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Calgary Industrial Roofing. Commercial and industrial roof systems are generally low slope (flat) systems that require extreme care and skill during installation in order to be trouble-free.

Calgary Industrial Roofing

“Low-sloped roofs are defined as those roofs with a slope less than or equal to 3:12 (25 percent). However, with the exception of metal roofs, most low-slope roofs have a slope of about ¼:12 (2 percent). Steep-slope roofs are defined as those roofs with a slope greater than 3:12 (25 percent)”. ( “The introduction and rapid acceptance of single-ply membranes into the U.S. roofing market in the 1970s was likely the most significant roofing industry change in twentieth century. Courtesy ARCA Manual Royal Roofing Ltd. specializes in commercial and industrial roofs and in the application of single-ply EPDM and TPO membranes manufactured by Firestone Building Products of Canada with 25 to 30 year warranties.

What are the Benefits of High-Index Lenses - Eyeglass Lenses. When visiting your eye doctor to select eyeglasses everyone wants them to be as comfortable as possible while still looking great.

What are the Benefits of High-Index Lenses - Eyeglass Lenses

An excellent way to achieve this is with High-Index lenses for your eyeglasses, they can reduce the weight and overall thickness of your lenses giving your eyewear a much sleeker look! Our eyes allow us to see by refracting or bending light, when an eye doctor prescribes eyeglasses, it is to help correct a refractive error by helping the eye to focus the light and correct blurry vision. The lenses in your eye glasses are designed to correct your vision by refracting or bending light as it passes through the lens given the ‘power’ or light-bending ability as prescribed by your Optometrist.

High-Index Polycarbonate materials have a greater ‘light-bending’ or refractive ability, allowing for better vision and thinner, lightweight lenses. Why you should consider High-Index lenses Benefits include: 1. 2. LASIK Consultations - LASIK Eye Surgery - Trillium Eye Care. A LASIK consultation is the first step to take when considering undergoing LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK Consultations - LASIK Eye Surgery - Trillium Eye Care

This is the stage wherein the eye doctor evaluates your eye health and condition to see if you qualify for a LASIK surgery. The consultation’s main objective is to find out whether a laser eye surgery is suitable for a particular patient. It also determines which procedure would work best. Patients would be evaluated based on prescription or individual circumstances. In a LASIK consultation, our optometrist educates the patient about the pros and cons of the surgery. Results arising from this specific procedure are also discussed by the doctor in order to satisfy the curiosity of patients looking to undergo corrective eye surgery. Trillium Eye Care Blog - Eye Health Tips - Expert Advise. Locksmith Sandston - Emergency Locksmith Sandston. Comprehensive and Convenient Annual Eye Exams - Trillium Eye Care. Home » Comprehensive and Convenient Eye Exams Did you know one of the best things you can do for your health is to make (and keep!)

Comprehensive and Convenient Annual Eye Exams - Trillium Eye Care

Your yearly eye exam? Especially if you have had vision concerns in the past including near sightedness, far sightedness, an astigmatism, or other worries with your vision. Optometrist Jacksonville Fl - Optometrist Near Me - Trillium Eye Care. Optometrist in Jacksonville FL. Calgary Web Design. Belichick Keeps Teaching Us How To Win - Generational Insights. Why Your Commercial Roof May Need Replacement. Apr 19,2017 There are different reasons why commercial property owners may need to seek a commercial roofing contractor to install a new roof.

Why Your Commercial Roof May Need Replacement

At Royal Roofing Ltd. we are experts in replacing many types of roofs due to falling trees or roof damage, but there are several other reasons why it may be time to consider having a new roof installed on your commercial or industrial building. Add Value to Your Property: Installing a new commercial roof will add value to your property. Replacement of old, failing, damaged or leaky roofs with a new roofing system will protect the financial investment you have made in your property. Leaky Roofs: Leaks are considered minor problems that can easily be corrected. Stand and deliver is still in demand. And will be forever. - Generational Insights. Posted On March 29, 2017 Many names have been coined for millennials – most of which are unflattering – but one that may come closer to hitting the mark than most is the Emoji Generation.

Stand and deliver is still in demand. And will be forever. - Generational Insights

With more and more communication being done on screens small enough to fit into a pants pocket, this has become the age of speaking with pictures and acronyms instead of words. Instead of offering a completely formed sentence or phrase with proper grammar and punctuation, it’s now the norm to use abbreviations like idk and omg, emojis and shorthand slang that lends itself to expressing thoughts in hastily typed texts or 140-character tweets.

Not even Grammar Nazis bother correcting it anymore. But “idk” is not a valid response when a prospective employer asks you a question in a job interview. Interpersonal communication is still essential. Many people of all ages have difficulty speaking with confidence in front of a crowd. Don’t dress for the job you have, the old adage goes, but for the job you want. Grandparents here, there, and everywhere. - Generational Insights. Posted On March 24, 2017 During his stand-up routine in the Spike Lee movie, “The Kings of Comedy,” the late comedian Bernie Mac had a memorable bit bemoaning the disappearance of grandmothers.

Grandparents here, there, and everywhere. - Generational Insights

He wasn’t necessarily talking about grandmothers in the literal sense, but grandmothers as he knew them growing up – old ladies who had no patience for foolishness and no qualms about yanking an unruly youngster in line. “Big Mama’s gone,” Mac said. “What’s Big Mama now, 36?” Are grandparents really getting younger? According to the Wall Street Journal, not so much. But according to, the average age at which people first became grandparents in 2016 was 48. Even if that does include Walmart greeters, it’s still a large number. Now let’s compare those numbers with some from, which recently looked at the numbers from a 2002 AARP report on grandparents. Fewer Family Businesses to be Passed to Next Generation - Generational Insights.

Posted On January 31, 2017 I’ve written in this space before about the need for succession planning.

Fewer Family Businesses to be Passed to Next Generation - Generational Insights

The long-term viability of your business may depend on it – particularly for family-owned business that want to maintain family control. But PwC’s annual family business survey found a decreasing number of owners who planned to keep their businesses in the family. Of the survey respondents who foresaw a change in ownership within the next five years – admittedly a small number at 17 percent – only 52 percent were planning to pass their companies down to another family member.

That’s the lowest number since 2010, according to PwC, and more than a 20 percent drop from two years ago. Among companies expecting any change in ownership to come beyond five years, 69 percent expected to keep the business in the family compared to 79 percent two years ago. Diamonds are for…others? - Generational Insights. Posted On March 6, 2017 They love me, they love me not.

Diamonds are for…others? - Generational Insights

Can a generation that values new experiences and social awareness be counted upon to continue a tradition of extravagance in the name of love? That may depend on which report you pluck from the internet, but with a bottom line uniquely tied to a demographic that’s of the prime age for engagements and weddings, the future of the diamond industry may rest upon the answer. A recent article in The Economist contends that it’s an industry in decline. While cheaper alternatives are increasing in quality, increased regulation and market forces are driving the cost of diamonds down – a troubling development for a commodity that draws its value from relative scarcity and prestige.

What’s worse: many millennials don’t see them as being particularly necessary – even in a marriage proposal. For millennials who value experiences over material possessions, it may be preferable to spend more on the honeymoon than the engagement ring. How Can VIP Entertainers Make Your Weekend Sensuous In Las Vegas. Sexy!

How Can VIP Entertainers Make Your Weekend Sensuous In Las Vegas

Safe! Secure! Honest! Reliable! No, you're not're with Prime! Bachelor Party: Wild and Adventurous Night Before Your Big Day. Sexy! Safe! Secure! Honest! Reliable! No, you're not're with Prime! What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the phrase bachelor party? I am sure that you conjured up an image of dudes crowded in a strip club, dimly-lit casinos, neon lights, and of course luscious women dancing on poles.