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Yoga Poses for Better Sex - Yoga Poses That Improve Sex. 5 Myths of Anal Sex Uncovered. Hilda Hutcherson, M.D. is the author of What Your Mother Never Told You about Sex Of all sexual acts, anal sex is the most misunderstood.

5 Myths of Anal Sex Uncovered

Despite the fact that one out of every four women has engaged in anal sex, the practice remains taboo. Many women are reluctant to experiment with anal sex because of the many myths and misconceptions that surround the practice. But once you learn the right techniques, it's easy to see why anal sex can be so enjoyable. You're not doing it right: how to tell if she's faking an orgasm. We’re sure you’ve been led to believe you’re a god in the sack, but let’s get real here.

You're not doing it right: how to tell if she's faking an orgasm

Only 25 percent of women consistently orgasm during sex, and according to a recent study published in the “Archive of Sexual Behavior” 80 percent of women fake orgasm. So sorry buddy, you’re probably doing it wrong. While you can’t make ’em stop, you can cut down on the theatrics by paying attention to these signs and proving to your girl there’s no reason to lie. Eyes. Signs of Sexual Attraction.

When we fancy someone our body sends out signals that tell the other person we’re interested in them.

Signs of Sexual Attraction

You read them subconsciously and get that warm feeling. The Attraction Sequence you look into each other’s eyes a bit longer than normal.preening… she tilts her head and smoothes her thighs. He pulls his stomach in and smoothes an eyebrow.


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