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Places in London to Eat/Drink

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Farang ฝรั่ง. Untitled. Kipferl. Senor Ceviche - Peruvian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Soho. WastED London. WastED LONDON | ON THE ROOF AT SELFRIDGES Selfridges London is teaming up with New York's internationally acclaimed Blue Hill restaurants to bring their thought-provoking food waste pop-up, wastED, to Oxford Street. wastED London opens on 24 February until 2 April 2017, and will be chef Dan Barber's first cooking appearance for the public in London.

wastED London

Building on the UK's vibrant food waste movement, wastED London has joined forces with local farmers, fishermen, suppliers and retailers to reimagine by-products at every link in the food chain. Dan Barber will share the stove with guest chefs from throughout Europe who will contribute their own waste-based dishes to the menu. RESTAURANT « Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. West African Restaurant & Catering in Brixton!

RESTAURANT « Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen is a dining event and catering service which merges its Ghanaian roots with a contemporary dining experience. Home spun, home cooked food. Always fun, always relaxed and always tasty… Our food journey started from creating a ‘pop-up’ Ghanaian restaurant in Zoe’s live/workspace in Hackney Wick in the summer of 2011 as part of Hackney Wicked Arts Festival, since then Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen has grown with popular demand.

After four years travelling the ZGK pop-up and supper club across Europe we decided to set down some roots – so the adventure continues in our cosy shipping container restaurant in Brixton. Think CHOP BAR meets contemporary dining and that’s about what we’ve got! Bar Douro. The Best of France in London - London New Girl. France is the land of over 400 delicious cheese varieties, home of Champagne, the birthplace of Coco Chanel, yet over 2.5 million French have chosen to leave and are now living abroad, with an estimated 400,000 now residing in London, a number equal to the population of France’s sixth largest city!

The Best of France in London - London New Girl

As I’ve mentioned before, France has a very special place in my heart. It’s my favourite country in the world and I love everything that comes with it, food, wine, countryside, language, architecture, culture and people (well, most of them anyway). A Guide to London’s Best Coffee - London New Girl. Best Coffee in London - Mapped - London New Girl. When I first moved to London, I refused to give up on the amazing coffee culture that I got so accustomed to in Melbourne and so began a personal mission to find the best coffee possible.

Best Coffee in London - Mapped - London New Girl

That’s how the Guide to the Best Coffee in London was born. Through lots of trial and error, recommendations, discovery and a few disappointments along the way, I’ve tracked down some of the best flat whites and lattes in town, shortlisted them and now, mapped them out ready for you to try for yourselves. Coffee, Sunday Brunch & a Little Sunshine - London New Girl. The weather in London has gone cold again.

Coffee, Sunday Brunch & a Little Sunshine - London New Girl

I’m talking gloves, scarfs and your thickest coat-style cold. I won’t lie, the contrast from last weekend’s sunny almost-t shirt weather in Bordeaux upsets me, but thinking about my holiday in the American desert later this week is keeping me going. Despite the cold, on Sunday I quite appropriately went to Sunday, one of my favourite brunch spots in London. London: Sunday Roast at The Culpeper - London New Girl. My absolute favourite British tradition has to be the classic Sunday Roast.

London: Sunday Roast at The Culpeper - London New Girl

To be honest, I didn’t even know this tradition existed before I moved to London, in fact, I probably didn’t really know what a Sunday roast was (to be fair, I mostly eat vegetarian), but it has quickly become one of my London highlights. Going to the pub on a Sunday afternoon to eat a huge plate of comfort food, drink wine and be merry with a big group of friends really is the best way to end a weekend. Last weekend I went to The Culpeper, a really cute pub in Shoreditch, East London. It was my first time there and I loved it – the atmosphere, service, layout and drinks menu were all pretty spot on.

Raw Press. Juicebaby. Organic Juice Nutrition, Cleanse & Detox Plans - Lab Organic – LabOrganic. Raw-centric, innovative, vegan and vegetarian food and classes. BLEND & PRESS – Blend & Press. BLEND & PRESS – Blend & Press. High Tea at Sutton House - London New Girl. Last weekend I was invited to do a tour of the oldest residential house in Hackney, followed by an indulgent high tea and cocktails in the stunning Tudor Tea Rooms and Courtyard at Sutton House.

High Tea at Sutton House - London New Girl

Obviously I couldn’t say no. The tour of Sutton House, a National Trust Tudor house in the middle of Hackney, was led by possibly the best tour leader I’ve had – Elsa, a 90-something year old local volunteer who knows Sutton House better than anyone and who had more stamina and energy than all the 20-30 something year olds that she was showing around. It’s a gorgeous house, one of the oldest Tudor houses in Greater London, and it was pretty amazing to imagine the simpler life when it was first built in 1535 surrounded by empty farmlands. How much this city has changed! After the tour, we were spoilt by Little Nan’s (adult) grandchildren with high tea and cocktails served in vintage teapots. Barrica Spanish Tapas Bar - Menu. Bar Tozino. Miss Tapas - Spanish Gastronomy. London's first board game café. Est. India Gallery.