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365 Romantic Things. King’s Cross. Group Feasts In every community, eating is a means to celebrate and to bring people together.

King’s Cross

We are particularly good at this in India. Every celebration has food in the middle of it, invariably leaving us all thoroughly sated, happy and burping (considered a courteous gesture). When feasting, Bombay’s Bohra community traditionally gather around one very large plate, or Thaal. This old tradition comes from a strong belief that sharing food across a single Thaal reinforces the precious bonds of family and community. Our version of this lovely tradition brings large groups together over a first-class feast, dining from Thaals laden with delicious food. Small plates, Grills, Ruby Murrays, Biryanis, Daal, Kachumber, and freshly baked Naan and Roti are shared by everyone at the table, enhancing the warmth of the occasion that might bring a group of old friends, work colleagues or a family together for a meal. Please do telephone us on: 020 7420 9320 {Covent Garden} | 020 7420 9324 {Shoreditch}

Bob Bob Ricard. Untitled. Adventurous Date Ideas Perfect for Summer. Summer means good friends, sun and adventure.

Adventurous Date Ideas Perfect for Summer

Its long days and longer nights are the perfect environment for those more adventurous date ideas. These types of dates are important for your relationship for two reasons. First, taking her on good dates is fundamental to keeping her interested. Second, women love adventure. They want the excitement and anticipation that comes with the adventure. This post will give you seven adventurous date ideas that are perfectly suited for summertime. 1. Paddle boarding is one of the most fun ways to spend a summer day. The best part about this activity is that (almost) no matter where you are in the world, you can do it. If you want this adventurous date to become a crazy date, find a river with some rapids or paddle surf in the ocean.

Wherever you chose to go, paddle boarding will be a lot of fun. 2. In most cities, there’s a section that’s dominated by one ethnic group. In the photo above you can see San Francisco’s Chinatown. Thoughtcatalog. 45 Questions To Guarantee You'll Never Have A Boring Date Again. I have a secret game that I play in every conversation I have.

45 Questions To Guarantee You'll Never Have A Boring Date Again

Until now, no one knew about it… but I’m about to dish the deets. ;) I try to get every person I interact with to say, Wow. That’s a great question… at least once in our conversation. To win at this game, I have to stay super present and plugged in to who I’m chatting with so I can artfully select a question that pushes them to lean into an area of their brain they don’t normally hang out in.

To turn a flashlight on in the halls of their head and search for an answer to a question they never imagined they’d have to answer. It’s fascinating watching them dig deeper into who they are. Why do I play this silly game? Because I believe it’s our responsibility to discover something awesome every person we meet. I thought it would be fun (and hopefully valuable) to give you a sneak peak at some of my favorites to ask (especially on first dates or with partners).

These Nifty Relationship Tips Are Simple But Insanely Effective. #18 Is Brilliant. 101 Romantic Date Ideas & Fun First Dates Ideas. Are you looking for some romantic date ideas or fun things to do on a first date with your special someone?

101 Romantic Date Ideas & Fun First Dates Ideas

There are few better ways to add some good old-fashioned romantic ideas to your relationship or marriage than taking your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend out on a thoughtful, fun date. Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together for fifty years, an original, special romantic date will refresh your relationship and help you and your lover fall in love with each other all over again. The possibilities for unique fun romantic date ideas are endless. Regardless of where you live or what your circumstances are, fresh romantic ideas for dates surround all of us. What might seem commonplace to one person can, with a little old-fashioned romance, be turned into an amazing, exciting idea for a date with your special someone. Criterion Restaurant. Valentine’s Day at Paramount. Gallery.