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Use menu to change order. Then just click on the one you like. Roar 15 sec. Lighthouse 16 sec. Bokeh Features 17 sec. The Globe 22 sec. Jumping Lamp 14 sec. Lionsgate 20 sec. Blue Cartoon Castle 13 sec. YouTube ID 8 sec. Star Wars Intro 70 sec. Shield in the sky Torch Lady Suspense 23 sec. Infosphere 10 sec. Epic Smoky Titles II 24 sec. Shield in the sky II Glamour intro 4G-Style Design intro Epic Smoky Titles Adventure Universal Moon Universal Sun. How To Make Something Go Viral. 10 Blog Titles that drive MASSIVE TRAFFIC. Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans. Essay: 13 Ways to Make Something Go Viral. Buzzfeed gives up the secret sauce of virality.

Essay: 13 Ways to Make Something Go Viral

BuzzFeed is a social publisher with 30 million monthly visitors and Facebook is our largest source of traffic. Our team spends lots of energy thinking about how to make content that Facebook users love. For the first time, nearly a billion people across the world are all connected to each other through a single network and are able to share ideas, news, entertainment, and inspiration with an unprecedented number of peers. Back in the 1970s, sociologists began thinking in theory about this sort of network, and they developed concepts like the famous "six degrees of separation. " Then, the notion was an intellectual curiosity — but today these ideas actually matter in practice. Today I am pleased share some of what I have learned over the years. 1. 2. 3. 4. You will have much more long term success if you abstract away from the specifics of the platform and think about the deeper human dynamics in play. 5.

Design Council (via noodls) / Include Design. Herman Miller - This is You. #Anonymous 2013: Join Us. Barnbrook. Bob and roberta smith. Jeremy Deller. The Viral Factory. Arts Council England. #includedesign. #includedesign. Design Week petitions Government to Include Design. Fri, 21 Dec 2012 | By Angus Montgomery Design Week is writing to Education Secretary Michael Gove urging him to include design and creative subjects in the English Baccalaureate curriculum.

Design Week petitions Government to Include Design

Creative subjects are currently omitted from Ebacc, and a final decision on the curriculum’s structure is due in the new year. Design Week and sister title Creative Review are writing to Gove as part of the #Includedesign 6 minutes for creativity campaign. The 6 minutes for creativity campaign urged creatives to dedicate six minutes – at 11am on Friday 21 December – to raise awareness of the exclusion of creative subjects from the curriculum. The #Includedesign organisers are urging people to sign a petition on Ebacc, write to their MPs, and help promote the campaign. The Full text of Design Week’s letter reads: Dear Mr Gove, One issue of particular concern at present is the omission of creative subjects from the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) league table and ‘full EBacc’ certificate. Yours sincerely, BBC Radio 4 - Start the Week, Art and Design with Antony Gormley and Ron Arad.

10 Creative Facebook Campaigns. While classic media is becoming less and less effective when it comes to companies engaging with users, these are turning to the social networks to conect with their audiences.

10 Creative Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is of one the sites that allows users to communicate with their favourite brands and gives companies the possibility to incorporate unique features and interactive campaigns.In this post we showcase some of the most creative recent Facebook campaigns, take a look at them. Nike Basketball | Prove Basketball Never Stops As part of its "Basketball Never Stops" campaign, Nike launched a special Facebook page challenging fans to prove that statement to be true with their own submissions.

The most imaginative examples will win their authors a possibillity to Skype, chat or actually stand a chance in a game against pro basketball players (in the NBA 2k12 video game though). New Tab. Kevin Allocca: Why videos go viral. Education secretary Gove urged to Include Design in English Baccalaureate. Thu, 6 Dec 2012 | By Tom Banks A consortium of prominent design industry figures has sent an open letter to education secretary Michael Gove warning him that omitting design related subjects from the English Baccalaureate will jeopardise Britain’s future prosperity.

Education secretary Gove urged to Include Design in English Baccalaureate

Source: Regional Cabinet Education secretary Michael Gove is being warned by Include Design that excluding design from the Ebacc will damage the UK economy Sir Jonathan Ive, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, Sir Terence Conran, The Design Council, D&AD, leading consultancies and Design Week have all put their names to a letter, which triggers the Include Design campaign. Signatories argue that the omission of design and technology, and art and design from the English Baccalaureate will fail to equip students with the skills that UK employers need, which they argue will have a catastrophic impact on the UK Economy. Meanwhile Design Council research demonstrates how the industry grew by 29 per cent between 2005 and 2010. How To Go VIRAL - The ultimate guide to youtube video promotion!