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Making Web 2.0 chat client and server using nodeJS and screencast. Node Tuts. NodeJS Socket Lights. Dev in Sampa 2010 - NodeJS - A performance que eu sempre quis ter - Émerson Macedo. Nando Vieira - Exemplo de aplicação usando Rails 3 e Node.js - RubyConf Brasil 2010 Lightining Talks. Node JS Begginer Book. About The aim of this document is to get you started with developing applications with Node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about "advanced" JavaScript along the way.

Node JS Begginer Book

It goes way beyond your typical "Hello World" tutorial. Status You are reading the final version of this book, i.e., updates are only done to correct errors or to reflect changes in new versions of Node.js. It was last updated on July 1, 2013. The code samples in this book are tested to work with Node.js version 0.10.12. This site allows you to read pages 1-21 of this book for free. Intended audience This document will probably fit best for readers that have a background similar to my own: experienced with at least one object-oriented language like Ruby, Python, PHP or Java, only little experience with JavaScript, and completely new to Node.js. However, because functions and objects in JavaScript are different from their counterparts in most other languages, these will be explained in more detail. Table of contents. Nodejs screencast mexico. News feed usando nodeJS, e jQuery " Elton Luís Minetto.

Um dos projetos que estamos desenvolvendo na Coderockr é uma rede social, da qual vamos dar mais detalhes no futuro, e um dos componentes é um news feed, algo parecido com o “mural do Facebook” onde são mostrados os eventos mais atuais aos usuários (novas notícias, novos pedidos de amizade, novos conteúdos, etc). Estamos estudando algumas tecnologias para melhor solucionar esta necessidade, e uma das soluções é algo bem novo para nós, o uso quase que total de Javascript: nodeJS , e nossa velha amiga jQuery.

O nodeJS é uma das tecnologias mais interessantes que surgiu nos últimos tempos. O mago do Javascript @jaydson escreveu alguns posts muito legais fazendo uma introdução e mostrando os primeiros passos na ferramenta. Node js introduçao. There are times that I think about testing nodeJS, but just this week I could stop and spend some time for this goal.

node js introduçao

My intention with this post is just compile some information about the node and pass on to those who have not had the opportunity to meet. What motivated me to investigate the node, was the name. nodeJS. Just as every JavaScript lover, i always want to know everything about the language, as well as what is being done with it. What really caught my attention was the word: ”Server-side Javascript”. o/ Yes, that’s it. What also impressed me was the fact that there are several implementations of this type. Há tempos que penso em testar o nodeJS, mas só esta semana pude parar e dedicar um pouco de tempo a este obejtivo.

NodeJS characteristics: Server-side Javascript (Term used to refer to the JavaScript running on the Server)Built on Google’s V8 (Google’s Javascript Engine)Evented, non-blocking I/O. Interested in learning more as I do? So, some references: Installing nodeJs in Windows (The easiest way) Posted by Nirupam Biswas on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 · 8 Comments The immensely exciting nodejs is not really made to run on Windows, but like me, if you want to develop on a Windows system then you will need to install it on Windows.

Installing nodeJs in Windows (The easiest way)

Installing nodeJs on Windows Get the Windows binary from Download the complete package. The current version is 0.4.4. You can download it from a directory (preferably with no spaces in its full path) and extract the contents of above 7z file into that. Using npm npm is the popular package manager for nodejs now. Launch cmd (Windows Command).Type cd C:\node\bin (if node is folder where you extracted the node binaries).Type shell.Now run your npm as – node npm install <package name> (without the angle brackets of course).

RubyCasts. 7 Free E-Books and Tutorials for Learning and Mastering Node.js. OK, we won't bore you by telling you what Node.js is again or why it's so dang hot.

7 Free E-Books and Tutorials for Learning and Mastering Node.js