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Looking for refurbished ups for your company? Visit Energy Control Systems and choose wide selection of refurbished ups online.

Energy Control Systems. What is the fuss about 10/350 wave form? Power System Analysis - Energy Control Systems. Energy Control Systems. Power System Quality. Energy Control Systems, Power System Protection. 4 Factors To Consider When Selecting UPS. Energy Control Systems. Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

Because there are a variety of needs and budgets involved in the process of purchasing Uninterruptible Power Systems, Energy Control Systems does more than sell a “box” solution.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Each of the applications listed below can be tailored to fit your voltage, run time, communication and other needs so that you are getting what you want and not paying for options you do not need: Small OfficeLarge OfficeManufacturingITHealth Care and OutpatientServer RoomsPhone SystemsOffshoreOil Drilling911 Centers (Emergency Communications)Government Because computers and power are the mainstay of our lives, it is impossible to list each and every application where a UPS is necessary – contact us today to discuss your own, unique needs. Energy Control Systems. Ups Power Supply. Energy Control Systems. Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Energy Control Systems. Lightning Protection Products. It is impossible to determine when or where lightning will strike, but the risk remains.

Lightning Protection Products

Of the violent forces of nature, lightning causes more deaths and property damage than any other. In the United States alone, lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars in property damages annually. Luckily, lightning is one force of nature economically viable from which to protect. With the proper lightning protection system you can rest assured that your systems, investments, and personnel will be protected.

ECS’s charge dissipation terminals, early streamer emitters, and traditional lightning protection components each has its unique method of effectively protecting systems from lightning damages: Charge Dissipation Terminal products incorporate electrodes that break down into corona before streamers can form; these terminals lower accumulated static charges, consequently mitigating or delaying upward streamer generation. Ups Power Supply. Energy Control Systems. Contact Information Hours Of Operation Since 1987 Energy Control Systems has been at the forefront of the power quality industry, here in the USA and in more than 40 other countries around the world.

Energy Control Systems

Energy Control Systems is your one stop shop for power quality and efficiency products and services. Additionally, our SineTamer brand surge suppression devices have quickly Ecsintl come the performance standard for the industry internationally. Map View. Powerware UPS In Fort Worth. Energy Control Systems. Lightning Protection For Buildings. Why Do You Need A Battery Backup Or A UPS. Lightning Surge Protector. Energy Control Systems. 4 Aspects To Understand About UPS Battery Backup.

Energy Control Systems. What Is The Process For Installing A Lightning Protection System_ Energy Control Systems. Energy Control Systems. 4 Components To Protect Residential Homes From Lightning Damage. Energy Control Systems. Energy Control Systems. Contact Information Company Energy Control Systems Location 5500 E Loop 820 S #2055500 E Loop 820 S #205 Fort Worth, Texas, 76119United States Company Details.

Energy Control Systems

Daniel Smith. Lightning Protection For Buildings Factors To Keep In Mind. Energy Control Systems. Energy Control Systems in Keller, Texas, United States. THE BENEFITS OF ECS! At Energy Control Systems, our goal is to make life easier for you.


We bring product knowledge, technical experience, and exceptional customer service to the table for a wide range of businesses – businesses just like yours. When it comes to products, ECS is a leading provider of the latest technology and high-quality hardware to better protect your business. Some of the products we provide are: UPS Units Battery Cabinets Bypass Switches Cabinets Cabling Solutions Communication Elements Surge Protection In addition to the hardware, Energy Control Systems provides for nationwide onsite coverage through a network of highly trained technicians.

One-Time PM Visits Multi-year PM Visits for units and batteries Battery Installations Repairs Unit Startups On-Call Comprehensive Services Telephone Assistance Battery Monitoring The benefit of this type of relationship goes beyond the obvious assistance behind the scenes. 4 STEPS TO UPS DEPLOYMENT. ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEMS. LIGHTNING PROTECTION FOR BUILDINGS FACTORS TO KEEP IN MIND.

ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEMS. Energy Control Systems. Lightning Surge Protection. BEST EATON UPS. Energy Control Systems. CHOOSE BEST UPS BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM. Energy Control Systems. Energy Control Systems. Energy control systems. Refurbished Ups. Energy Control Systems. Energy control systems. Too Many Requests. EATON VISUAL POWER MONITOR. Eaton Visual Power Monitor Eaton Visual Power Manager Eaton’s new Visual Power Manager (VPM) software provides data center managers the tools to monitor data center power devices – including all UPSs and PDUs (rack and floor mounted).


VPM is easy-to-deploy, simplifies day-to-day monitoring and helps maintain business continuity. Whether you have one server rack tucked away in a closet or an entire data center, being able to monitor and administer power from one location can be a great benefit in running your center. VPM helps you monitor power equipment, supply predefined and custom reports, initiate mass firmware and configuration commands and deliver a visual layout of your data center, making it simple to stay in-tune with trends and identify and resolve any issues. Key Benefits: Easy to Deploy User-friendly setup of the Visual Power Monitor streamlines the deployment process relieving common pain points with software installation. Simplify day-to-day monitoring Did You Know? Energy Control Systems by Energy Control Systems. What is "power distribution" in the IT world? Power distribution is the means by which AC power facilitated through different pieces of equipment that take the power conditioned by your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and send it to your IT equipment.

What is "power distribution" in the IT world?

Power distribution solutions can manage and even control energy consumption in smaller environments as well as large data center applications. Distributing power efficiently results in reduced operating costs and increased reliability. Rack power distribution units, also known as rack PDUs, are a key component to any IT environment. They do exactly as the name suggests and distribute power to network equipment within racks. There are two major types of PDUs, rack based or floor based and there are several considerations to take into account when making your choice.

Questions to consider when choosing a PDU It is important to review these questions, so you are prepared for the type of decisions you may need to make when evaluating a PDU. 2.- How many different outlets do you need? A. A. Power Control Problems. The “Clean Electrical Power” myth is one that has been circulating quite dramatically for a number of years now and is becoming increasingly dangerous in this post modern world of microprocessor-controlled everything.

Power Control Problems

Not to belabor the issue, but from the Microwave Oven to the Microwave Tower and the VFD to the PLC; virtually everything is using microchip-based technology. There are a multitude of independent studies, research reports and business reports to finally kill off this myth and awaken the public to the true need for Power Quality Products.

We submit the following factual information, in no particular order, designed to once and for all lay to the rest the Urban Myth of “Clean Electrical Power”. Plant Services Magazine reported that 35% of lost production hours could be attributed to transient voltage problems. TRW computer services firm – discovered that greater than 40% of their service calls were NTF, power related problems. Energy Control Systems Design Agency in Fort Worth, TX. WHAT TO KNOW WHEN ASKING ABOUT A NEW UPS SYSTEM. When it comes to UPS systems, people are generally split into two categories; you either know everything there is to know about them or you are completely in the dark.


We often get asked what information we will need when someone is contacting us for a quote. So, we figured we would do an easy-to-use guide to help you understand the questions you may be asked to help get the right UPS system to cover your load. Size of Unit needed You may be asked if you know the size of the unit you need, this is usually given in kVA. Input/Output voltage It helps if we know the incoming voltage your equipment is receiving and the amount it will need to deliver safely to your equipment. Hard Wired in or line corded/Hard Wired out or receptacles This refers to how the equipment is attached to the power supply, think plug or wired more securely. Run time needed Domestic or International applications. Energy Control System- CSSLight. Energy Monitoring System.

Energy Control Systems has over 30 successful years of providing power quality products and solutions to our diverse group of clients.

Energy Monitoring System

It is interesting that we never sat down as an organization to establish a concrete corporate image. Perhaps this was for the better as we were able to establish our own corporate culture without trying to fit any predetermined ‘mold,’ so to speak. We did realize that a more defined corporate image needed to be communicated to our customers. So, we took the time to closely analyze our business practices and attitudes. The following statements and values are the beginning of a new era for Energy Control Systems.

ECS has evolved from a local single product supplier in Fort Worth Texas into a global provider of products to more than 45 nations around the world. For a short history on ECS and the founder. 3 ways to avoid a loss of power in a restaurant - Energy Control Systems. Power outages are no joke, especially for those in the restaurant industry. According to the Food and Drug Administration, it only takes two hours for refrigerated food to spoil at room temperature, which can be a disastrous financial setback for your kitchen. What’s more, energy news organization Inside Energy reported that the U.S. saw an increase in power loss incidents between 2000 and 2014, further exacerbating the issue and showing that restaurateurs need to take action.

To that end, what can you do to avoid an outage in your establishment? “Running a kitchen requires a lot of appliances.” 1. Running a kitchen requires a lot of appliances, and these gadgets need to be plugged in somewhere. Of course, if you strain an outlet with multiple machines that demand a lot of electricity, you’re going to run into some power problems.

Energy control products. Backup power supply. How to Choose the Best Refurbished UPS. Heat Wave - Energy Control Systems. May isn’t even over and a lot of places are seeing record-breaking heat. Here at our home base in Dallas, TX, we are bracing for triple digits already! This summer may be a scorcher!