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The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015 We believe good projects should be able to express and explain themselves.

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015

Architectural representation plays a fundamental role in how a project is perceived by the audience, which is why today ArchDaily is recognizing the most outstanding, original and self explanatory drawings of the year. The selected drawings cover the diverse range of different techniques used in architectural representation today, from hand drawing images to perfectly detailed axonometrics and animated GIFs - but one thing they all have in common is the deep insights they provide into the appearance, construction or concept of the buildings they represent. Lifelike architectural representation, as we know it today, stems from Greco-Roman schematic representation, which was based on careful observation of natural forms.

In the Renaissance, however, the techniques of the ancient civilizations were rediscovered and refined. Architectural Drawings Sketches Details Diagrams GIFs. David Williams, Integrated Design Project, 2013 #ClippedOnIssuu. Gallery of 3 Winners Announced for Bangkok Fashion Hub Competition - 8. VahViews Trencin — Land and Civilization Compositions. Prev / next 1 of 40 thumbnails Tip of island ideal for quiet spot to overlook the Vah Camera F Birdseye of crossing of cultural and river axis Natural waterfront Camera C Pier frames view to castle, overlooks archipelago Camera D Connecting city to the river The existing fabric is analyzed to document pathways through the historic city toward the river.

VahViews Trencin — Land and Civilization Compositions

Enhancing views Key existing viewpoints are identified and preserved. Diverse Dijk The existing dijk is modified over time with a series of interventions. Buildings frame spaces/viewsThe new buildings along the riverfront form a series of ‘u’ shaped public spaces. New relationship with dijk The existing dijk physically and visually disconnects the citizens from their riverfront. Urban [historic] Fabric Trencin is historically known as a city of fashion. Moving traffic, people spaces The movement of cars through the city center is necessary.

Community gardens, pier Section D Dockyard, market hall Section E Pavilion, Pixel house Section F. Program Analysis by James.Leng, via Flickr. The British Centre, Rome. To see relevant models for this post click here “not only is shopping melting into everything, but everything is melting into shopping…shopping has methodically encroached on a widening spectrum of territories so that it is now, arguably, the defining activity of public life”1 When in Rome, we were all assigned a public space at random which gave me the Piazza di Trevi as a site of focus, the space in which the famous Baroque Trevi Fountain stands.

The British Centre, Rome

Giovanni Battista Nolli drew his map of the city for the Pope in 1748, around the time Salvi was in the final stages of constructing the Trevi Fountain. Bernard Tschumi /// Building program cycle. The best way to represent an idea of the intended use of a building is through the aid of diagrams. Pro… PLACEMAKING: “Every Mayor’s Dream” - using the arts to develop an area where people want to live, work and congregate. The key is to treat the ARTS… 25 of the Best Design Books of 2015. … Or, perhaps better put, a highly subjective (alphabetical) list of design books that the Print team read and loved in 2015.

25 of the Best Design Books of 2015

(And, of course, to check out the list of books HOW+Print published this year, click here.) What was your favorite design book of 2015? Let us know in the Comments. We’ll be doing a random drawing for some of the titles below in early January. And now! Art Chantry Speaks By: Art Chantry, edited by Monica Rene Rochester Official Description: “‘Art Chantry … is he a Luddite?’ Why You Should Read It: Dethroning Paul Rand? Architecture Photography: K66 nacti (79772) Revitalization of the Industrial Areas in the Kyiv City Center (18) Haiti_utk blog - haiti_utk. Archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas. OMA diagrams. [taichung-plan.jpg] James Corner. Architecture Inspiration. Haus der Zukunft Competition Entry / Project Architect Company. Delta Tangent United-LAB. Conceptual diagram in Elevation instead of plan - Project: METU Student Center - Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects.

Studio Gang Architects. Flickr - Photo Sharing! My design process experience map - #ux #design #process.