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Toddler Games, Toddler Activities, Printable Pages, Learning Activities, Fun Daily Activities. Games and Activities For Children 18 Months – 2.5 Years Sensory Table.

Toddler Games, Toddler Activities, Printable Pages, Learning Activities, Fun Daily Activities

A sensory table is such a great investment if you have toddlers in your care. Young children thrive on sensory activities and with a sensory table you can change the items as often as you want to give your child new textures to touch and play with each day. If you have a sand or water table you can easily turn it into a sensory table. If you don't have a sand or water table our toddler games and activities ebook will explain how to make your own you can make your own inside sand box for your child. Our toddler games and activity ebook is designed to introduce toddlers to many different kinds of play activities, such as the sensory table, shown above. Flower Garden You will need an egg carton and some plastic flowers.

Tissue Box Fun You will need a tissue box and some cloth napkins. Fun With Clothespins. 8 Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids. Each winter, the same scenario plays out: parents go to bed with their driveways clear only to wake up the next morning to find it completely covered in snow and ice.

8 Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

Mother Nature's great surprise! Then comes the announcement school has been canceled, leaving mom and dad struggling to find a last-minute sitter and come up with ideas to keep the kids occupied all day. Resist the temptation to let them "veg" on the couch in front of movies or video games. Instead, be prepared this winter with these fun, creative, simple projects that will keep the kids busy during a snow day. Want more ideas? Create Snow ArtBring some color into the outdoor fun. With a little advance preparation and a lot of creativity, you'll have plenty of activities to keep your whole crew entertained the next time snow strands you at home.

Meredith Johns is a freelance writer in St. Activities & Games for Kids from Child's Play Family Daycare. Activity & Game Ideas for *beary* nice kids of all ages If you are in no hurry, just scroll through the many ideas below - or choose a specific activity listed and it will take you right there!

Activities & Games for Kids from Child's Play Family Daycare

Fence WeavingListening WalkBean Bag Tic-Tac-ToeTickle TrunkPutting Things In OrderFunnel CatchMagic WandCatch the SnakeOne, Two, Three, Run! Everybody Do This Also see: Printable Activity & Coloring Pages for Kids Fence Weaving:If you have a chain link or picket fence give the kids strips of crepe paper, long strips of fabric or plastic and let them "weave" it through the spaces in the fence. Listening WalkDuring a walk outside, stop and ask your children to listen carefully. Tickle TrunkYou can encourage children's dramatic play by setting up a "tickle trunk" full of props. Funnel CatchThis activity is incredibly easy to do and the result is a toy that your child will be able to play with for hours. Catch the SnakeYou will need one or three pieces of rope. "Everybody do this, do this, do this. 1000's of Ideas for Childcare Professionals & Teachers! Preschool Home Activities for Parents and Young Children.

Home Activities Making Your Home a Place For Readers Several tips to help parents of young children promote literacy at home.

Preschool Home Activities for Parents and Young Children

Choose a quiet time for reading to your child, as in before a nap, bedtime, or after dinner. Choose a special place for family reading, like a comfortable chair or pillows piled on the floor. Let your child select the book for you to read aloud. Hold the book so that she or he can see the pictures. *adapted from My First Week of School by Derrick Gantt. Art and Craft: Personal Placemats This early childhood activity by Tricia V. results in a product that can be used by children everyday. Materials: Clear contact paper (many, many uses for this so buy a big roll). Description: Let your child draw a picture on both sides of the paper or if you a using sloppy paints use 2 sheets and secure them back to back with tape.

No Heat Recipe: Crunchy Vegetable Burritos Try these easy to make, healthy burritos for lunch. Method: 1. 2.