Painting Nature Painting Nature I saw these wonderful Candied Gumballs on Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone. Be sure to check out the both of the follow up posts, Gumball Sculptures Project 1 and Tie Dyed Gumballs, as well. We have so many gumballs around our area, that I knew we had to try this. Our playground is literally covered with them, and the kids spend hours collecting, counting, and playing with them in a multitude of ways.
About this site Reason for this site I am Director of Music at Soham Village College, Cambridgeshire. I decided to create a music website in the summer after my first year of teaching, July-August 2000, to be used by teachers and pupils for several reasons. Finding good music resources and links on the web can be a troublesome task. My site allows you instant access to some worksheets I have created and used effectively. It also allows pupils to research extra information and revise class work without taking away valuable worksheets. About this site
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