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- StumbleUpon. Probably the Most Bro site out there. Hot Chicks, Booze, Cars, and Anything Funny. General Lee Drift - StumbleUpon. Icy Finger of Death Filmed for the First Time : Discovery Channel - StumbleUpon. Like a lightning bolt hurled down from Mount Olympus, an icy “finger of death” strikes at sea life beneath the Antarctic ice shelf in what is surely one of the most jaw-dropping natural history sequences ever filmed.

Icy Finger of Death Filmed for the First Time : Discovery Channel - StumbleUpon

Called a brinicle, or brine icicle, this sinister tube of ice grows over a matter of hours as super-salty brine leeches from the forming sea ice above. This video — a scene from Frozen Planet, premiering on Discovery Channel on March 18 — illustrates how this happens, as well as the deadly consequences for the slow-moving marine invertebrates in its path.

The brinicle was filmed in 2009 by underwater cameramen Doug Anderson and Hugh Miller. These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away - StumbleUpon. Great news today: we will start a series of showcases that are meant to make the jaws drop! Here’s the first one of the series: none of the 50 photos are photoshopped, to emphasize the natural beauty and the professionalism of the photographers. 50 scenes that cannot be seen in the daily life, 50 jewels of the photographic art! If you want to see more, also checkout: 50 More Photos That Will Blow Your Mind Landslide Hall. How to turn "water" into marbles - StumbleUpon. Fibbertigibbet.


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