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The Vending Machine Supermarket, 1948. Welcome to the the first fully automated grocery store in the United States; a most futuristic shopping experience that the world just wasn’t ready for… We’re in Memphis Tennessee, 1948, at the Keedoozle store, a vending machine concept developed by the man behind Piggly Wiggly, Clarence Saunders, who had patented the concept of the “Self-Serving Store” in 1917.

The Vending Machine Supermarket, 1948

“Keedoozle” is a word coined by Saunders for a ‘Key Does All‘ for the grocery shopper. So here’s how it worked… Sample merchandise was displayed behind rows of little display cabinets of glass boxes and shoppers selected their merchandise with a key given to them initially. Customers then put the key in labeled keyholes at the merchandise display and selected the quantity. StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon.

LED Henna Tattoos Make You Look Like a Bohemian Cyborg. Images via In a flashy update to the traditional art of temporary tattooing, Indian designer Amrita Kulkarni has fused conductive ink with her henna practice to create an LED array that applies directly to the skin.

LED Henna Tattoos Make You Look Like a Bohemian Cyborg

Using a line of skin-friendly paint from UK design company Bare Conductive for the project, the Royal College of Art alumna mounted LED lights powered by small 3V batteries atop the intricate patterns she's practiced since her childhood. The most important aspect of the conductive tattoos, she notes in a blog post, was figuring out how thick her designs should be, as line thickness is inversely proportional to the ink's generated resistance. Now that she has "explored the language of henna on the skin," she plans to adorn, "walls, lamps, floor decorations... forehead bindi, tattoos, etc. " with a similar LED setup. Visit Amrita Kulkarni's site to find more of her artistic innovations. Related: Working Not Working. The bar is high.

Working Not Working

Like, Snoop Dogg high. Becoming a member of Working Not Working is not easy. We only accept about 10% of the portfolios that we review. - StumbleUpon. Granby Elephant Pro by RedRooster. Johnnylists. Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects. All Hover.css effects make use of a single element (with the help of some pseudo-elements where necessary), are self contained so you can easily copy and paste them, and come in CSS, Sass, and LESS flavours.

Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects

Many effects use CSS3 features such as transitions, transforms and animations. Old browsers that don't support these features may need some extra attention to be certain a fallback hover effect is still in place. 30 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today. Form Follows Function. Handprint of 8 year-old boy reveals beautiful flourishes of bacteria and fungi. You May Not Need These 19 Things, But You'll Definitely Want Them Pretty Badly. Image Tilt Effect. How it works A normal image is replaced with layers of semi-transparent divisions of the same image.

Image Tilt Effect

Every layer moves according to the configuration, creating a subtle motion effect. Hover over the grid images to see how the effect works: Options. Seriously Cool Hack That Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Own Black Light. Ever wanted to check how sperm-y things are before you touch them?

Seriously Cool Hack That Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Own Black Light

(ie, hotel beds, hotel bathrooms, other people’s phones/laptops) No? Fancied checking for ‘super secret’ spy writing? Theawesomedaily. Remember these two awesome articles we published a while back?


Www.core77. Let's say you're a designer trying to create something with moving parts: A set of double doors that open in an unusual way, a console that deploys a hidden flatscreen monitor, or a space-saving cabinet with panels that slide sideways rather than swing out.


Where do you start? There are companies that make hardware to achieve these things, but there's no guarantee that hardware is sized to fit your application. If you can understand how the mechanisms work, however, you can create something to custom fit your design. That's where this retired mechanical engineer comes in: Nguyen Duc Thang has made it his mission to illustrate mechanisms so people can understand them. Using Autodesk Inventor, he creates succinct 3D animations of various mechanical mechanisms, and staggeringly, he's created 1,700 videos of them to date.

NounProject. Codebeautify. Www.billboard. Are You Bored? Here's 20 Amazing Facts you need to know! Mythoughtsideasandramblings. Stockindesign. 31 Jan2014.


Www.buzzfeed. Www.businessinsider. Documentary Network - Watch free documentaries and films. Using Fusion to Make Collaborative Sculptures with Bees. Hyper Terra. "Hyper Terra" is a projection-mapped sculpture with an integrated projector, computer, and power supply.

Hyper Terra

The sculpture is a mountain with simulated solar and lunar lighting that can be set up with any lat/long on Earth and a point in time. The graphics software has controls for time advancement towards the past or future, the long/lat on Earth, solar/lunar positioning, light color, and more. The result is both a sculpture and a dynamic visual timepiece. The concept and name were inspired by concepts of hyper-dimensional objects that can exists in multiple places and time. Control Video Games with Icicles! What if you could create a video game where the controller was cold as ice? I'm thinking this could be fun especially for player vs player games...who wants to win more? Will you risk frostbite? On your tongue ? Maybe it's just the middle of winter and cabin fever has set in, but I think this would even be a pretty fun party activity Regardless, this Instructable documents how you can control video games with icicles using a nifty invention known as the Makey Makey.

Parts Needed: Makey Makey - from Computer - or other device that connects to a usb keyboard (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, etc) Icicles - (or you could use ice cubes) Tin Foil - makes it easier to connect the ice to the Makey Makey Tape -to hold down the wires during game play Metal keyring - (not essential, but it's a handy way to ground yourself to the Makey Makey) Video Game - Computer based video game, I used Space Invaders Deluxe. If You Loved Aaron Draplin's Logo Tutorial, Here's More of His Design Wisdom. If you were on the Internet this week, you probably saw the video of Aaron Draplin building a logo from scratch. If not, go watch it—we'll wait. OK, are we all on the same page? Great. Websites Design: Trends and Examples. You can make a 143-megapixel camera using a scanner. Scanners are really extra-large image sensors at heart, so it stands to reason that you could make a decent camera out of one.

Right? Well, Dario Morelli just proved it... and then some. His homebrew medium format camera uses parts from an Epson V30-series scanner to take enormous 143-megapixel photos whose resolution puts even the better professional cameras to shame. Morelli went so far as to repackage everything in a custom enclosure, so the device is relatively portable and will sit on a tripod. 50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Warning: This is the saddest thing you’ll read all day. 1. These stylin’ roller skates:

I want to do this so badly. Links For Creatives From Creatives. Condom bagpipe. 15 Hard Core Lighting Setups To Have You Light Like A Ninja. Toys from Trash. 23 Scientific Keys to Changing Anything In Your Life. Changing your behavior is hard. Luckily, there is a scientifically proven way to do it that gives you the best chance of success. Anyone who is trying to change their behavior without understanding this science needs to stop, now. Read up on the science. Learn to do it the more effective way. Then, start again, with better strategies, and create the life you’ve always wanted.

10 Baffling Scientific Mysteries Of Everyday Things. 40 Free Branding & Identity Mockup Templates to Download. This roundup of 40 free branding and corporate visual identity mockup templates will add a whole new level of professionalism when presenting design work to clients. 40 Super Smooth Fonts for Clean Web Design. Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat. Stay Creative in 40 Easy Ways. How to write a scene. One of the thing I admire most about Jane Espenson’s blog is that she talks very directly about the words on the page, giving names to techniques I use but never really think about. The two-percenter, for example.

Webdesign. Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee [infographic] VipID. 23 GIFs That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life. Beautiful examples of calligraphy. Journaling ideas since 2003.

Sam Dal Monte. Tattoos. Today and tomorrow. This at There. Apply for the 2014 BDC Young Entrepreneur Award—you could win $100,000. Student Design Awards. Penguin Design Award - Home. Adult Fiction Cover Award. YCN Student Awards. YCN Student Awards.

We've been busy visiting Universities, Colleges and Art & Design schools across the land; promoting the latest YCN Student Awards and broadly spreading the YCN word. A big thanks to all those who have come along and shown such enthusiasm for our work. Shown is an image taken at Lincoln University on Wednesday 15th January. We were joined by Natalie Rich from Boost and James Cross from their creative agency Big, who spoke about their brief. World-2013 - Poster Festival Lucerne. Logo Design, Web Design and Writing by the World's Best Creative Team.

:output award. Student Entry — Radical Innovation Award. Global Design Awards. RSA Student Design Awards. D&AD.