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Gif Maker, para criar gifs animados de forma super simples. Devido à sua grande popularidade, hoje já podemos encontrar muitas ferramentas e aplicativos para ajudar a criar gif animados, e de forma super simples e rápida. E agora mostraremos mais uma ótima opção: Gif Maker. Leia também: GIFED! , PARA CRIAR GIFS ANIMADOS COM TEXTO E MÚSICA Na verdade, Gif Maker é um site no qual podemos criar nossos próprios gifs sem precisar baixar nenhum software adicional e nem sequer registro algum. Sem dúvida, uma das principais vantagens de Gif Maker é seu funcionamento, super simples, o que facilita muito na hora de criar gifs animados. Para isso, só é preciso selecionar as imagens que queremos enviar para criar nosso próprio gif animado (que devem estar em formato JPG, PNG o GIF) e arrasta-las pela interface para ordena-las. Leia também: DROP TO GIF (MAC), PARA CONVERTER VÍDEOS EM GIFS ANIMADOS Leia também: GIFFAGE, PARA BUSCAR, ENVIAR E CRIAR GIFS ANIMADOS Realmente, se trata de uma ferramenta super útil para quem costuma utilizar gifs animados.

Tools for Teachers & Learners. Revert - Backup for your cloud files & data. New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet with Over 80 Web Tools to Try Out. Sumry. Google updates Play Books app to make reading non-fiction easier. Google Play Books for Android is getting an update today, with a focus on non-fiction content. The new version for Android devices brings three new features that make it easier to read textbooks, cookbooks, travel guides and more. Skim Mode in the updated Play Books app Skim Mode: go through an ebook quickly with a video-player-like scrollbar, so you can check out pages and sections of interest in a pinch (perfect for a travel guide when you want to get a quick gameplan together for a trip).

Quick Bookmarks: mark multiple pages in a book and hop back and forth between them fast (great for when you’re looking up two recipes at the same time in the kitchen). Notes & Highlights: highlight text and add notes to important points and sections, and browse through them quickly (great for textbooks and study guides). With the inclusion of these new features in the Google Play Books app, it now makes more sense to purchase non-fiction titles from the selection available in the Play store.

Top iPad apps gone free for October 31st, 2014 - Apppicker appsale 19258. A Handy Search Tip Students Should Know About. October 31, 2014 Using this search hack, students will be able to quickly find anything on a document, email or a webpage. This search tip involves the use of two keyboard buttons to bring up a small search box that will allow you to look for anything on the page you are on. Simply enter the word or phrase you want to look for and hit "enter". All the instances of that word will be highlighted in yellow.

The combination for Mac users is "Command" + "F", and for Windows users "Control"+ "F". This search hack has several uses : You can use it to look for key words in an article, search for a specific term within page, look for the name of an author or character in a passage , and pretty much anything else you want to look for in a web page. Students can also use this hack when conducting a query in a search engine. They can click on search results and do a quick search to see whether the page has the search phrases they are looking for. Resources On Daylight Savings Time. Top iPhone games gone free for October 31st, 2014 - Apppicker appsale 19275. October’s (2014) Best Tweets — Part Five. Quote Of The Day: “Traditional grammar instruction isn’t effective. Period.” Three lessons from the science of how to teach writing is a very useful post from The Hechinger Report.

Here’s an excerpt: This reinforces my own experience and what I’ve regular written in this blog and in my books. Instead of traditional approaches, I’ve found the use of concept attainment to be exceptionally effective and engaging. You can read about that strategy here. For additional reinforcing activities, of course, there is always The Best Sites For Grammar Practice.

Trove Makes It Easier To Create Online Personalized “Newspapers” I’m always on the look-out for tools that allow students — and teachers — to create online personalized “newspapers” to read and to share. In other words, sites that let you create topics that then provide daily attractive webpages to read, along with sending you daily email updates. I keep updating The Best Sites For Creating Personalized “Newspapers” Online because my favorite ones keep on going out of business. The previous owners of The Washington Post created what looked to be an excellent tool for this purpose earlier this year — called Trove. Unfortunately, for some bizarre reasons, when it began it let you read it on a laptop or a PC, but it didn’t allow you to create your personalized channels on them. You could only create them using a mobile device. Fortunately, though, they have now fixed that oversight, and you can create those channels (called “troves”) for any topic you want, using a PC or laptop.

It’s now my favorite tool for this task. New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet with Over 80 Web Tools to Try Out. The Science of Storytelling Visually Explained. November 1, 2014 I have recently come across this beautiful visual entitled " The Science of Storytelling" and was really taken aback by some of the stats it included. These stats come in the context of highlighting the importance of storytelling in marketing but for me I view them from an education vantage point. for instance, in comparison with words, the human brain has the ability to process images 60 times faster.This shows how much our brains crave the visual component. Also, a majority of 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story. You probably have already noticed this trend on YouTube, so many brands now are marketing video ads in the form of stories narrated by a given character. But why do we tend to favour stories and how does storytelling affect our brain?

This is what this section from the infographic below tries to explain. How Storytelling affects the brain Here is the full infographic. Source: onespot. This Week’s “Round-Up” Of Useful Posts & Articles On Ed Policy. The 8 Components of A Digital Learning Environment. November 1, 2014 Another great read but this time from BYOT Network. In this paper entitled " The Components of a Digital Age Learning Ecosystem", Dr Tim Clark suggests 8 elements as being constitutive of a digital learning environment. And though I have some remarks on the use of the term ecosystem as being too complex a term for capturing the learning intricacies that take place in a learning environment I would rather disregard this comment and focus more on the 8 elements the article features .

These elements are : 1- A sense of community 2- Essential questions 3- Captivating digital content 4- Assessment for learning 5- Multiple teaching tools 6- Designs for differentiation and accessibility 7- Supportive classroom environment 8- Engaging instructional strategies Here is my take on the first two elements and I invite you to check the original article to learn more about all the 8 components of a digital age learning ecosystem and share with us what you think of them. A Teacher Planning Model For Multiple Intelligences. A Teacher Planning Model For Multiple Intelligences by TeachThought Staff Until recently, the prevailing thought in education was that differentiation according the theory of multiple intelligences was a good thing.

Then data started coming out, and the theories Howard Gardner set forth back in 1983 came under fire. Mention multiple intelligence (MI) thinking today, and you’re guaranteed to rise the ire of someone on twitter telling you that it’s 2014, and the 1980s are gone and there is no data that exists that proves MI does anything but waste time. The Background Gardner’s theory was more about rethinking intelligence than suggesting we teach algebra by jump roping.

He suggested 8 sects of intelligence replace our singular idea of general intelligence. 8 Multiple Intelligences According To Howard Gardner According to the John Hopkins School of Education, each intelligence can be defined as follows: How can I promote spatial thought? In that context, the above framework from Dr. Swoon! 5 Ways Workforce Education is an Important Source of Innovation. Workforce education, conducted in this country primarily by community colleges, has a lot to teach K-12 and the rest of higher education. The leaders of community college workforce development programs gathered in Pittsburgh this week at National Council for Workforce Education conference (#NCWE2014). The proceeding illustrated five things the rest of education can learn from career education. 1. Job to be done. University of Minnesota economist Ann Markusen’s said workforce development efforts should “stop thinking about industries–what people make–and should start thinking about occupations–what people do.”

Echoing Clay Christensen, this job to be done frame leads to outcome clarity and leaves the door open for cross industry collaboration around similar skill clusters (e.g., customer care management, project management). 2. 3. 4. Sai Subramanian is CEO of Gradcast, a one year old Dallas division of MyOpenJobs that connects CTE graduates with employers. 5.

Results. British Museum now lets you 3D print its artifacts using Sketchfab. Why visit a museum halfway around the world, when you can check out 3D scans, and print them from your own home? Sketchfab, a platform that lets users publish and share 3D content online, unveiled on Thursday an option for users to make their files downloadable. Under Creative Commons licenses, a user can either publish 3D content "for display and download" or "for display only," Sketchfab said in a blog post. Users can apply the content in a variety of ways, such as using it in virtual reality environments, when developing video games or, if the files are compatible, for 3D printing. The company also announced that it is hosting the "first downloadable collection" of the British Museum in London.

Currently, the collection only has 14 3D models available, including various statues, a broken marble portrait of Julius Caesar, a marble bust of Zeus and a red granite sarcophagus. Colossal marble bust of Zeus by britishmuseum on Sketchfab Pete Cashmore by lanceulanoff on Sketchfab. This Week In Web 2.0. A Good Twitter Visual Guide in Dr. Seuss Style. November 1, 2014 How about a Twitter guide in Dr. Seuss style? This is exactly what Hootsuite did in the visual below. Going through it would give you the impression that you are reading one of the books of Dr. Seuss. I really liked the idea and I think the folks in Hootsuite did a great a job indeed. A Dr Seuss inspired guide to Twitter features some basic tips for beginner Tweeters on how to go about in their Tweeting journey. First, let tweets breathe. Second, and this is big, don't get too cocky, And start name-dropping yourself, like every movie with Rocky. Here is the full visual.

XVII CAMPEONATO CIDADE DE PONTEVEDRA TAEKWONDO. 20 best Android apps and games this week | Technology. It’s time for our latest roundup of the latest, greatest Android apps and games, this time from the last two weeks’ worth of releases on the Google Play store. As ever, the prices provided in brackets are for the initial download only: when an app uses in-app purchases, this will be listed as (Free + IAP). Something to look for: a new section of each app’s Google Play store listing, which explains the full range of IAP. More interested in iOS apps? They’re covered in a separate weekly Best iPhone and iPad Apps roundup, with the latest instalment due to be published later today. djay 2 (£1.99)iPad has tended to get the lion’s share of DJing apps, with the honourable exception of edjing.

Now developer Algoriddim has brought the second version of its djay app to Android, with the ability to mix songs from your own collection or – if you’re a subscriber – from Spotify’s wider catalogue. Bitmoji - Emoji by Bitstrips (Free)Remember Bitstrips? Secret of Mana (£6)2000? Experience What It Is Like To Have Attention & Learning Issues. Five Most Popular Posts Of The Week. The Very Last Halloween Resource List Of The Year — Some Excellent Ones Here! Friday Link Pack. Google Calendar Explained for Teachers. November 1, 2014 Google Calendar is one of the best free web tools I have been using for few years now. As a teacher, you can use Google Calendar for a wide variety of purposes. You can, for instance, create events and share them with your students and parents; you can use it to share important dates and information with students.

You can also create reminders about assignments and share them with your class, and if you have a classroom blog or website, you will also be able to embed your calendar in it. Today I am sharing with you this wonderful collection of video tutorials to help you learn more about Google Calendar and tap into its full educational potential. 3- Create events, invite guests and Email attendees in Google CalendarThe Gooru 5- Add attachments to Google Calendar events The Gooru 6- Five hidden Google Calendar gems by dottotech.

“Teacher Evaluations Need to ‘Support, Not Sort’” Teacher Evaluations Need to ‘Support, Not Sort’ is my latest post at Education Week Teacher. In Part One of a three-part series, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel, and 2012 National Teacher Of The Year Rebecca Mieliwocki share their thoughts on teacher evaluations. Here are some excerpts: Ibreathefur - Resonant Heart (Tom Day Remix) by tomday. Will Google Glass Bring Augmented Reality into the Classroom? The Value of Connecting the Dots to Create “Real Learning” Video: “What Is History For?” The Common Core Standards Are Just Creepy. A Few More Halloween Resources. iPad Library of Educational Videos to Spark Kids Imagination.

World Toilet Day Is In Less Than Three Weeks. Halloween. ♥ / Stated Magazine. Video: “Where Is My Brother?” Is Sad, Moving Music Video About Missing Mexican Student Teachers. New Daniel Pink TV Show – Here Are Some Video Clips From It. 6 Good Chromebook Apps for Recording and Editing Audio. TowerStorm. SpellingCity. ClassDojo Messenger. Beautiful Visual Featuring 7 Ways to Do Formative Assessments in Class. How to make a Caramelized Apple Tarte Tatin. Blackalicious Offers A Dizzying Definition Of Alliteration.

20 Free Water Wave & Bubbles Vector Backgrounds. Video: Bloom’s Taxonomy According To Harry Potter. Thanksgiving Is Later This Month — Here Are Related Resources. 9 Effective Questions to Help Students Develop A Growth Mindset. Widbook | Write, read and share ebooks!

How-To On Building a Culture of Innovation. A Wonderful Chart of Educational Web Tools to Use in Class. The best stories picked by people who share your interests. Blooms Taxonomy Apps. 5 of The Best Android Apps for Creating Visual Concept Maps. The Best of Breed Learning Tools 2014. 9 Excellent New Educational Web Tools for Teachers. 321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Enhance Students Productivity with These Web Tools. 10 Great New Web Tools for Teachers.