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Church to burn copies of Koran to mark 9/11. The Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville asked other religious to stand "against the evil of Islam" / AP Source: AP.

Church to burn copies of Koran to mark 9/11

Media conservatives "favor religious freedom," but ... August 05, 2010 8:55 am ET — 146 Comments Several prominent media conservatives have claimed to "favor religious freedom" while qualifying that claim in order to attack the Islamic community center and mosque set to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero, demanding that it be moved elsewhere in New York City. State of the States. TomDispatch. Tom Engelhardt: Whose Hands? Whose Blood? Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Crossposted with

Tom Engelhardt: Whose Hands? Whose Blood? Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq

Consider the following statement offered by Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a news conference last week. He was discussing Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks as well as the person who has taken responsibility for the vast, still ongoing Afghan War document dump at that site. "Mr. The Lunatic’s Manual   : ICH - Information Clearing House. Right-wing media absurdly compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette. August 05, 2010 11:21 am ET — 77 Comments Right-wing media have repeatedly compared First Lady Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette, the eighteenth century queen who was executed during the French Revolution. Meet Tom Emmer, Target's Favorite Right-Wing Nutjob. @Senor_Spielbergo: The Republican Party of even Barry Goldwater, who opposed civil rights laws, has been taken over by a bunch of anti-government lunatics!

Meet Tom Emmer, Target's Favorite Right-Wing Nutjob

Barry Eisler: Militarization and the Authoritarian Right. Yes, former Bush administration speechwriter and current Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen's demand that "WikiLeaks Must Be Stopped" is, as his colleague Eva Rodriguez notes, "more than a little whacky.

Barry Eisler: Militarization and the Authoritarian Right

" But it's useful, too, because an infatuation with the notion of using the military in non-military operations, particularly domestic ones, is a key aspect of the modern American right and of the rightwing authoritarian personality. Examining Thiessen is a good way to understand both. Thiessen lays out his premise in his first sentence: "WikiLeaks is not a news organization; it is a criminal enterprise. " The premise is silly -- unless the Washington Post -- for whom Thiessen writes, and every other news organization that seeks and publishes leaks -- is a criminal enterprise, too. Apparently Thiessen didn't bother to read 18 USC 793, which he cites as the basis for his opinion about criminality, citing it instead just to sound authoritative.

PostPartisan - A final warning to WikiLeaks? The Hill is reporting that the Pentagon has demanded WikiLeaks immediately hand over all the classified documents it illegally possesses, including those it has not yet published, and that the website delete those records from its computers.

PostPartisan - A final warning to WikiLeaks?

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell made clear this was not a “request”: "We are making a demand of them," Morrell said. "We are asking them to do the right thing. " "We hope they will honor our demands," Morrell said, adding if WikiLeaks refuses to comply "we will cross the next bridge when we come to it. " "If doing the right thing is not good enough for them," the Pentagon spokesman said, alternatives will be explored "to make them do the right thing. " War Crime Whistleblower in Obama’s Sights, War Criminals Not. Printer-friendly version The Obama administration is even more fixated on secrecy than its Republican predecessor, whose crimes go unpunished and in many case, repeated.

War Crime Whistleblower in Obama’s Sights, War Criminals Not

The continuity of the two war-making regimes is obvious. As it turns out, there are only so many ways to run “the world’s greatest killing machine” – and they are all mass murderous. War Crime Whistleblower in Obama’s Sights, War Criminals Not by Paul Street This article previously appeared in Znet. “The new leak of classified documents suggests a murderous empire that is out of control, compelled to kill and kill again like a pitiless Mafia Don in order to create an illusion of success.” Private First Class Bradley Manning, a 22 year old U.S. It might seem odd to some that the Obama White House is going after Manning and not the war criminals Manning may have helped expose. Julian Assange, monk of the online age who thrives on intellectual battle. How many people had even heard of WikiLeaks a week ago?

Julian Assange, monk of the online age who thrives on intellectual battle

Or Julian Assange? And yet, seven days after the biggest intelligence leak of all time – the publication of over 75,000 files amounting to an entire history of the Afghanistan war – he is everywhere; in every newspaper, on every news broadcast, in what appears to be every country in the world. It's been an extraordinary week for WikiLeaks, which has seen the entrance on to the world stage of a remarkable new character: Assange, a man who, even friends and supporters admit, looks "a bit like a Bond villain". Diary: Julian Assange Vs. The Basturds. Julian Assange Vs.

Diary: Julian Assange Vs. The Basturds

The Basturds "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein "Let's be clear: WikiLeaks is not a news organization; it is a criminal enterprise. " - Washington Toast's Marc A. Thiessen, a longtime spokesman for the D.C. based Association of Lunatic Windbags. "I would really like to see President Obama to move to ask the government of Iceland to shut that website down. WikiLeaks Puts Afghanistan Back on Media Agenda. By Mark Jurkowitz, Associate Director, Project for Excellence in Journalism The war in Afghanistan — a subject that has generated periodic spikes in media interest but not a high level of sustained coverage — was back atop the mainstream news agenda last week.

WikiLeaks Puts Afghanistan Back on Media Agenda

And this time, the catalyst was neither violence on the ground nor deliberations in Washington, but the leak of about 90,000 classified war reports by a whistleblower website. Driven by WikiLeaks’ dissemination of those documents — which highlighted the difficult challenges faced by NATO forces — Afghanistan led the news for the week of July 26-Aug. 1, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Wikileaks: The National-Security State strikes back « Later On. WikiLeaks’ disclosure of the 91,000 U.S. government documents that it labels the “Afghan War Diary” raises a number of vital issues.

Wikileaks: The National-Security State strikes back « Later On

Most of the discussion so far has focused on the significance of the documents themselves. They make the intelligence community look not so intelligent, and they make a number of political leaders look like dissemblers, spewing claims about the situation in Afghanistan that can’t really be squared with information in their briefing portfolios. But quite apart from their contents, the WikiLeaks documents are a test for America’s voracious national-security state. Its response to them gives us a sense of how it intends to fight perceived threats to secrecy.An Information War Targeting WikiLeaks. Field officers of the intelligence community urgently need to play a game of misdirection–relabeling the threat that is presented to them. And indeed, Julian Assange may himself be a even more serious target.

Afghanistan: The war logs. Iran poised to fill vacuum after U.S. withdrawal. By Richard Engel, NBC chief foreign correspondent BAGHDAD - Every conversation I have in Iraq these days reaches back in history. When I ask policemen, government officials or Iraqi journalists what they think will happen after U.S. combat troops leave at the end of this month, our discussions inevitably become two-hour examinations of Islamic and Middle Eastern history. This is not simply an American pullout. Here August 2010 is seen as a turning point for Iraq. The biggest concern many Iraqis seem to have is that the U.S. combat withdrawal will leave a power vacuum that will be filled by Iraq’s traditional rival and longtime enemy, Persian Iran. The American Prospect. It's a bit sad that conservatives desperately want to believe that the public is motivated by ideological conservatism and votes accordingly.

This is how the election of Barack Obama can be explained as a rejection of "big-government 'do something' conservatism of the Bush years," and the enduring unpopularity of Republicans is explained by saying "it hasn't been right-wing enough. " Like Jon Chait asks, "Just how right-wing do they think this country is? "Ezra Klein highlights a telling example of conservative chicanery on the economy, namely that things would be different if Barack Obama just governed like Ronald Reagan, who apparently ended the 1981 recession with a wise combination of slashing taxes and spending. --Mori Dinauer InstapaperPocketShare on emailEmailShare on printPrint.

Wyoming most conservative state, D.C. most liberal (though it's not a state) Get out your U.S. map and your favorite red and blue crayons. Color in red that big square of Wyoming (kids, it's the one above the four squarish states on the left side of the map). Cheney still hospitalized « Under the Mountain Bunker & Coffee Shop. Cheney hoping to leave hospital this week. ‘Ethics’ violations: What about Bush & Cheney? Published Aug 4, 2010 10:16 PM One of the first things the Bush-Cheney administration did on taking office in 2001 was to set up a super-secret energy task force. Oil and gas company executives descended on the White House for hush-hush conclaves with Vice President Dick Cheney and other administration officials.

The individuals and their companies were never named publicly. In fact, when environmental groups sued to find out the particulars of these meetings, the administration successfully defended its right to keep them secret, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The rest is history. Both Bush and Cheney owe their fortunes and their political careers to the energy companies. Cheney’s 2001 meetings with Big Oil also resulted in deregulation and lax oversight of oil drilling in the U.S. itself, which led directly to the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. On both these earth-shaking issues — war and environmental pollution — the U.S. Halliburton balks at telling U.S. early of major deals.