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Teens Against Bullying. My Story and Advice December 3, 2015 Daven I was bullied pretty badly in high school.

Teens Against Bullying

There was one kid in particular who would try to make me feel inferior in every way he knew how. For example, he would throw stuff at me constantly, flick me in the head, punch me, wipe whatever he picked out his nose on my shirt, call me ugly and stupid, mock me and of course – tell me he would beat me up if I ever fought back. And it was my daily mission to just get through the day. Looking back to that time – which was about 11 years ago – my biggest mistake was not bringing anyone in to that world of mine. Let me just say this – bullying someone is a weak choice. You can put it like this, “Somebody who is weak and trying to build their self esteem up has chosen to do that by putting me down. I will close by saying this – I am okay! Bullying Free NZ. The Puberty Project. The Puberty Project Just had the great opportunity of doing this presentation live for the PhysEdSummit 3.0 You can watch it on YouTube- just make sure you drag the cursor to start from the beginning.

The Puberty Project

Online health searches are the third most popular activity on the web… have we equipped our students (and ourselves?) With the tools needed to search safely and effectively? Go to Choices for the lesson plan for the classroom: Evaluating Health Websites Activity Sheet- Evaluating Health Websites. Project: Create your own Infographic. *Infographic created by Esther, Grade 8 Infographics are used quite a bit in reporting health news, as they’re a visually appealing way to get facts and statistics out to the community.

Project: Create your own Infographic

Here are some samples… Infographic: Meditation in Schools Across America Infographic: 15 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Happier Today you’re going to create your own and demonstrate advocacy by taking your posters to a whole new level. Project: Create Your Own Infographic- Analyzing the Influence of Technology Student Rubric- Analyze the Influence of Technology NHES 2.8.6- Analyze the influence of technology on personal & family health. NHES 8.8.4- Identify ways in which health messages and communication techniques can be altered for different audiences. Your task: pick one of the topics that we’ve been discussing during our technology balance unit, gather some research, and create an infographic to get your point across. Here are some possible topics… -Digital footprint -Tech balance/ face-to-face communication.

Cyberbullying Resources. The best way to deflect cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying Resources

Through positivity. Now it’s time to create your own positive prevention… Student Rubric: Bullying- Positive Prevention Some examples from the Tumblr page Can be a poster, meme, website, video game (like Herotopia), blog, infographic, up to you! Here’s my favorite… You can also check out some of these other resources and go from there. Jeremiah and the West High Bros Word spread fast about what they were doing, and they ended up on The Today Show… Where does bullying happen, and how should it be monitored? Here’s a good article on the controversy Additional bullying prevention websites: The It Gets Better Project (great example of using social media to spread positivity) Teens Against Bullying The Health Teacher. We all know somebody who doesn’t see themselves the way that everyone else does.

The Health Teacher

And we’ve all had days like that too. Information: Tips and resources for setting healthy habits Bodi Mojo From Upworthy: some facts about body image and the media This isn’t just about girls: NY Times article about Boys and Body Image. Sophieknapp90122. Shontellethomas2. Forresterblake123. Jaidenbracken. Maiya Mason. Harrikent. Norikohutton. School Blog. Mattdohboss. High Tech High: The Truth About Food. Essential Question(s):Overarching Question: How can we make informed decisions about the food we eat?

High Tech High: The Truth About Food

Unit Specific Essential Questions: How does food bring together community? How does food represent identity? Where does our food come from? How has agriculture changed over the years? How does our food affect the environment? How does the food we eat affect our health? How does advertising toward children affect their perceptions and decisions about food?

How is food different for different social classes in America? What is the hunger problem? Short Description:In this project, The Truth About Food, Room 14 students learned to think critically about all aspects of food. High Tech High: Gender Secrets Project. Essential Question(s): How does our society define gender roles?

High Tech High: Gender Secrets Project

How are you individually impacted by your gender? Are males and females influenced by masculinity and femininity in different ways? What are the responses to those that break the rules assigned to their gender? Short Description:Everyday when we walk down the street, ride the bus or go to the store we are faced with unspoken expectations of who we should be and how we should act. This project was designed for students to demonstrate their beliefs on gender stereotypes and give multiple audiences a glimpse into the minds of teens and how they view stereotypes in their daily lives.

Author: John Bosselman Grade Level: 11th, High School Subject: Graphic Design, History, Humanities.