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Mission San Rafael Arcangel. The native people of Marin are the Coast Miwok.

Mission San Rafael Arcangel

NANAGUANI was the name of the area that would become the city of San Rafael. Even in aboriginal times, Coast Miwok numbers were relatively small, between 1,500 and 2,000 people in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Sadly, their numbers got smaller with each incoming wave of settlers. By the 1850’s, the Miwok had declined to about 250 natives. Today the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo are an active part of the North Bay. Santa Clara University's Mission Church. Mass Schedule Current Mass Schedule, and other Special Masses.

Santa Clara University's Mission Church

Mission History Historical information, Self-guided tour, and other useful information. Wedding Information Information on having a wedding at Mission Santa Clara, including Requirements, Schedules, and Receptions. Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. Mission San Diego, Historic Missions in California. Sonoma SHP. The park is open 7 days/week except for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's The historic, picturesque town of Sonoma is located in the heart of the beautiful Wine Country between Napa and Santa Rosa off Highway 12.

Sonoma SHP

Situated around a central plaza (the largest of its kind in California) filled with charming shops and restaurants, the city is home to Sonoma State Historic Park—site of the northernmost Franciscan Mission in California and birthplace of the California State Bear Flag. Mission San Rafael - Information About Mission San Rafael - California. Mission San Rafael was founded on December 14, 1817 by Father Vincente de Sarria.

Mission San Rafael - Information About Mission San Rafael - California

Mission San Rafael was named for the Angel of Healing If you're here because you want to visit Mission San Rafael, you may want to read up on its history first, take a look at some pictures or just get the location which is below. Mission San Rafael. Life at Mission San Rafael was different than life at other Missions.

Mission San Rafael

During the early years most Missions had trouble supporting themselves and depended on deliveries of supplies and food from New Spain and other Missions. Often the ships were unable to make the trip and the Mission’s members went hungry. It normally took several years before a Mission was able to plant enough food and raise enough cattle and other animals to be able to feed everyone who lived at the Mission.

Mission San Rafael Arcangel. Mission Santa Cruz. In the beginning, the new Mission Santa Cruz was successful, and experienced only a few problems.

Mission Santa Cruz

Although the first rainy season in 1791 caused the San Lorenzo River to flood, the padres (priest or "fathers") ended this problem by moving the mission buildings higher up the hill. On February 17, 1793, work began on a new church that had a stone foundation and five-feet-thick adobe brick walls. It was 112 feet long and 29 feet wide, and took a year to build. This was to be the main church at the mission for about 65 years. Mission Santa Cruz. Mission San Jose - Information About Mission San Jose - California. Mission San Jose was the fourteenth one built in California, founded June 11, 1797 by Father Fermin Lasuen.

Mission San Jose - Information About Mission San Jose - California

The name Mission San Jose is in honor of Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ and Patron of the Universal Church. The restored mission church still stands, along with some parts of the mission quadrangle, which now house a museum. If you're here because you want to visit Mission San Jose, you may want to read up on its history first, take a look at some pictures or just get the location which is below. If you're looking for background material for a California Fourth Grade report, use this page and the mission history. If you're building a model for your project, check out the layout and floor plan and take a look at the pictures. Mission San Jose. Mission San Jose. Mission santa cruz - About.com : California Travel. Mission San Juan Bautista. Picture taken 11:25am 7 June 2004 Mission San Juan Bautista was founded 24 June 1797 (15th in order) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuén.

Mission San Juan Bautista

The Mission is named for Saint John the Baptist. The Indian name was Popelout, or Popeloutchom. Mission San Juan Bautista. Construction began almost immediately under the care of Fathers Jose Manuel de Martiarena and Pedro Martinez.

Mission San Juan Bautista

By Christmas, because of the friendly and cooperative indigenous people, not only was there an adobe church built but also a granary, barracks, a monastery, and some adobe houses. By 1800, there were over 500 Indians living at the mission. Located in the middle of the San Juan Valley, the mission sits right on the San Andreas fault! Although its location right on the fault was less dangerous than other locations, it accounted for many shaky days and nights. Old Mission San Juan Bautista. Mission San Antonio de Padua. Mission San Antonio de Padua. Mission San Antonio de Padua - Pelican Network. The Salinan Nation people were assumed culturally extinct.

Mission San Antonio de Padua - Pelican Network

But, as evidenced by these photos, they are quite vibrant, having learned to hide from the Europeans who quickly dominated California. For six thousand years they existed peacefully with other Indians. However, in the 1770's, contact with Europeans brought violent subjugation. During the short rule of California by the Mexicans, the Salinans were amongst those native people who fared relatively well, but when Americans took control of California, execution, and enslavement became normal. To avoid this almost certain fate, some mothers actually took their newborn children to the Ventana back country and abandoned them. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. San luis obispo. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. When Father Serra left the mission, there was little in the way of food.

There were however, many bear. The local Chumash Indians were grateful for the Spaniards guns that killed the bear as they were giving the Indians a terrible time. The Indians brought food to the soldiers who were helping out with the bear problem. Since there were so many friendly Native Americans in the area, Fr. Mission San Francisco Solano. Picture taken 1:09pm 19 Feb 2012 Mission San Francisco Solano was founded 4 July 1823 (21st in order) by Padre Jose Altimira. The Mission is named for St. Mission San Juan Capistrano. Mission San Juan Capistrano.