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24 Best Parental Control Apps For Android and iPhone 2020/2021. As today’s learning sphere is focused more on technology and as the virtual classrooms are replacing the regular learning spaces, kids are spending more time on digital platforms.

24 Best Parental Control Apps For Android and iPhone 2020/2021

Parents are always worried about the online safety of kids as there are many hidden dangers that may put their life at risk. Even when kids are given devices for online learning or to spend their leisure time playing games or explore entertainment options, they might get exposed to adult content or other inappropriate content for their age. That is where the role of comprehensive parental control apps come into play. There are lots of such helpful apps available for multiple platforms that let parents monitor the kid’s mobile usage or online activity.

Many of the apps have even put forward other interesting options like setting screen limits, monitoring the battery status, tracking GPS location, and a lot more. How to choose the Best Parental Control App for you? Price: How much you should pay annually? 1. 2. 3. 24 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators. Top Apps For Teachers and Educators Today’s learning arena has reached into a digital space where students sit at the comfort of their homes and classes have turned into virtual rooms.

24 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators

As the present situation is demanding online learning, teachers have a huge role in adapting to the new space where they must depend more on technology to convey the subject ideas to students. Earlier also, the classrooms have utilized the best of smartphone technology and the amazing applications to experience the best of learning. There are lots of innovative apps designed for teachers and educators to make their job easy than ever before. There are apps for communication outside class, taking feedbacks, project collaboration, lesson planning and a lot more.

Moreover, the saved time can be spent for some quality interaction with students that not only improves their interest in learning but also helps to boost the personal bond with them. Educational Apps for Teaching Students 1. Features 2. Download: iOS. 50 Best Teacher Interview Questions and Answers [Salary Details Included] Is your teacher interview happening in a while?

50 Best Teacher Interview Questions and Answers [Salary Details Included]

Are you looking for some smart ways to ace the teacher interview questions without many hurdles? The most basic thing you should do before the interview is to do enough research and go prepared. Moreover, stay polite but be confident in whatever you say and try to showcase your strength areas while answering the questions. It will also be a good idea to include interesting examples whenever possible to substantiate your points. As the present situation is demanding remote learning, the school authorities will be looking for smart candidates who can handle the situation well and convey the subject ideas even without a direct face to face interaction. 24 Best Online Courses and Online Programs 2020/2021. It’s been a long time since we all went to school or the office.

24 Best Online Courses and Online Programs 2020/2021

The corona pandemic has locked all of us at home. To find the best job opportunities once this pandemic is over, make the most of the time available now to you now to learn something new or upskill yourself. Study from home and work from home have become a norm these days. This means that you have a lot of time to enroll in an online course and earn a certification. There are free as well as paid courses available online. 1. 24 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators. What is Distance Learning: What are it's Benefits? Distance learning as the term suggests is the process of learning from a remote distance.

What is Distance Learning: What are it's Benefits?

This happens when one cannot physically be present in a classroom or any other environment where teaching happens. The study material is reached to the student by different means. Distance learning, in the former days, was mainly by correspondence through postal services. With the advent of technology, distance learning encompasses a wider spectrum of online tutoring, virtual classrooms and audio-video presentations. The Best Parental Control Apps For Android and iPhone 2020. 90+ Math Riddles for Kids With Answers. Math Riddles for Kids Math riddles are a great way to enrich kids’ knowledge.

90+ Math Riddles for Kids With Answers

It is beneficial for kids to stay fit both mentally and physically and math riddles for kids are a way to exercise their minds in the funniest and in a tricky way. These interesting math riddles are one of the trickiest ways to approach the subject. Here are some math riddles for kids with answers: Also Read:

15 Free Math Apps that Students should never miss. Technology is advancing, so are the methods in education.

15 Free Math Apps that Students should never miss

We all depend on different apps for day-to-day activities. There are many apps that help in learning also. The teaching-learning process is made simpler with the emergence of apps, especially math apps. How to Create an App like Zoom for Education? - Edsys. We could undoubtedly say that the evolution of smartphone technology is significantly transforming the educational arena in recent times.

How to Create an App like Zoom for Education? - Edsys

With extensive recognition of e-learning and the huge need for online education tools, educational apps and their development is turning out as the hot topic of discussion. Moreover, as the covid days are demanding physical distancing, the need for remote learning and distant communication is knocking the door hard than ever before. Hindi – Free Download. UKG (Upper Kindergarten) worksheets are a great educational tool for kids to learn even the hard subjects easily in an interactive way.

Hindi – Free Download

In UKG classes, kids are taught the next level of what they have already learned in LKG classes. While they learn alphabets, numbers, different shapes, and colors in LKG, here they learn about the formation of words, simple addition and subtraction, number patterns, and a lot more. Worksheets are a great option to teach and let them learn playfully so that they will learn without the actual feel of learning. Moreover, worksheets offer great aid in understanding diverse concepts in an efficient manner through fun exercises. 15 Effective Work from Home Tips for Teachers - Edsys. Work from Home Tips For Teachers The outbreak of Covid 19 has left us with an unexpected time.

15 Effective Work from Home Tips for Teachers - Edsys

Classes have moved online and teachers are working from home to cope with online classes. Though it was hard for teachers, in the beginning, to move online, they have put their efforts to give it a smooth go. With the right effort, we have to stay productive to stay at the top of our professional game during these unprecedented times. To an extent, we are all in the same boat, struggling to have a smooth flow in this pandemic period. Here, to help teachers have a well-organized work from home time. 1. National Symbols of India [Complete Lists] - Edsys. National symbols of the Republic of India including the national bird, animal, flag, fruit, and tree portray the culture and tradition of the country. For any country, its national symbols represent the nation’s culture and nature. The Republic of India also has certain official national symbols such as national flag, flower, bird, animal, currency, river and more.

These symbols highlight the unique characteristics of the nation. Hindi – Free Download. 24 Useful Apps For College Students in 2020 [Updated] College apps are one of the best ways for students to have a splendid college life. As college students, they may have to manage studies, social life, and a hundred other things on a single go. In fact, college apps can really help them to make things go hand in hand.

25 Remote Learning Tips For Parents Helping Children At Home. Due to the outbreak of the widespread pandemic Covid-19, classes have moved online and remote learning is carried out everywhere. Remote learning was reported because of its role in supporting learning and maintaining a routine and sense of normalcy for kids when the schools and colleges continue to remain closed. You have to manage your work and ensure that your family’s basic needs are all met. At the same time, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of keeping your children engaged with learning at home.

It is not easy to come up into terms with this new reality easily, but fortunately, I have listed some tips below that can help you to reduce the stress in this transition process. #1: Set and Follow a Schedule You should try to make it closer to the school schedule as possible. Of course, you can incorporate changes as required to suit your circumstances at home, your work schedule, and sleeping times. . #2: Ensure the Availability of Required Tools.

How to Increase Immunity for Kids. Keeping ourselves healthy and immune to the germs and viruses is always important. Things are a little more serious when it comes to the case of kids and it is our responsibility to raise them with proper awareness about health. The covid days have taught us the significance of guarding against germ spread and maintaining hygiene. One should understand that the advices are to be kept for life as we may come across more viruses or bacteria in the future. Health experts have warned that being prepared to face a virus is more important than the aftercare guidelines. It simply means that one should boost his/her immune system and stay healthy to keep all viruses at bay. 25 Best Educational Podcasts You Need to Listen To. With the advancement of digital learning, the influence and popularity of educational podcasts are worth mentioning. While some of them are created just for kids, there are interesting educational podcasts designed for students, teachers, and parents too.

A podcast can range from as short as 2 minutes to a lengthy version of 2 hours or more. There are some fantastic podcasts that explore science, mathematics, language, education, and technology. 24 Best Toddler Apps For Kids [iOS and Android] Pedagogical studies show that early learning has a tremendous impact on the health, success, and intelligence levels of a child. Therefore parents need to create a safe and interesting environment that stimulates the toddler’s curiosity and builds a strong foundation for the development of motor skills, cognitive skills, communication, and social skills as well as their IQ and EQ.

45 Education Quotes For Students. Whatever good we see in our world today is because of an educative mind behind it. 27 Best Free Educational Apps for Kids. As the learning arena moves into more of a digital space than ever before, the educational apps for kids are becoming very significant. 21 Best Reading Apps for Kids [iOS and Android] It is important to develop reading habits among kids right from their early days. Their reading habits can play a key role in shaping them as an individual. 35 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers Appreciation - Edsys. From times immemorial, a teacher has a special place in the lives and hearts of knowledge-seekers.

Revered for being a noble profession which can transform the lives of students, ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures and global literature put the teacher on a pedestal as a Godly person. A teacher called as a “Guru” in Indian parlance always played an important role in helping his ardent students change for the better. Influencing the thoughts and actions of his students, a teacher through his creative thinking can be tagged as a lasting contributor to the progress of mankind.

15 Best E-Learning Tools for Online Education. In the new arena of learning, technology is playing an important role than ever before. 20 Awesome Apps For Teachers and Educators. 25 Best Programming Movies Every Programming Student Must Watch! 15 Reasons Why Having a Lesson Plan is Important. All those in the teaching line will vouch for the importance of a lesson plan. What are Smart Classes? Types, Advantages and Disadvantages. What is a Smart School? What are its Benefits? - Edsys. School days are the best part of a person’s life where they learn new things, meet new friends, and get good guidance from teachers. In fact, this is the place where the character of a student gets shaped. Gamification in Education: How to bring Games to your Classroom? List Of Math Symbols & Their Meaning [Free Downloadable Chart For Classroom] List Of Math Symbols & Their Meaning [Free Downloadable Chart For Classroom] Geography Quiz For Kids (170+ Questions and Answers) - Edsys.

Geography Quiz For Kids (170+ Questions and Answers) - Edsys. English - Download Free PDF. How to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect School Bus? (Tips for Drivers) Solar System for Kids: Planets in Solar System, Facts about Solar System. List of all Courses after 12th For Science, Arts, and Commerce Students. States and Capitals of India 2020: 28 States and 8 UTs in India. 20 Best Education System in the World [Updated] - Edsys. 15 Major Mountain Ranges in India: Oldest and Longest Mountain ranges in India. The Best Parental Control Apps For Android and iPhone 2020. 20 Best Education System in the World [Updated] - Edsys. These are the 15 Best Teachers in the World [Latest Information] Top 10 Qualities of a Very Good Teacher (+30 ways to show them) Multiplication Charts: 1-12 & 1-100 [Free Download and Printable!] General Knowledge For Kids (230+ Simple GK Questions and Answers) A Sneakpeek into Edsys "NEW HIERARCHY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM"

Online Student Attendance System For Schools. Video Conferencing for Education and Virtual Classrooms. What is a Smart School? What are its Benefits? - Edsys. 53 Best Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas - Edsys. Sight Words: Overview and it's Techniques. 24 Ways to Provide Effective Feedback for Learning. 24 Best “Classroom Rules” That Will Improve Student Behaviour. Educational App Development Company. Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Quickly Learn Anything. 23 New ways to use Flipgrid in the classroom. How much does it cost to create an app like Unacademy? How much does it cost to create an app like Unacademy? 15 of the Best Poems About Teaching - Edsys. 27 Tips To Reduce Teacher Burnout - Edsys.

How to Create an E learning app like Byjus - Edsys. 30 Teacher Thank-You Notes That Make It All Worthwhile. Cashless Payment Solutions - SchoolSmartCards. Student Data Management - SchoolSmartCards. Smart Cards: Definition,Types and Examples. Nutrition and Inventory Management. 46 Cheesy Math Jokes that'll Make "Sum" of your Students LOL. 55 Most Iconic Cartoon Characters Your Child Should know about. Assessment Management System: Why Do You Need It? What is Home Schooling? Benefits with Pros and Cons. Teacher Cover Letter Examples – Real Letters Used to Get Hired. About Teacher: 100 Interesting Facts that may Surprise You. Assignment Management System: How is it Beneficial For Schools? What Effective Principals Do? - Edsys. Top 12 Longest and Major Rivers of India. What is SQ3R? A Definition for Teachers and Students.

Teacher App - Edsys. 29 States and Capitals of India [Table included] - Edsys. Five Tips For Keeping the Kids Learning During Quarantine Period. Top 19 Free Job Search Apps For 2020 (Table included) 20 Best Attendance Management App for Teachers. 18 Fun Classroom Activities for Students [Updated] Top 25 Popular Women Freedom Fighters of India - Edsys. 25 Inspiring Growth Mindset Quotes for Students - Edsys. Nutrition and Inventory Management. 55 Best NATIONAL PARKS IN INDIA [Map Included] National Symbols of India [Complete Lists] - Edsys.

Best School Management Software 2020. List of Presidents and Vice Presidents of India. 14 Best Parental Control Apps For 2020 - Edsys. 15 Best Math Apps For Kids. What is Peer Teaching and Why is it Important? - Edsys. 18 World Famous Biosphere Reserves in India. 7 Major Mountain Ranges in India [Table Included] - Edsys. What is the Average Size of a School Bus? - TrackSchoolBus. 35 Common Interview Questions for Teachers (Salary included) 8 Union Territories of India and Their Capitals [Updated 2020] Why are School Buses Yellow in Color? - TrackSchoolBus.