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Why are Biodegradable Boxes, Tableware, and Cutlery Gaining Popularity? Biodegradable disposable cutlery, tableware, and biodegradable boxes are manufactured from wood and plant-based raw materials including materials that may be traditionally discarded as sawdust, bagasse, or crop waste.

Why are Biodegradable Boxes, Tableware, and Cutlery Gaining Popularity?

The process includes the use of non-toxic resin which is used to form sturdy shapes of tableware. Disposable products are easy to handle, economical, and can be disposed of easily. With the changing lifestyle of environmentally aware customers, biodegradable products are breaking records. Know How to Plan an Eco-friendly Wedding at Ecoware. Why restaurants should switch to biodegradable tableware during coronavirus? Restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops are trying to deal with the threat of COVID-19, seeking to protect their employees and customers, while also worrying about the potential impact an outbreak could have on their business.

Why restaurants should switch to biodegradable tableware during coronavirus?

Food-service operators are getting some guidance from local health officials on what to do and what not to do. Some restaurants have started using only disposable plates, glasses, and utensils so that the staff members do not have to wash previously handled items. Restaurants have also switched to single-use disposable menus and removed salt and pepper shakers and ketchup and mustard bottles from their tables. Salt and pepper are now provided in small paper packets, and ketchup and mustard are available on a plate, poured from a bulk container. Made from natural materials. Benefits of Using Biodegradable Food Packaging. Managing Work-life-Balance while Working from Home during Coronavirus Outbreak. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home and practice social distancing.

Managing Work-life-Balance while Working from Home during Coronavirus Outbreak

With the ability to work from anywhere, we take this advantage by creating a flexible schedule to take care of work and personal responsibilities. But this flexibility can sometimes fire back making both home and work unmanageable. You might have to spend more time online and work more hours which might interrupt your personal life. Protect your newborns from plastic by switching to these alternatives. Baby products such as plastic toys, plastic tableware, and plastic bottles release toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your baby.

Protect your newborns from plastic by switching to these alternatives

To avoid any health issues, make sure the baby products you use are free from any kind of toxins. Switching to natural and environment-friendly alternatives like biodegradable disposable tableware and eco-friendly disposable cutlery can help your baby as well as the environment. Kids are much more vulnerable to adverse health effects caused by environmental toxins like plastic. They are still developing their gut, brain and immune system which makes them more prone to the negative impacts of plastic exposure. Several chemicals in plastics can cause health issues. BPS is another chemical found in plastics which can cause many side effects. Bathtubs Babies love to play in plastic tubs but this can be a pool filled with toxins for the baby. Toys Bibs Vinyl or plastic coated bibs are very unsafe for children. Eco-friendly Products that you should Watch out For. Eco-friendly , sustainable, recycle, cruelty-free and organic, these are some of the words that have been ringing bells in every green enthusiasts` head.

Eco-friendly Products that you should Watch out For

Right from detergents and soaps to bags and disposable tableware consumers in India are becoming more aware when it comes to buying products, these days. With growing concerns about plastic pollution, rapidly decreasing forest and climatic changes, millennials out of all are becoming more aware and conscious about their purchasing patterns. Their choices are not only inclining towards better quality and affordable prices but also for eco-friendly brands. Saving the Planet with their Natural Composition. 4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate a Green Easter. Make Your New Year`s Party More Exciting with 4 Eco-friendly Acts. With the onset of January 2020, along with the wishes come to the invitations from our friends, loved ones and family for fiestas organized to celebrate a whole New Year.

Make Your New Year`s Party More Exciting with 4 Eco-friendly Acts

Many of us think about hosting a brunch, dinner or random social gatherings for our closed ones too. After all, who doesn`t love to celebrate the essence of life? Right? But while you do all in your stride to give you guests a good time, the food, drinks and festive decorations can put a lot of pressure on the environment and produce a ton of waste. Learn quick hacks that will turn your party into an eco-friendly affair without sacrificing the excitement and fun: 1. Organizing a part for a large number of people also involves cooking food in great quantity, which more often than not results in a lot of waste. 2.

When you buy wisely, you make a huge impact on the resources and the environment. 3. While single-use plastic dinnerware does help in the post-party cleanup, it has a negative impact on the environment. 4. Simple Ways Students Can Embrace Eco-friendly Lifestyle. We all know what it is to be green, but in our daily lives with hectic schedules sometimes it feels like a lot to make certain changes into our lifestyle- especially when you are a student.

Simple Ways Students Can Embrace Eco-friendly Lifestyle

From attending lectures to rushing to meet friends, we forget how a small act has done correctly by us can have a big impact on our surroundings as well as our environment. But, believe it or not, you can be kind to the planet and stuff your wallet without having to take a day out or breaking banks. Here are 5 ways in which you can green up your lifestyle and guess what- they are simple too! Quit Plastic So you didn`t have breakfast at home and now you are planning to munch on something delicious along without friends in the cafeteria that is being served in a plastic plate with a spoon made of plastic and a plastic glass. Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery, Eco-friendly Disposable Cutlery Online. Sugarcare Pulp Plates, Eco-friendly Compostable Sugarcane Plates. 7 Ways to Reduce Plastic in Your Kitchen. The kitchen is the most significant area of the house.

7 Ways to Reduce Plastic in Your Kitchen

After all, from the hot brewing coffee that kick-starts, our day to the food that we enjoy after coming back from work gets cooked here. This part of the house is where we satiate our hunger pangs and midnight cravings. But, get a closer look at it and you will find that it is also where the plastic items reside, that too in bulk. From polybags to plastic cutlery you will definitely notice how much plastic actually surrounds you. They are taking over our kitchens entirely and having an impact on our health as well as our planet. Be a Smart Cook. Biodegradable Party Glasses/Disposals. Eco-Friendly Bowls, Biodegradable Disposable Soup Bowls. Here is why you must use sugarcane-pulp based packaging - Ecoware. In the race to reduce plastic pollution in India, many cafes and restaurants are heading towards sugarcane-pulp based packaging instead of plastic.

Here is why you must use sugarcane-pulp based packaging - Ecoware

Find out why you must too, do the same! Since the movement of “plastic-free nation,” in Delhi and other cities within India has been in the fourth gear, many businesses are looking for a viable eco-friendly packaging. Many popular restaurant chains and cafes have been looking for an alternative to polythene or plastic products, that is not only sustainable but also reusable and fit for recycling purpose.

And whilst many producers are still exploring the realms of innovations and marketing research, there is an amazing alternative that is available in the market- sugarcane-pulp based packaging from Ecoware. What is a sugarcane-pulp based packaging? Sugarcane, which is the native crop of India, is a versatile plant that provides sugar and bio-fuel for automobiles. Benefits of Sugarcane packaging material 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. Eco-Friendly Food Containers. Biodegradable Cutlery, Key to Make Future Plastic Pollution Free.

Like many other single-use plastic items, cutlery often finds its way into our environment, exposing animals, humans, and our planet to grave dangers, alike.

Biodegradable Cutlery, Key to Make Future Plastic Pollution Free

Find out how biodegradable cutlery can help to fight plastic pollution. Plastic cutlery is everywhere, and the most disappointing attribute about using it is that it stays only for a few minutes in your hands, before its disposal. Billions of forks, spoons, plates, glasses, cups, and straws are thrown away every year, and many of them end up in the environment, posing a threat to our planet. Unlike other plastic items such as bottles and bags, cutlery items can take centuries to decompose naturally. Its slow disintegration process gives it ample time to work its way into the environment. Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware: Everything You Must Know About It. Compostable Catering/Serving Trays. 7 Types of Compostable Tableware You Can Use For Cafes & Restaurants. No matter what type of food business you are, there is always scope to turn your business into an eco-friendly restaurant or cafe by using sugarcane pulp products.

Let`s find out more in this article. Whether you own a restaurant, a café or a food delivery truck, there are multiple ways through which your business is impacting the environment directly. Sadly, restaurants, bars, and cafes contribute to our growing climate crisis in countless ways. According to a report by WRAP, a waste research company, the total amount of waste that includes packaging, food, plastic waste, and other non-food waste- produced every year by the food services and hospitality sector is 2.87 million tonnes.

Out of the total production of waste only 45% of that waste is recycled or composted. Eco Friendly Packaging, Biodegradable Disposable Tableware Online.