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An Introduction to Differential & Integral Calculus. Math Sites & Resources. Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2014. Well, it's that time of year again for my favorite and most robust list on the top 100 Sites/Apps of the year.

Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2014

As with the previous year's list, more and more mobile apps are making the list as mobile learning continues to be the rising trend in education. However, that's not to say that there aren't plenty of websites and Learning Management Systems showing up as well. Finally, any site or app that was in a previous year's list will not be in this one. * mobile app Been for Education - Innovative site for social learning that allows educators to surf and collaborate on the web with their students in a safe environment where educators create/manage student accounts.* Otus - A fantastic and easy to use 1:1 learning solution for mobile classrooms (i.e iPads/Chromebooks).

Math Sites & Resources. Function Carnival by Desmos. What we had in mind Algebra students.One 60-minute class period.Students who have plotted points on a coordinate plane before.

Function Carnival by Desmos

Goals Students will be able to: Sketch accurate graphs to show how a variable changes over time.Distinguish between a graph of a relationship between variables in a scenario and a picture of the scenario. How to Start Before you have them on computers, tell them, “I just need you guys to watch this brief video. Tell them the day’s challenge is to take the things you can see and say and turn them into graphs that computers and mathematicians can understand. Now have them get on computers. How to Continue If students find it difficult to start, just invite them to “Draw anything and then press play.”

If students are still stuck, show them how to draw single points to help them keep track of important events. Web 2.0 Tools for Math Educators. By Laura Turner This is a continuing series on Web2.0 and other web-based tools for educators.

Web 2.0 Tools for Math Educators

This information is specific to math educators, but there is some crossover into science. Math educators will find a large number of useable interactive companion web sites for the teaching of math concepts and skills. 3Dvinci 3D design is a great motivational and instructional tool. It exercises both left-brain and right-brain skills, and appeals to students of all abilities. Algebasics This site contains a variety of interactive Algebra help/ problems/activities Archimy This site has a service for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions .

Who Was Carl Sagan? It was almost like a dispatch from another planet: the invitation to the young astronomer to leave Brooklyn and visit the lakes and gorges of upstate New York.

Who Was Carl Sagan?

"A letter shows up in my mailbox from Carl Sagan," said Neil deGrasse Tyson, recalling the 1975 invitation at a recent Library of Congress event celebrating Sagan. "I couldn't believe it. Famous people don't write out of the blue to strangers. " But the invitation was real. In response to his Cornell application, Tyson met the famous professor on a college visit soon after. Tyson eventually ended up at Harvard instead of Cornell, but he now hosts Cosmos, the 13-part remake of the original series (airing on the National Geographic Channel and Fox on Sundays at 9 p.m. The original invitation, the visit, and the connection were typical Carl Sagan. Life in the Cosmos. ClassroomBeta. There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t.

“I’m just not a math person.”

There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t

We hear it all the time. And we’ve had enough. Because we believe that the idea of “math people” is the most self-destructive idea in America today. The truth is, you probably are a math person, and by thinking otherwise, you are possibly hamstringing your own career. Worse, you may be helping to perpetuate a pernicious myth that is harming underprivileged children—the myth of inborn genetic math ability. Is math ability genetic? How do we know this? Changing the way you learn.

About » Hungry Teacher. Real-world math activities that promote student engagement, collaboration, & problem-solving with your students.

About » Hungry Teacher

Hungry Teacher Approach Our lessons incorporate a “socratic” (questioning) approach. We present students with real-world problems or questions that need solutions. When presented, this immediately brings up more questions from your students. All Educational Productions. Search Help. 7 Places to Find & Watch Documentaries Online. It was in the fifth grade while watching a film (yes, a film with two reels) about Plymouth Plantation that I first realized I enjoy watching documentaries. 20+ years later I still enjoy documentaries.

7 Places to Find & Watch Documentaries Online

As a teacher I think that a good documentary video when used in the right setting can be valuable to students. Quality documentary videos can provide students with useful explanations or demonstrations of concepts. Unfortunately, documentary DVDs can be expensive acquisitions for some school departments. Here are seven places where you can find and watch documentaries online for free. Modern Chemistry 2005 - Time-saving Videos by Brightstorm. Web 2.0 scientific calculator. Maths.