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Crown Weather Service. Make this page your one-stop source for tropical storm and hurricane information for the Atlantic Basin.

Crown Weather Service

Look below for a wealth of tropical weather information for the Atlantic and Caribbean. All images, forecasts, and documents are courtesy of their respective publishers. Our Most Recent Tropical Weather Updates: Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook: Latest Tropical Weather Outlook: Graphical Tropical Weather Discussion: Latest Tropical Weather Discussion: Western Atlantic Infrared Satellite Image: Tropical Atlantic Wide Infrared Satellite Image: Other Infrared Satellite Images: Tropical Atlantic Wide Visible Satellite Image: Other Visible Satellite Images: CMISS. Emergency and Disaster Information Service. GDACS. Space Science Engineering Center-UW. NOAA-Germantown-Forecast. Humidity35%Wind SpeedSW 6 mphBarometer30.29 inDewpoint41°F (5°C)Visibility10.00 mi Last Update on 12 Apr 11:45 am EDT Current conditions at Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK) Lat: 39.42°N Lon: 77.37°W Elev: 308ft.


ThisAfternoon MostlySunny High: 74 °F Tonight MostlyCloudy Low: 50 °F Sunday High: 80 °F SundayNight PartlyCloudy Low: 59 °F Monday PartlySunny High: 76 °F MondayNight ShowersLikely Tuesday Rain High: 63 °F TuesdayNight ChanceRain. Hourly United States Weather Statistics. Cloud Cover Mean: 36.7 % % Land Clear: 48.3 % % Land Cloudy: 20.9 % Temperature Mean: 54.9 F Highest U.S.

Hourly United States Weather Statistics

Mean Temp 07/16/2006-21Z 93.3 F 07/16/2006-22Z 93.1 F 07/16/2006-20Z 92.8 F 07/16/2006-23Z 92.4 F 07/15/2006-21Z 92.4 F 07/15/2006-22Z 92.1 F 07/15/2006-20Z 92.1 F 06/28/2012-21Z 92.1 F 06/28/2012-22Z 92.0 F 07/17/2006-21Z 91.9 F Lowest U.S. National Hurricane Center-Main.


NWS. Pacific Disaster Center. Stormpulse / Hurricanes, severe weather, tracking, mapping. Tropical Weather. The Tropical Meteorology Project: [FORECASTS] The Weather Research&Forecasting Model Website. USGS.