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Eco Outdoor offers best quality integrated landscaping solutions including artificial grass, vertical gardens, composite decking, paving system and more.

Let your grandmother enjoy planting flowers! Get her a vertical garden. No more muddy mess! Get the lush green artificial grass Malaysia. Do you want to give an innovative look to your campervan?

No more muddy mess! Get the lush green artificial grass Malaysia

Get adventurous and get some artificial grass put up on the floor to give the serene green touch to the drab and boring interiors. Permeable paving: preventing floods made easy. Permeable paving is a great solution for areas that are easily flooded and where water run-off needs to be tackled.

Permeable paving: preventing floods made easy

Think of driveways, parking lots or walkways. An excellent drainage system The permeable cells that are used, enable water to flow off quickly in a desired direction. In addition, it is cost efficient as the traditional storm water collection system required by impermeable paved areas is eliminated. The Atlantis Flo-Cell drainage system comes in various sizes. Showcase: Walker & Jansen for Uplands International School Penang. Architectural screens a new upcoming design solution in Malaysia. Dividers, decorative screens or architectural screens.

Architectural screens a new upcoming design solution in Malaysia

It doesn’t matter what you call them but architectural screens have started to become a big trend in Malaysia and they are here to stay. Architectural screens are increasingly featured in garden and urban space designs. Its success is most likely due to the price and look-and-feel of the screens; they are affordable, while looking classy and modern.

Architectural screens: an aesthetic way to create privacy Architectural screens offer safety, privacy and aesthetic appeal. Recycled materials The difference between most screen providers and Eco Outdoor, is that the latter uses recycled materials only. Chris Kooijman, director of Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd: “Architectural screens have definitely become a trend in Malaysia. Contact for the press Anneke van der Voort Decking – Providing beauty as well as strength to your home. Decks are an essential part of any home.

Decking – Providing beauty as well as strength to your home

They have many advantages. Decking not only provides a great rich look to your house but also serves as a great place to spend quality time with family and friends. You can apply decking while building a new home, but it can also be a great way to renew an existing outdoor area. Talking artificial grass: the importance of natural appearance. Artificial grass is an innovative substitute for natural grass one can benefit from on a long term basis.

Talking artificial grass: the importance of natural appearance

Artificial grass companies in Malaysia supply products with a very natural appearance. Artificial grasses of Malaysia are not only beautiful but also more practical when it comes to maintenance and landscaping processes. The people of Malaysia commonly use artificial grass for sport fields, golf courses, residential and business compounds, and for many other applications. The grass also allows lovers to enjoy perfectly maintained grass all year round, regardless of Malaysia's weather conditions. Interview: “Green infrastructure a way to achieve development compliance” We all know that nature reduces stress and improves our health.

Interview: “Green infrastructure a way to achieve development compliance”

However, that’s not the only reason that green roofs will have a great future in Malaysia, says Robert Griffith, consultant Green Infrastructure at Atlantis. “Green roofs can be well used as water management system and they provide insulation from the heat to cool your property. Green roofs also truly beautify a building. Moreover, having a park on top where people can sit and relax during or after work, adds great value to your property.” Only recently green roof developments have been picking up in Malaysia. Are water drainage issues in cities a big driver? “Most major cities that have to cope with heavy rainfall have water pollution problems. Case Study: Eco Outdoor and UDG transform Garden Plaza into a green haven. 6 quality attributes to consider when buying artificial grass. Why the shape of artificial grass matters. When it comes to selecting the right solution for your next landscaping project, it is not just a matter of choosing artificial grass over natural grass.

Why the shape of artificial grass matters

After many years we have seen that the total system quality and type of artificial grass that is selected will significantly impact the long-term end result. That’s why in 2006 we decided to work with the leading Dutch brand Royal Grass, a brand that produces the most innovative and realistic looking artificial turf solutions for landscaping applications. Einwood: the queen of composite wood decking. For over 30 years Einwood has been used in Japan.

Einwood: the queen of composite wood decking

With the softness, warmth and beauty of natural hardwood and the subtle color variations found in real wood, we truly can say that Einwood is the best and only choice for Eco Outdoor when it comes to composite wood decking. “Since the start of Eco Outdoor we have worked with high quality materials”, explains Chris Kooijman, Managing Director of Eco Outdoor. “When I discovered Einwood I knew it would find a place in the Malaysian market.

RAINWATER HARVESTING AND ITS USES. We know that water is the most precious resource on this earth.


Royal Grass extends warranty on UV stability to 9 years. Rainwater harvesting and its uses. We know that water is the most precious resource on this earth.

Rainwater harvesting and its uses

We need it in order to survive, so it is our responsibility to conserve it and use it wisely. This can be done by keeping an eye on the activities that lead to wastage of water. Awareness should be made regarding the collection and storage of water for future use. Reusing water. SIGNIFICANCE OF GREEN ROOFS AND GREEN BUILDINGS. A green roof can also be referred to as eco-roof as it is eco-friendly and beneficial to nature. In many countries and cities governments encourage the concept of installing green roofs. Green roofs provide benefits for wildlife and can even meet specific local biodiversity objectives. The cost of a green roof is slightly higher than more traditional roofing methods. The costs may vary, depending upon the structure and chosen vegetation. The level of maintenance that is required depends on the type of roof that is chosen. Combining 2 types of Royal Grass. Eco Outdoor News Updates. March 1, 2016 February 25, 2016 January 27, 2016 December 17, 2015 October 21, 2015 October 6, 2015.

5 reasons to choose artificial grass over natural grass. Benefits of installing artificial grass. Conservation of water resources by rainwater harvesting system. Nature has given to humans and it’s the duty of every human being to use the gift of nature efficiently. You should make use of each and every resource efficiently, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits derived from it. Harvesting rainwater is an effective way to solve the problem of over use of water resources.

It is widely used in homes, farms, public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and hotels and many other facilities. With the development of urbanization, need for water has increased to a large extent and with this the cost is also increasing. BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS OF VERTICAL GARDEN. There are many types of gardening trends being used throughout the world.

Benefits of installing artificial grass. Vertical garden utilizes the space in a best way. Everybody wish to have lovely flowers and plants in their house. But when the space is less they drop the idea of making a garden. Ecooutdoorasia. Eco Outdoor Asia. Permeable Paving System. Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd. Eco Outdoor Asia.