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Keyword Research for SEO - How to use Google Keyword Planner - ECT. Insert the relevant keywords, and you will avail more search engine traffic… Optimize your blog/ website keywords, and you will rank faster….

Keyword Research for SEO - How to use Google Keyword Planner - ECT

How many times have you gotten such pieces of advice when you are at your initial stage of SEO learning? I guess this isn’t the first time you are hearing such things from people. The reason behind this is that Keywords play a significant role in your SEO. Utilizing the right keyword can either make or break your SEO strategy. Although the term ‘Keyword’ is self-explanatory when it stands alone. What are Keywords? Keywords are words or phrases of text that a user types into the search engine to discover new content or get answers to the questions. How to Create a YouTube Channel? - ECT. Technical Writing Course - ECT. Here’s a video for you to quickly go through Technical Writing If you intend on learning more on Technical writing, keep reading.

Technical Writing Course - ECT

So what exactly is Technical Writing? Technical writing is about writing technical detail of any topic, in contrast to the popular belief that technical writing is all about science, engineering, & technology. Technical writing is done for specific purposes and target audience. It encompasses substances of various technical processes. Purpose of Technical Writing The primary purpose of technical writing is to educate learners and give them proper insight on a particular subject. Assisting a person to deeply understand a particular concept of computers, technology, or medicine. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi - Connaught Place. There are many digital marketing institutes in Connaught Place, Delhi.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi - Connaught Place

However, after comparing all the parameters, we can easily say that ECT is the best digital marketing institute in Connaught Place. There are many reasons that make ECT the best digital marketing institute in CP. The first and most important reason is ECT is recognized by the government of India. No other digital marketing training institute is recognized by the government of India. Therefore digital marketing certification course from ECT carries weightage like a government digital marketing course. ECT Advanced Digital Marketing Course helps you get better jobs and fetch a higher salary package.

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page - ECT. How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page Watch the following video to see a live demo of how to add an admin to a Facebook Page.

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page - ECT

Here is a step by step guide: Open the Facebook Page & Follow these steps Click on “Settings”On left vertical menu, click on “Page Roles”Type a name, email id, or profile URL of your colleagueSelect the right person from dropdown listClick on AddType password of your Facebook profile to confirm Are you wondering which roles should you assign to the Facebook Page. Various Facebook Page Roles Analyst Can see which admin created a post or commentview Insights Advertisers An Advertiser can create adssee who created a post or commentand view insightsIf an Instagram account is connected to the Page, they can create ads on Instagram as well Moderator. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi - Connaught Place. Government Recognized Institute. Digital Marketing Course in Delhi - Connaught Place. Communication Skills and Personality Development Course - ECT.

What is Content Writing? - ECT. Welcome to the first episode of weekly video series that aims to answer all queries related to content writing!

What is Content Writing? - ECT

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to learn writing hacks, get help in publishing your work, and boost your freelance income. Also, if you want us to cover a particular question in our show, please send the same through Email/WhatsApp on or +91-7827916060 (WhatsApp). In this first Episode, we have discussed a basic question “What is Content Writing?” What is Content Writing? A section of the population understands content writing as the simple process of putting words to paper.

Though the second answer is quite close to the actual meaning, there is still something missing. Content Writing put simply, “is writing with a purpose”. Pay special attention to the word “purpose” here. This aspect is what differentiates the cathartic outpouring of words on a piece of paper to something like a ‘personal reflection’. So, for every content, its cornerstone is its “purpose”. 6 Things To Focus To Improve Your Content Writing training. Posted by econtentect in Education on July 18th, 2019 You have developed a winning strategy on how to use the content for the expansion of your business.

6 Things To Focus To Improve Your Content Writing training

Now, the time is to start developing content. But not, any content. Here, content means a write-up, which is unique, relevant, engaging, and readable. How to choose content writing courses to earn extra money. People use the Internet for many reasons, like searching for information on the desired topics, socializing with persons having the same interests, entertainment, etc.

How to choose content writing courses to earn extra money

Besides, they are online for learning new things. There is a video on YouTube almost everything, such as how to use a product, install a software product, or how to cook a food item. The requirement for information along with instructions has paved the way to learn and earn online. Some people do it by offering courses online, while some make money by writing various content pieces and doing other works. Content writing courses are one of the several courses offered both online and classroom.