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Best Online Backup Services. MozyHome Review. 1.

MozyHome Review In this article from, Christopher Brennan calls the MozyHome software "undeniably good. " He praises its simple-to-use installation and file restoration, as well as the easily managed settings. CrashPlan+ Review. 1.

CrashPlan+ Review Britain's picks Crashplan+ as the best choice among six online backup services tested, though the edge it holds is small. Still, Christopher Brennan calls Crashplan+ "solid, easy to use and reliable. " Review: 6 of the Best Online Backup Services for Mac , Christopher Brennan, Feb. 18, 2011. I-4u. CloudDav: WebDav over any Cloud.

WebDAV is a protocol that allows for the convenient mounting of a remote server for easy file access.

CloudDav: WebDav over any Cloud

Once setup, using it is as simple as working with a file system. Storage Made Easy has WebDav enabled its API to enable you to use WebDav for accessing files from multiple clouds in one WebDav view. Even better than this, we WebDav enable all the storage clouds we support through our service even if the cloud storage provider does not support WebDav for its Cloud implementation. Example of this are Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and even FTP Servers!

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MacUpdate Promo - Diagrammix for $12.71 - 15% off

If you are office worker, developer, manager, supervisor, student or home user you can draw just about anything in an easy and intuitive way. You'll be able to focus on what really matters. Diagrammix automatically connects elements, autosizes elements when entering text, and aligns elements and connectors.