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Tomb Raider I. The award winning, utterly addictive puzzle game comes to Google Play.

Tomb Raider I

“BE WARNED. THIS GAME IS UTTERLY ADDICTIVE!” Goodreads. **Please Note - We have a new app icon.


The old icon in your phone will be replaced by the new one** Ebook Reader and Free books app! Adobe Lightroom mobile – Applications Android sur Google Play. Capture the moment and make it your own with Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom mobile – Applications Android sur Google Play

Powered by the magic of Adobe Photoshop technology, Lightroom brings you essential tools to craft incredible images everyday, everywhere — whether you’re a beginner or a pro. All in one place. Note: Lightroom requires a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. The power to perfect your photography. • Bring out the best in your images with simple one-click presets to powerful advanced adjustment tools. • Experiment fearlessly, and then revert to your original with just one click. • Edit smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs and access them across devices. AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++ CppDroid - C/C++ IDE – Android-appar på Google Play. C4droid is designed to be user-friendy out-of-the-box, but nothing is perfect, so here are some answers for questions that can appear:How to install C++ support?

CppDroid - C/C++ IDE – Android-appar på Google Play

C4droid will ask you to install C++ support at first startup and will configure itself in semi-automatic mode.If you want to do that manually, you need:0) Enough internal memory OR root rights. C4droid does not require root rights for devices with more than 50MB of free internal memory.1) Install GCC plugin (C4droid will ask you to install it).2) Select G++ compiler in C4droid preferences.3*) Add "using namespace std;" to your program(before int main), use iostream, not iostream.hNote that if you want to use C4droid as a C compiler, it is better to select GCC, not G++. Quoda Code Editor – Applications Android sur Google Play. 55% OFF VENTE MAINTENANT ON ★★★Mets à jour Quoda Premium avec 55% de réduction, se termine bientôt!

Quoda Code Editor – Applications Android sur Google Play

Quoda est un système sophistiqué mais facile à utiliser éditeur de code source ou IDE, un peu comme Notepad ++, TextMate ou Sublime Text, avec un support intégré pour SFTP / FTP (S) et de serveurs de stockage en nuage (Dropbox et Google Drive). AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE – Android-appar på Google Play. Android Web Developer (AWD) is a IDE (Integrated development environment) for web developers.

AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE – Android-appar på Google Play

Supports next language and formats: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON. Android Web Developer will turn your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. Android Web Developer will turn your Android Phone into a small development computer to browse and touch your code on the go. Greate app for those who want to learn to program! It a unique mobile software for web developers. Features of editor:- Multiline comments ( CTRL+ / hotkey)- Highlighting of selection end/start part of tag on which cursor is- Highlighting of selection end/start brackets ( {, (, [ )- Delete current line ( CTRL + / D)- Move cursor through one word (CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT)- Move cursor on one word with selection (CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT)- Move cursor on one symbol with selection (SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT)

Valet – Android-appar på Google Play. Voice controlled, Car Home, “Ultimate Car Dock” with Speedometer, extends your car dashboard.Use your phone safely while driving.

Valet – Android-appar på Google Play

UCD - the only true hands free experience. “This app gives you a simpler (safer) menu for apps you need while you drive. It also gives you text to speech to hear and answer messages.” IBM Software Group - Vice President Rational Continuous Engineering Solutions Ultimate Car Dock Features:• Incoming text messages read out to you.• Reply to texts by voice only. Ingress. Citymaps -Never Forget A Place – Applications Android sur Google Play.

With Citymaps, you can easily find the places that matter most to you and your friends, get insider tips and see photos by following friends and tastemakers, and find amazing deals at between 50%-80% off on the best stuff to see, do, eat and buy — all in one place. * GET MEANINGFUL RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND TASTEMAKERS Follow people with similar tastes and you’ll see all their tips appear on your map.

Citymaps -Never Forget A Place – Applications Android sur Google Play

When you leave tips, they’ll be visible to you and your followers. It makes finding someplace new to try a breeze. * DISCOVER GREAT LOCAL DEALS We pull in deals from all the major deal providers including Groupon and Travelzoo, giving you access to discounts at thousands of businesses across the country. Any business logo with the “$” sign is offering a deal. . * ADD NEW PLACES TO THE MAP Don’t see your favorite place on the map? * SEARCH LIKE A LOCAL Easily filter the map to see the places you and your friends love. Flynx Beta - Google Play の Android アプリ. Flynx helps you open articles and links from all your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, etc. in a revolutionary new way. ★★★★★ Featured as one of the essential apps on playstore by Google.★★★★★ Featured on The Next Web, Buzzfeed, LifeHacker, Gizmodo, BGR, Economic Times, Addictive Tips, Android Community, YourStory and many more...It loads articles and links in background for you while you do something productive.

Flynx Beta - Google Play の Android アプリ

Our quick read mode gets rid of ads and loads only relevant content saving your time and data. It also allows you to save articles offline to read them later. Why Flynx? Numix Calculator Pro – Applications Android sur Google Play. Croma is a simple color palette manager and color picker made for designers, aiming to make it quick and fun to create and share color palettes on the go. • Automatically extract prominent colors from an image from your gallery or camera with our unique homemade algorithm.• Manually pick any number of colors in an object with your camera.• Grab color codes from any text, such as an email.• Generate palettes with various color models such as complementary, split-complementary, triadic, tetradic, analogous, monochromatic etc.• Share palettes with a link for quick preview.• View various information about a color and convert to other color codes.• Copy color codes to your clipboard with a tap.• Add colors using various color code formats including CSS named colors. • Add more than 4 colors in a palette.• Generate more palettes from a color• Add another palette to an existing palette Note: You need to restart the app after purchase.

Numix Calculator Pro – Applications Android sur Google Play

See all sorts of details about a color. Cabinet BETA - Android Apps on Google Play. Report bugs (NOT crashes, I get reports for that automatically) and request features: minimalist file manager for Android 4.1 and above. SimCity BuildIt. Angry Birds Stella POP! – Android-appar på Google Play. Testa en helt ny upplaga av DUMMA MEJ: Minion Rush! Grus trogna men busiga minioner är redo för sin smaskigaste utmaning hittills: Att samla in exotiska frukter att göra sylt på! Fun Fit – Applications Android sur Google Play. Le seul coach personnel dont tu as besoin tient dans ta poche. Que tu fasses de la course à pied, du vélo, de la marche, du kayak ou tout autre sport, nous te gardons motivé et surtout, nous faisons en sorte que cela reste ludique.

Enregistre tes itinéraires de course et tes performances, partage tes activités physiques. Tout cela grâce à une application facile à utiliser. Rejoins 25 millions d'utilisateurs et commence à libérer tes endorphines. SignEasy:Sign & Fill Documents – Applications Android sur Google Play. View, edit, create, print, and share documents on all your mobile devices.SmartOffice lets you access Microsoft Office and other documents from anywhere.

SmartOffice includes simple tools to create from templates, make changes, share via email in original or PDF format, print new versions, or sync to the cloud. View: SmartOffice accurately displays MS Office files PLUS Adobe PDF, plain text (.txt) and Images Create: Use FREE preloaded templates • Create new MS Office docs from a blank template, or use FREE preloaded optional templates• Save in original document formats to maintain compatibility and editing capability, or save to PDF Edit: Easily edit text or change styles with intuitive editing and formatting tools Print: Print directly from SmartOffice. RoughAnimator – Applications Android sur Google Play. A fully featured hand drawn animation application for Android. Powerful enough for professional animators, intuitive enough for beginners. Everything you need to create hand drawn animation, wherever you are!

Features:- Fully control timing of drawings on timeline- Unlimited layers- Onion skinning- Preview playback- Scrub along timeline- Import audio for lip syncing- Import video for rotoscoping animation- Adjustable brushes- Supports Galaxy Note S-Pen and other pressure sensitive devices- Control framerate and resolution- Export animation to Quicktime video, GIF, or image sequence- RoughAnimator projects can be imported to Adobe Flash or After Effects- RoughAnimator projects can be exported from Adobe Flash Une application d'animation entièrement en vedette dessiné à la main pour Android. Suffisamment puissant pour les animateurs professionnels, assez intuitif pour les débutants. Papyrus - Natural Note Taking.

Papyrus is now Squid! More info: MyScript Calculator. Discover the ease and flexibility of handwritten note-taking on Android® tablets with MyScript® Smart Note. MyScript Stylus (Beta) Create beautiful pictures out of any text and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.. or save them in your gallery. USER REVIEWS★★★★★ – “Simple: great, great, great.”★★★★★ – “Awesome app. Very creative and fun. Easy to use also!!” ★★★★★ – “I love this app. It helps me get things out on instagram”★★★★★ – "I have fun with the designs and frames. LectureNotes. How to Draw - Easy Lessons. EzPDF Reader - Multimedia PDF. Character Maker - How to draw – Applications Android sur Google Play. "Dessiner n'a jamais été aussi simple ! Le moteur derrière cette application est incroyable, les lignes sont superbes" AutoCAD 360. CAD Touch is a professional CAD solution that completely reinvents on-site drawing, giving to professionals in various core fields like architecture, engineering, real estate, home design, and more, the power to measure, draw and view their work on-site.

CAD Touch is really easy to use and it's fast multitouch interface will give you the precision and flexibility that pen and paper fail to archive, finally you will have the perfect on-the-go companion for desktop software like AutoCAD™, SketchUp™ or Solidworks™ and every other DWG/DXF compatible app. Complete support for decimal and imperial measure units (architectural feet and inches).

CAD Touch requires no internet connection, no subscription. File transfer by Infinit – Applications Android sur Google Play. Avoid the Cloud when sending files, Just Send Anywhere! Send Anywhere is a platform agnostic file sharing service that allows end users to share digital content in real time, P2P, without cloud storage. Send Anywhere’s differentiating factors are: EasyNo signup or login required; The process could not be simpler!

Wunderlist - To-do & Task List. Wunderlist ayuda a millones de personas en todo el mundo a capturar sus ideas, cosas que hacer y lugares a visitar. Ya sea que usted está compartiendo una lista de compras con un ser querido, trabajando en un proyecto, o planificando unas vacaciones, Wunderlist hace que sea fácil compartir sus listas y colaborar con todo el mundo en su vida. Wunderlist sincroniza instantáneamente su teléfono, tableta y computadora, para que usted pueda acceder a sus listas desde cualquier lugar. WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app available for Android and other smartphones.

WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to message and call friends and family.


Android Apps. Periodic Droid. PaceRecorder. Quixey. Meow Chat - Fun Random Instant. SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard. Voice. Goggles. Capturing success in education. QR Droid Code Scanner. Gesture Search. Dolphin Screen Cut – Applications Android sur Google Play. Any Send. Use AnySend to Quickly Transfer Files Between Android Devices. Toastr - The Ultimate Reminder. Attendance Tracker. GoToMeeting. 20 best Android apps this week. The 100 Best Android Apps of 2014.

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