effective digital marketing strategy. Reason being; the continually evolving and colorful nature of the field. Running a digital marketing agency can be strong. Startup Marketing Strategy to Promote Startup Business. Startup Marketing Strategy Ideas Startups are the new business ideas with a small group of friends having a small budget. It is not easy to start a business. Many challenges come on the way of your goals. But the most difficult task is to introduce your business to the audience. Now, the traditional way of marketing is getting older as digital marketing comes. They will guide you properly with their talented and experienced staff.

What are the ways to promote Startups? What is Schema Markup? Benefits of Schema Markup. Probably the most recent advancement in SEO is known by the name ‘Schema Markup’. This new type of optimization is one of the most dominant yet least-utilized forms of SEO accessible today. When you handle the idea and technique for schema markup, you can help your site in the search engine result pages (SERPs). But first of all, let’s understand what actually the schema mark-up is?

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses. The day Facebook emerged in the social media world, there was a lot of speculation that it won’t be able to expand due to complex look and feel. 10 Creative Ideas for Local Business Marketing - What is a canonical issue in SEO? How to fix these problems - A canonical issue in the website cannot be considered lightly as it actually affects the domain indexing in the major search engines like Google and Bing. Many people have queries about this issue as they have no idea “what is canonical URL” and how to resolve canonical issues on a website. This issue actually occurs when canonical tag and 301 redirects are not placed correctly. Benefits of Ecommerce to buyers and sellers – Tech Blogs. E-commerce is electronic commerce where you can buy or sell products through electronic systems. It is very popular and can be accessed through computer networks and the internet. It gives you a feature of purchasing and selling anything across the world.

With this increasing demand for online purchasing, all retailers are now moving towards the eCommerce store as they see there are benefits of eCommerce to buyers and sellers both. In a recent study, it is found that more than half the population is purchasing goods from online stores and this figure is increasing constantly. Why Guest Blogging is Important? – Internet Marketing. Benefits of guest blogging are increasingly spreading worldwide. Content Marketing Types and Strategies Trending in 2019 – Tech Blogs. Many people think like content marketing is a simple procedure as they have no idea what lies between the curtain and what efforts are required to draft a content which should be well equipped for marketing a brand. Top-Notch Ways to Market Your Business Online. Using Google URL Inspection tool to Boost Website Ranking.

Why Quality Link Building is Given More Emphasis in SEO. Link Building is an important phase in search engine optimization and plays a vital part in increasing page and domain authority of the website. Online Marketing & Technical Blog — Why Your Website Need Infographic? Online Marketing & Technical Blog — How to get your website ranked on Google First... Why Quality Link Building is Given More Emphasis in SEO.

Online Marketing & Technical Blog — Effective Ways to Drive Traffic through Social... Online Marketing & Technical Blog — Find the Best SEO Companies in New York for Your... What is a canonical issue in SEO? How to fix these problems - Pros and cons of one page website for SEO -   How to improve the conversion rate of the Website? 10 relevant points discussed - conversion rate cro services usa cro service new york cro company usa cro agency usa. Why Website Speed matters a lot in SEO? How to Choose an SEO company for your Business. Is Social Media Worth for SEO? Reasons and Benefits Explained. -

How Web Graphics Influences Conversions and SEO? An Insight Review - Effective SEO Techniques for Ecommerce Portal to Drive Massive Traffic - Seeking A Way to Promote Local Business!! Prefer Local SEO Services - Essential Tips to Choose the Best Web Development Company. Why Does Video Marketing Matter a lot for any Industry? – Tech Blogs.   Save Your New Website from Getting Extinct with Life-Savvy SEO Tips - seo services seo tips seo trends 2019 seo 2019 seo trends. Is SEO All About Content Marketing? A Quick Discussion - content marketing seo services seo company seo agency usa seo service provider.

Top Ways through which Social Media Offers a Brand Image to Business - social media social media service smm services socail media tips business growth.   SEO Audit actually helps you Improvise Search Ranking on SERP - seo audit seo audit 2019 seo services website seo audit website audit. Make Your Website Compatible as Per Voice Search Techniques. Why is Google Looking to Stop No Index Directive in Robots.txt? Reasons Unveiled. Responsive Web Design – The Urgency of an Hour. How to Assess SMM and SMO before Availing their Benefits for Business. Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Business Explained. Is Your Website not getting enough Organic traffic? Know how to get it. Perform Site Optimization with the Latest SEO Trends in 2019.

Digital Marketing Services can be fruitful for any business– An Insight Review. LinkedIn. Best SEO Services USA.