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MOOCs: Who’s using MOOCs? 10 different target audiences. Fascinating graphic,a sit shows that nearly 42% of the target audience for MOOCs are not the developed world.

MOOCs: Who’s using MOOCs? 10 different target audiences

It also raises an interesting question. Who is it for?’ Are four words that tease out a MOOC strategy or lack of strategy. For most it is a marketing exercise in terms of the brand, a way of reducing internal costs on high volume courses, a way of recruiting potential students (directly or through their parents). Neue Lernwelten. 25 Twitter Tips For Students, Parents, And Teachers. How To Use Mood Boards For Visual Learning 5.03K Views 0 Likes Mood boards are used for photography, game design, interior design, marketing, fashion, music, advertising and even architecture; but who’s to say they shouldn’t be used in the classroom?

(You might be doing this already!) MOOC Interrupted: Top 10 Reasons Our Readers Didn’t Finish a Massive Open Online Course. Programm. Notizen aus der Lernwelt. Pinterestboard. #mmc13 - MOOC Maker-Course.