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How to Keep your Skin Beautiful Post Delivery? Pregnancy and childbirth are the events that bring lots of changes in a woman. Your priorities change, your routine change, and of course, your life as well. You don’t even get a share of time to take care of yourself. To keep the skin as beautiful as it was during pregnancy, you need to give time to yourself. Skin care products manufacturers will share the best guide to keep your skin in great condition even after child birth. Share the work load Ask your family members to help you, so that you can make time for yourself.

Start your day early if possible We know it is very difficult for a new mum to wake up early morning. Exercise Do not rush! Even if you get 20 minutes free, sleep freely! Sleep is the biggest casualty when baby is at home. Track your eating habits Breastfeeding mothers need to eat well and healthy. How to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes? It’s completely normal to have dark circles and puffy eyes post pregnancy.

Just 6 ingredients and your anti-ageing cream are ready! Manufacturers of anti-ageing creams in India have a vast range of cosmetics that treat your wrinkles, and lift up your saggy skin. These products are costly and a middle class woman cannot use these premium products every time. But you can easily make an anti-ageing formula at home using 6 ingredients. All you need is almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E capsule, shea butter, and essential oil of your choice. How to make the anti-ageing cream at home? There are simple steps to follow-1. Take a glass jar2. After few minutes, you will see that cream has turned bit hard.

Benefits of the ingredients used in this recipe- 1. 2. 3 Beeswax – most of the lip care products have this beeswax as a key ingredient. 4. 5. 6. Manufacturers of anti-ageing creams in India are using these ingredients in combination or separately to create different products range. How to Tackle Dandruff Issues even in winter? Ayurvedic treatment shampoos for dandruff and hair loss issues work well in winters. Ayurvedic shampoo manufacturers bring additional tips that you can follow while using their herbal treatment shampoos. Dandruff is a common non infectious skin disease that may be found in scalp, face, ears, neck, body folds, and front of the chest. Dry skin and scalp cause faster shredding of the dead skin. The dead skin turns into white dust that gets seen on shoulders of the person. What causes dandruff? In the study, experts have found that the residues of chemical from cosmetics, anxiety, stress, and certain diseases like psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, tensions, and yeast overgrowth are the factors that worsen the condition.

People with dry skin also suffer from dandruff. In Ayurveda, there are certain conditions that initiate dandruff problem- How dandruff is formed- ayurveda explains The dryness of the skin is the result of Vata dosha. How to Make your Own Mineral Eyeshadow? Mineral makeup offers health benefits to skin. Handmade cosmetics India manufacturers have made mineral makeup a trend today. The best thing is that it is made of all natural, fine minerals that are extracted from earth. There is no or limited use of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives in mineral makeup. If you have super sensitive skin and have bad experience with commercial makeup, then this tutorial is for you. The formula we are using in this post eliminates irritants use and thus, the final product is kinder to your skin.

Since the method includes titanium dioxide which has anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it if you suffer from inflammatory issues like acne or rosacea. The good part is you can easily regulate the purity of the ingredients you use for making custom color. Materials needed for preparing custom mineral makeup This will be your mineral makeup starter kit that will have – Please note- this quantity will make approx 30 gram jars Steps for making DIY mineral makeup – Stop Your Hair Fall in a Month with Herbal Hair Serum. If you have tried almost everything from your pantry to treat hairfall and did not get the results, then it’s time to try ayurvedic hair serum. In this post, we will make you learn to prepare your own herbal hair serum using pomegranates for hair fall issue.

Curd and lemon is still the best thing yet sometimes this remedy doesn’t suit few people and for them, pomegranate hair serum will work best. Pomegranate has some qualities that tightens the hair follicles and makes roots stronger. This helps in preventing hair fall. You just need 30 days treatment (depending your hair type) to stop hairfall. In case you are losing your hair due to vitamin deficiency, mind that this hair serum won’t fix the issue. How to make Pomegranate Hairfall Control Serum? Take the peels of pomegranate and cut them into small pieces.Boil the peels in some water and heat to get a thick concentrate.Turn off the gas and let it coolYour hair serum is ready to use You can apply this serum on your scalp directly.

Ayurvedic Hot Oil Therapy for Hair Fall Issue. Are you suffering from hair loss? Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers have a solution. Your hair become brittle and dry due to many reasons and this condition is enough to make you bald. Dry and rough hair is prone to breakage and split-ends and you have to protect them from sun exposure.

There is a hot oil therapy that improves the condition of dull-looking hair. In Ayurveda, there are hot oil massages for body and head. In the treatment, professionals trigger some specific points known as ‘marma’ on the head and body to enhance the flow of energy. These points are massaged gently during the ayurvedic head massage to make hair healthy and make you relax. When you massage your scalp with warm oil, preferably, infused with ayurvedic herbs, it nourishes your scalp and hair. Some tips you can follow when choosing massage oil- A person with vata-predominant constitution can pick almond or sesame oil as base oil.

A list of ayurvedic herbs used by manufacturers to prepare hair oils is as under- Types of Active Ingredients Are Used By Ayurvedic Shampoo Manufacturers. Why You Must Bring Handmade Cosmetics at Home? A lot of women use makeup and cosmetics products across the globe and most of them use them on regular basis. But using chemical based cosmetics can be harsh on your skin! Manufacturers of handmade cosmetics India are sharing this article to make you aware of the handmade products and why you must use them over other available products. Read this article and know more in depth about herbal handmade cosmetics. Benefits of using handmade cosmetics manufactured with organic ingredients are as under- Organic cosmetics are eco friendly Normal beauty products have petroleum-based ingredients and harsh chemicals like lead and aluminum. No harsh chemicals are used in production Chemical based products may give you instant results but using them for long time can damage your skin.

Manufacturers of handmade cosmetics use natural ingredients and essential oils that heal the damaged skin. Handmade cosmetics use natural aromatic herbs Most handmade cosmetics are gentle on the skin. Everyday Herbal Beauty Care - We are care for you - Everyday Herbal Care. Top Ayurvedic Herbs Conquer Other Cosmetics to Give You Glowing Skin. Ayurveda has every herb for every problem, some herbs are discovered, while some are yet to be discovered. Ayurvedic Cosmetics Company is making many formulations with different herbs to find the suitable solution to treat certain skin problems. There are many useful ayurvedic herbs available today that treat various skin ailments, from pimples and acne to allergies. These herbs are pure and chemical free and help restoring skin pH balance in natural way. Some of the herbs that are easily available in the market are discussed in this post.

You can bring them from any ayurvedic outlet or even grocery store. Sandalwood or chandan Chandan or sandalwood is an ayurvedic herb used for treating heat and skin issues. Chandan is cool in nature and thus, it has soothing and cooling effect on your skin when you apply it as a mask. Turmeric This spice is readily available in your kitchen. Aloe vera Aloe vera can be easily grown at home. Cucumber seeds Cucumber acts as a coolant for the skin. How Ayurvedic Personal Care Products Can Rule the Global Market. Indians were always known for their beautiful lustrous hair. In fact, in Ayurveda strong, lustrous hair were considered an essential part of one’s grooming and thus, an indication of their character. Like the special attention it pays to all other personal care rituals, the Ayurveda also places special importance on hair care with formulations for Ayurvedic hair serum, oil and shampoo.

But as many of our Ayurvedic teachings were left behind, its personal care formulations and remedies were also made casualty. Instead, we adopted chemically laden products. Revival of Ayurveda However, Ayurveda has made a revival in the recent past. Organized manufacturing can also remove many of the challenges associated with Ayurveda, such as ease of use, standardization of products and strict regulatory mechanism. But we have an easier solution. Growing presence in the luxury market: One of the biggest money spinner in cosmetics and personal care market is the luxury segment. Ayurvedic Hair Oil: Why and How to Use it Emart Spider. The tradition of oiling our hair is a really long one and it is one that continues almost unchanged even today. We may oil it less frequently than our grandma suggested, but we do know that we need to oil the hair now and then. What has changed is the ease with which we can use the messaging oil and the many formulations we can lay our hands on.

The change comes with the advance in manufacturing processes and marketing. Thanks to Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers all we need to do is pick up a bottle from the nearest grocery store. Ingredients used in Ayurvedic hair oils Ayurveda recommends a whole host of herbs to be used in hair oils. The herbs are slowly boiled in the oil and strained. However, today you can do this in a far easier manner. Coconut oil: This is perhaps the most widely used hair oil in India and it is easy to see why! Almond oil: It is rich in calcium, Vit E, and magnesium — all instrumental in hair growth. Sesame oil: This is a highly recommended oil in Ayurveda. The Rich Heritage of Herbal Body Lotion in India. One of the necessary part on any skin care regime is moisturisation. It is the process of locking in the moisture in our skin. We usually require the after a bath. This is because the water and soap we use during our bath strip away the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry. In a few days, you will notice flaky skin.

If left too long without any kind of moisturizer, the skin may even crack. Fortunately, the remedy to this is both easy and inexpensive. The tradition of beautification of the body and face has always been strong in India. But the tradition of cosmetics in India is more than simple beautification of the body. This is also the story of herbal body lotions in India because almost every cosmetic used had a herbal base. What do we find in Herbal Body Lotions in India Today? Many brands today follow the old traditions of Ayurveda in making herbal body lotions.

Different formulations are used for different people according to their skin type. Benefits of Using Herbal Body Lotions. Why Most Skincare Products Manufacturers Using Salicylic Acid? What We Must Do to Boost Herbal Cosmetic Exports. The global cosmetic industry worldwide is dominated by a few luxury brands that have a long history and marketing tactics that could fill pages of success studies.

The most viable impact for cosmetic exporters from India has to come from our Ayurvedic cosmetic industry. We have the edge in our ancient traditions. This market is also on the verge of a breakthrough and we are uniquely poised to benefit from it. The Scope The World Health Organization predicted that by 2050 the herbal market worldwide will grow to $5 trillion from $62 billion in 2014. Although, India and China have a considerable share in the herbal cosmetic market, their combined share of less than 16% and 13% of this belongs to China!

Areas of Action Unlike many other countries, India already has a recognized system of traditional formulations for cosmetic benefits. Strengthening local manufacturers: We cannot achieve a worldwide status without strengthening our own local manufacturers. Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Cosmetic Exporters. In the last few years interest in Indian cosmetics has risen as a result of aggressive marketing by Indian companies. Small and medium businesses, however, often form collaborations with other marketers to widen their market. As a result we have collaborators like investors and other cosmetics firms who are looking at Indian companies for partnership. For a new investor though, this also represents a problem. How does one decide on a company? While finding likely candidates for cosmetics exporters India is not difficult, thanks to simple Internet search, how does one find the ideal candidate?

There are a number of well-run eligible companies. Philosophy: Every company has its own philosophy and in case of cosmetics, the company philosophy is extremely important because it can impact the quality of the product. Range of products: Cosmetics companies come in many shapes and sizes. However, some investors may want a fuller inventory for any future expansion. Create Glowing Skin with Cosmetic Products in Minutes. You need to put several efforts by making changes in your diet and routine to get a glowing skin. But what if we say you can fake glow? How? Cosmetic manufacturers from India bring this post to show you the best way to create a glowing skin that appears natural, but only you know the truth about the luminous beauty. There are cosmetic products that can help you in achieving glowing skin. Let’s learn how to get beautiful looking skin in a few minutes. Things required – HighlighterCream concealerContouring makeupFoundationTranslucent powderBlushHigh quality makeup brushes- tapered contouring, foundation, small concealer, blush, and large powder brush.

Follow the step-by-step guide to get a flawless, glowing skin at home- Create dimension To create a lit-from-within, you will need to be perfect in the art of contouring. With the help of a tapered contouring brush and light strokes, you can create an arc instead of straight line under your cheekbones. Voila! How Best Haircare Can Prevent Bad Hair Days?: Emart Spider. Leading hair care product manufacturers bring something useful for men in this post. The article includes top tips for men to avoid bad hair days. It’s not at all a daunting task to take care of your hair. Most men of today go to gym to maintain their body, so why not they can do a little for their hair too? This question is asked by one of our readers and now we are sharing best advice for men to take good care of hair without making many efforts. Say no to hot shower bath Hot and steamy shower seems relaxing but spending more than 20 minutes can make your hair drier and brittle.

Be friendly with your towel Men love to towel dry their hair in harsh manner. You can shake out the excess water and instead of rubbing your hair using tower, pat dry method will work best! Pick your tools well Never use brush on wet hair- use comb instead. Trim on-time The well-groomed hair is always in good shape. Use aloe vera gel to add moisture to your hair as it is always gentle on hair. Give Your Skin Herbal Facial Steam for Various Benefits. How Herbal Cosmetics Benefit Your Skin? Which Herbs are used to Prepare Herbal Shampoo Kits? How Herbal Body Lotion is Made? A well-groomed man is what a woman demands! Make your own herbal tooth paste at home. Cosmetics Makers Sharing Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes.

Recycle Your Old Cosmetics as you like! How to maintain your oily skin? – Everyday Herbal Beauty Care. Argan hair oil not just a luxury but medicine for damaged scalp « edherbalcare's Blog. Best Skin care regime for monsoon. You Must Start Considering Herbal Cosmetics over Normal Ones | Mogul Stories. Tips for Better Health for Children. [Dry Skin Treatment] Top 5 Home Remedies To Get Rid For Dry Skin. Best Ayurvedic Oil Potion for Hair Growth. Organic Hair Care Products For Dull and Damage Hair. What To Look For in Herbal Skin Care Cosmetics | Ehealth Spider. Herbal Skin Care Products – Fad or Necessity. Why Skin Care Products Manufacturers are on a High.