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EcoPlanet Bamboo

EcoPlanet Bamboo is driving the industrialization of bamboo as a reasonable and ecologically appealing option fiber for timber fabricating ventures. EcoPlanet Bamboo Groups standardized operational framework to achieve Forest Landscape Restoration.

Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo. Defining Success through Conscious Capitalism: Troy Wiseman of EcoPlanet Bamboo Changing the lives of communities has been the ultimate goal of Troy Wiseman, who is a serial entrepreneur from the United States.

Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo

He has been the co-founder and CEO of Trilinc Global, InvestLinc Group, B.U.M. Bamboo Fiber. EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana. BARRINGTON, Ill.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EcoPlanet Bamboo and WBO honored five “bamboo pioneers” - individuals whom have committed their lives to furthering the understanding and potential of bamboo as a sustainable resource - during the 9th World Bamboo Congress held this month in Antwerp, Belgium. “we are honored to be able to help bring global recognition to Professor Wu’s life time of dedication to bamboo.”Tweet this Professor Shuen-Chao Wu’s interest in forestry and bamboo goes back to the summer of 1940, to childhood experiences with the Boy Scouts. Following his studies he joined the academic arena and consequently dedicated his life to the research and teaching of over 100 students. Through this career Wu has shared and spread his passion for and unique knowledge of bamboo.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo. No. 179/16 | Berlin, 20.07.2016 A high-level international initiative for forest conservation, the Global Restoration Council, will be launched in Bonn today on the invitation of Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks.

Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo

The council brings together luminaries from the fields of politics, civil society and business. Today is the council's first official meeting. Minister Hendricks said: "Right now, globally, forest land area the size of two foot-ball fields is destroyed every minute. This deforestation rate is responsible for 10 to 15 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. The Global Restoration Council is meeting on 20 and 21 July in Bad Godesberg, a neighbourhood in Bonn. The choice of Bonn as a meeting place was not arbitrary. Since 2011, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica along with many other countries have committed together to the restoration of almost 100 million hectares of forest. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo.

Troy Wiseman created World Orphans in 1993 with the proceeds from the sale of his world class coin collection (The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection)[4]Troy Wiseman built more than 500 orphanages in more than 40 countriesAfter the events described in Everybody want to save the world[5] Troy Wiseman changes his philosophy of philanthropy to focus on empowering people to help themselves.

Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo

This framework continued through the InvestLinc Group and ultimately to EcoPlanet Bamboo[6] where the focus is on the creation of long term jobs and opportunities which provide families and communities with the security and stability to invest in themselves[7]. Mission[edit] The mission of World Orphans is to equip, inspire, and mobilize the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

References[edit] Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo. LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acclaimed designer, campaigner and environmentalist Dame Vivienne Westwood and Troy Wiseman, CEO of EcoPlanet Bamboo co-host ‘OFFtheGRID’ - a solar powered party in London for crowd-sourcing platform Trillion Fund in partnership with Finding Infinity.

Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo

The inaugural event took place to support the “renewable energy revolution” and to provide a clarion call to the general public and mainstream investors to switch to investments that positively impact the environment. “investment into innovative technology development to meet a new generation of consumer, and the provision of sustainable sources of fibre to an ever increasing global population is taking off.”Tweet this The event was taken off the grid and powered exclusively by solar panels, mounted on and designed with structural bamboo. The ‘OFFtheGRID’ Party is “the result of a combined vision to solve some of the very problems that EcoPlanet Bamboo was created to overcome in a profitable way. Bamboo: Timber for the 21st Century? One FES alum following her dream to make a difference At Yale, we are surrounded by professors and classmates who push and inspire us to be creative about how we overcome challenges in the world.

Bamboo: Timber for the 21st Century?

Over the past few years, Yale and CBEY have focused this creativity towards using the power of business to create a better world. But it isn’t everyday that we hear about recent graduates who have taken this message to heart and put into practice. Recently, I spoke with Camille Rebelo, a 2007 graduate of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana. CHICAGO, Jun. 14 /CSRwire/ - EcoPlanet Bamboo has signed a long-term lease, tripling the size of its Ghana forestry operations to 26,000 acres (10,500 hectares).

EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana

This expanded area will enable the landscape scale restoration of a highly degraded ecosystem in a commercially viable manner. Remnant forest patches and native vegetation are conserved, and a full canopy cover established, securing critical ecosystem functions while also providing sufficient raw fiber to develop an integrated and sustainable bio-based economy. “This expanded area allows EcoPlanet Bamboo to focus on Ghana as the site of our first closed loop, low footprint, bamboo based bio-refinery, while restoring an entire forest ecosystem” says CEO Troy Wiseman. “Once mature the integrated ecosystem will yield more than 700,000 tons of raw fiber a year, sufficient for the production of a tree free, deforestation free pulp, and securing more than 1,500 jobs in an area suffering from extreme rural poverty.”

EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo. Growing demand for wood products has led to deforestation across the world.

Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo

One innovative company is, however, looking to reverse this trend while at the same time turning a profit. The answer? Bamboo. Camille Rebelo, co-founder and managing partner of EcoPlanet Bamboo. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. BBC Radio 4 - Green Gold: The Bamboo Boom. Press Releases - Press Releases - EcoPlanet Bamboo Ghana. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo. By: Troy Wiseman Creating positive social change has been a deep seeded desire from my earliest memories and is part of who I am.

Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo

Although a firm believer in capitalism, it is my heart for people that drives me and has been at the core of my entrepreneurial career since leaving home at 17, with nothing but $300 and a dream. That dream was to build a company where people wanted to work hard, felt they mattered and were encouraged to reach for the stars. I knew undoubtedly that to have the influence needed to make a real difference in the world you have to have money. Three years later, with money saved from working two jobs, and a new credit card with 21% interest, I started my first company. Growing up with not much more than food on the table and a roof over my head I understood first hand what’s like to be treated as though I didn’t matter. What is it? There are millions of people who wake every day thinking that because of their circumstances they have no hope for a better tomorrow. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo. Press Releases -

Agribusinessbrief. The Huffington Post. Blog Of MENA Based International Financial And Life Planner Leo Edwards CII ACISI - LEO EDWARDS CII ACISI International Financial And Life Planner Middle East And North Africa. EcoPlanet Bamboo. In the world of forestry, bamboo doesn’t always get the credit it deserves.

EcoPlanet Bamboo

Dismissed as a weed or marginalized in traditional forest management, bamboo could actually play an important role in forest and landscape restoration. With adequate attention, investment, and the right standards in place, it could become a major renewable and sustainable crop—if we can update our outmoded view of it. Perceptions of a natural resource often shape how it is used. In this case, bamboo’s problem can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The advent of modern agriculture and modern forest management changed the European approach to plant management. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. Commitments from 10 countries announced at the Global Landscapes Forum Lire le communiqué de presse en français ici.

Pressemitteilung lesen Sie hier auf Deutsch. PARIS (December 6, 2015)—African countries launched AFR100 (African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative), a pan-African, country-led effort to restore 100 million hectares (386 thousand square miles) of degraded and deforested landscapes by 2030. The AFR100 target of 100 million hectares has been endorsed by the African Union. So far 10 African countries have agreed to join AFR100 and committed at least 31.7 million hectares of land for forest landscape restoration. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. GERALD TORRES, Board Chair, Jane M.G. Foster Professor, Cornell Law School Currently the president of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), Professor Torres is a leading figure in critical race theory and an expert in agricultural and environmental law. He taught and served as associate dean at The University of Minnesota Law School, as deputy assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S.

Department of Justice and as counsel to then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. Prof. DENIS HAYES, Board Chair Emeritus, President, CEO, The Bullitt Foundation Denis Hayes is president and CEO of Bullitt Foundation, which built the “world’s greenest office building” []. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. US entrepreneur Troy Wiseman tells Alex Blackburne about his mission to make bamboo the natural world’s next disruptive technology – while making money, providing deforestation-free solutions and helping eradicate poverty.

How does a boy from the US deep south end up being a pioneer in the global sustainable forestry industry? Ask Troy Wiseman that question and he sees it as a fairly linear progression. -Advertisement- EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. EcoPlanet Ghana. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. Uniting more than a dozen African governments, 11 technical partners, a range of bilateral and multilateral donors, and over $545 million in private-sector investments in service of restoring 100 million hectares of land by 2030, the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) is conservation finance on a grand scale. Following AFR100’s launch at COP21 this winter, efforts are underway to harness the potential of this cross-sector partnership and translate its diverse funding structure and technical-assistance platform into restoration success on the ground.

Setting a Foundation for Restoration Facing trends of forest loss on the order of millions of hectares each year, topsoil loss threatening agricultural productivity, and accelerating population growth trends, African leaders and their AFR100 partners identified restoration as an opportunity to support aligned environmental and development goals through projects. Financing Restoration on a Continental Scale. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. The first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement.

The passage of the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws soon followed. Twenty years later, Earth Day went global, mobilizing 200 million people in 141 countries and lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement, working with more than 50,000 partners in 196 countries to build environmental democracy.

EcoPlanet Ghana. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. Camille Rebelo talks fast, with an intimidating British accent. The Kenyan-raised daughter of an Indian father and English mother, she's back from Indonesia and on her way to Mozambique when we meet at a coffeehouse near Yale University, where she earned a master's from the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies last year. Rebelo's devotion to tropical forests dates to her gap year after high school, which she spent doing wildlife surveys and sleeping in a hammock in Belize. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Bamboo Fiber. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. Forest Landscape Restoration. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Ghana. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. Planting a Sustainable Future. Deforestation occurs at a heavy pace - billions of trees that can take a hundred years to grow are chopped every year to make products that may only take sixty seconds for a consumer to discard.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Group, the world's largest commercial bamboo plantation company, offers a certified and sustainable fiber alternative to timber harvesting. The world's natural resources represent the building blocks of our planet and form the very foundation that facilitates human life. Since the twentieth century, humanity's rapid consumption of these resources threatens the health of our environment and jeopardizes the needs of future generations. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet.

Troy Wiseman’s heart for people has been a critical factor in his outstanding success as an entrepreneur, businessman, investor and leader. Changing lives in communities devoid of hope has become more than just a passion. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Ghana. Forest Landscape Restoration. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet Bamboo. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. Bamboo Plantations. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet Bamboo. Forest Landscape Restoration. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet Ghana. EcoPlanet Bamboo (Ghana): How Conscious Capitalism Can Transform Communities, Landscapes and Industry (premiered @ Sundance '16) EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo. EcoPlanet Bamboo Investment. Forest Landscape Restoration. Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet.

Bamboo Plantations.