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Edge Investigations offers Disability, Aged Care, Workplace Misconduct, Whistle Blower, Bullying Harassment Fraud Investigations. Call on 0407895595 today.

Investigators child pornography platform in Australia – Edge Investigations. After several months of Edge investigation, the police in Australian smashed one of the world’s largest child pornography platforms.

Investigators child pornography platform in Australia – Edge Investigations

Three men were arrested in Australian and another suspect was arrested in Paraguay, as the Australian Federal Police Office (AFP) announced in Canberra on Monday. The darknet platform is said to have had more than 600,000 members and was internationally oriented. The shared image and video recordings also included recordings of the most serious sexual abuse of young children. Investigators from the AFP and the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office searched seven properties in the Australia states of Western Australia and Geelong as well as the city-state of Geelong in mid-April on suspicion of gang-like distribution of child pornography and arrested the three men. Concerns Of Extortion When Investigating: edge_123 — LiveJournal. The article examines the main problems that arise in the practice of the investigating authorities in the Edge investigations of extortion.

Concerns Of Extortion When Investigating: edge_123 — LiveJournal

As such, the author cites:the problem of adequate scientific and technical support for the Investigation of extortion, the difficulty of using investigative algorithms in the investigation of extortion, a high level of extortion latency, an increase in the number of organized extortion and related difficulties in the investigation, the presence of errors of the investigation and law enforcement officers, as well as counteraction to the investigation. on the part of the subject and witnesses, especially expert activities in cases of organized extortion.

In the article, the author examines the concept of extortion, the features of technical and forensic support for the investigation of extortion, Internal investigations protocol: edge_123 — LiveJournal. It is highly recommended to have an internal investigation protocol or procedure, which establishes the steps to be taken throughout the process.

Internal investigations protocol: edge_123 — LiveJournal

In addition, its mere possession will add value, as another policy, contemplated in its compliance program by Edge Investigations. In this protocol, in addition to respect for legality and guarantees for potential investigators, the time limit of the investigation, confidentiality policy, obligation of collaboration and the need to be duly documented must be established. And of course the body that will know and coordinate the investigation and the professionals likely to participate. This body must have sufficient resources and autonomy for its actions, since these could even involve executives or members of the board of directors. Take The Stress Out Of Disability Investigation : edge_123 — LiveJournal. The Ministry of Labor plans to change the rules for the examination of disabled people.

Take The Stress Out Of Disability Investigation : edge_123 — LiveJournal

The department has developed a draft government decree obliging to establish indefinite disability for some diseases already at the first contact with the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU). Until now, the rules left the opportunity to prescribe a re-examination even in obvious cases - for example, with amputations of arms and legs, complete blindness, Down syndrome. INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS:RISKS OF NON-COMPLIANCE. Training To Prevent Bullying At WorkPlace. Sexual Harassment At Workplace How Prevention It Employees And Train It. New Page. Fraud With The Use Of Computer Technology: edge_123 — LiveJournal. The article analyzes the features of the formation of a forensic methodology for investigating fraud using computer information.

Fraud With The Use Of Computer Technology: edge_123 — LiveJournal

The article substantiates the opinion that the effectiveness of the Edge Investigations of this type of fraud largely depends on the quality of interaction of state law enforcement agencies with each other, as well as with non-state structures performing the task of combating crime in the field of telecommunications and computer information. Identification of urgent problems associated with the organization of effective countering fraud using computer information will optimize measures aimed at preventing this type of fraud. Computer technologies, having brought indisputable benefits for all mankind, at the same time created the prerequisites for new manifestations of criminal activity. All kinds of fraud occupy a prominent place among this kind of phenomena. The Unconventional Guide To Disability Investigation – Edge Investigations.

The statistical observation of Disability Investigation and autonomy is primarily based on specifically dedicated surveys, complete but carried out approximately every 10 years.

The Unconventional Guide To Disability Investigation – Edge Investigations

The new surveys in this series, constituting the “Autonomy” device, began at the end of January 2021. Statistical observation is also based on many other more frequent but more partial sources, produced by a wide variety of organizations. Edge Investigations – CIVIL WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR. Contact Edge Investigations - Newcastle Investigator. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR NEWCASTLE. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR HUNTER VALLEY. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR LAKE MACQUARIE. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR MAITLAND. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR CESSNOCK. WORKPLACE INVESTIGATOR PORT STEPHENS. Edge Investigations. Fraud Investigations - Edge Investigations. Whistleblower Investigations - Edge Investigations. Workplace Investigations - Edge Investigations. Bullying & Harassment Investigations - Edge Investigations. Disability Investigations - Edge Investigations. Aged Care Investigations - Edge Investigations. Newcastle & Hunter Valley Investigator - Edge Investigations.