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Concept - Serre Prix. Dimensions et prix des serres modulaires.

Concept - Serre Prix

Jardin Nature - Sels de déneigement: Les arbres, la neige et les sels de déneigement.

Légumes racines

Conseil québécois de l'horticulture. PFI. Burpee Home Gardens. Guide to planting by the moon - The Gardeners Calendar. Moon planting calendar for fruit, vegetables and flowers In ancient times when man had not quite got round to inventing the wristwatch, the most reliable source of telling the time was the sun, moon, and stars.

Guide to planting by the moon - The Gardeners Calendar

There seems to be several opinions of who came up with the moon planting calendar first. Was it the Egyptians or the Babylonians? It is more than likely that each and every farmer had a planting calendar based on the moon phases, and there would be different variations depending on the geographical location. As their calendars where passed on through the generations they evolved to cover the different crops they tried to grow, and the more productive farming techniques used. It was noticed that different plants grow better when they are planted during different phases of the moon. To provide more accurate records it was noted that certain crops faired better when planted whilst the moon was in a specific constellation. Pépinière ancestrale - Notre pépinière. ForumPhyto. Portail:Vivre ensemble.

Portail:Cultiver. Un article de Ékopédia, l'encyclopédie pratique.


Bienvenue sur le portail Cultiver Lumière sur... L'époque des vendanges varie selon les régions. Elle se situe entre juillet et octobre dans l'hémisphère nord. Elle dépend de nombreux facteurs et correspond en général avec la période à laquelle le raisin a atteint le degré de maturité désiré, lorsque dans la baie de raisin le rapport entre sucre et acidité s'est stabilisé à un certain niveau. Sélection d'articles Projet:Cultiver Image du mois Saviez vous que... La distillation est un procédé de séparation de deux substances miscibles qui se trouvent sous forme liquide. Les catégories.


Terminology. Mauvaises herbes. Renouée japonaise. Herbicide. Couvre sols. Légumes. Champignons. Plantes comestibles et utiles du Québec: Castanea dentata / Châtaignier d'amérique. Arbres. Board: Compost Tea. For Northern Gardeners, Landscapers And Homeowners. Organic Consumers Association. Pelouse. Compost tea. Sol. Insectes ravageurs. Petits fruits. Urban agriculture.

Sol. Microorganismes. Engrais-amend-compost. Cultivation indoors and outdoors using hydroponics and organics. Green spirituality. Phenology. Ravageurs solutions. Diseases of Annuals and Perennials. Videos. Worm Composting System, Red Worms Composting, Worm Composting Bins. A worm composting system harnesses red compost worms, Eisinea foetida, and a contained forest floor ecosystem to convert kitchen scraps and shredded paper into worm castings, one of the best organic fertilizers you can get.

Worm Composting System, Red Worms Composting, Worm Composting Bins

Worm castings are a top-notch organic fertilizer for growing vegetables in containers. They have both fast- and- slow-releasing nutrients, but their main benefit is biological. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are concentrated in the last chamber of the worm gut, and inoculate the worm castings as they pass through. Organic soil amendments and potting mixes need the soil food web to break organic materials in the mix down into plant-usable nutrients.

Fresh worm castings—complete with worms and worm cocoons—are the best way to introduce this forest floor ecosystem to container gardens. All of my houseplants, potted vegetables and salad table trays use red worms composting to cycle nutrients. Drivable Grass Concrete Paving System. We are fans of permeable concrete and green driveway solutions so when we saw the Drivable Grass from Soil Retention at the Builders’ Show we had to check it out.

Drivable Grass Concrete Paving System

Drivable Grass is a paving product that is designed to be used in place of concrete or asphalt driveways, patios, and parking areas for cars, RVs and boats. The concrete paving mat is designed to flex and conform to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves without falling apart. Pre-manufactured holes and cracks allow for root penetration through the mat into subgrade soil, anchoring it firmly into place. The mat’s pervious nature enables moisture to filter into the underlying soil, increasing on-site storm water storage and minimizing off-site water flow. It can be a DIY install or done by a professional.

Composting Blog » Blog Archive » Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening. A Rosetta Stone of "Self-watering" These are planters made from 1, 2 and 3-liter pop bottles.

A Rosetta Stone of "Self-watering"

Use them and you will be reading a Rosetta stone of sub-irrigation (known incorrectly as "self-watering" in the consumer market). Use them and you will soon be growing superior plants while learning more about capillary action and how plants function. Use them to teach your children too. What they will learn is about science, not just gardening.

Capillary action is the basic function behind all so called "self-watering" planters whether they be for decorative house plants or vegetable growing. Think I'm over dramatizing? I have been studying sub-irrigation watering methods for more than 30 years. I have tested most of the commercial products on the market and have made many homemade versions over the years. Drench and drain (top watering) may seem intuitive and the natural thing to do but it isn't. Use these planters and you will prove it to yourself. For more information about pop bottle planters click here.

Jardinage -serres

Zen. Vegetable Grow Bags. SNHF - Soci?t? Nationale d'Horticulture de France. New Page 1. By Dr.

New Page 1

Alex Shigo WARNING! Learning about lichens can become addictive! Customers often ask about things on and near their trees. If you know, fine, tell them. The Overstory 96 - Sheet Mulching.