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The Electric Educator. List of Free Courses. About - Quipper. 4 Ways Flipping Forces Fundamental Change - Getting Smart by Susan Lucille Davis - edchat, edreform, flipped classroom. Email Share June 14, 2012 - by Susan Lucille Davis 0 Email Share Photo Courtesy of Flickr: kkimpel I generally like the idea of turning things upside-down if only to see what happens as a result. I suppose I learned the merits of flipping first-hand, having once taken the wacky (and effective) advice to stand on my head to overcome insomnia– yes, by a yoga teacher, and yes, it worked. Flip #1: When and where should learning happen? At its core, flipping the classroom forces us to question the who-what-where-when-and-why of what we do. Flip #2: Why are we lecturing anyway? Too many teachers have confessed to me that they lecture because that’s what they think teaching is, or they lecture because the students won’t read assigned textbook selections and they have to deliver the content somehow (ironically, transferring one boring method of delivery into another).

So, why do we feel compelled to do something that we know we do – let’s admit it – rather badly? Let’s face it. Welcome to the K-12 Lab wiki! Design thinking is a methodology for creative problem solving.

Welcome to the K-12 Lab wiki!

You can use it to inform your own teaching practice, or you can teach it to your students as a framework for real-world projects. We believe that creative confidence comes from repeated practice using a human-centered creative process to solve problem scenarios called design challenges. After using the process on these challenges, people will have another tool, the design thinking process, to apply towards solving real life problems.

Check out these tour modules we facilitate for students at the How to bring design thinking into your school. The Patterson Foundation. Reinventing School. The Kit March 26th, 2011 | Brendan | | --> What on earth is Design Thinking? Why Design Thinking? Design thinking is a methodology for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved future result. As a style of thinking, it is the ability to combine for the context of a problem, in the generation of insights and solutions, and to analyze and fit solutions to the context. . Read all about how the Design Thinking process drives the challenge here.

This is a collection of curriculum created by the K-12 Lab at the Stanford design school and teachers who are using design thinking in their schools. The kit is split into sections for easy download. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License . Key documents Design Thinking for Educators toolkit (PDF 20.4 MB) An Educator’s Guide to Design Thinking (PDF 4.8 MB) Bootcamp bootleg (PDF 3.6MB) mindsets (PDF 223 KB Supporting resources and tools.

Reinventing School. You co-design it, We make it possible - Re-imagine, Reinvent, Rethink, Empathy, Education 3.0, Transform, Revolution, Collaboration, Design Thinking Challenge, 21st Century Skills, Project. College Completion Agenda - Roadmap for Policymakers and Educators. Classroom Salon. Classroom Salon is a new kind of a learning management system.

Classroom Salon

It is developed by two professors from Carnegie Mellon University, Ananda Gunawardena a Computer Scientist, and David Kaufer, an English Professor. Today it has become a comprehensive platform to "flip learning on its head". Today, Salon is used by over tens of thousands of invitation only teachers and students all over the world. Salon is an innovative, smart, social and data driven learning platform. It is like facebook, twitter, blackboard all combined elegantly into create a new kind of a learning system. Classroom Salon is an analytics driven social learning platform. Integrating Salon to your course takes only a few minutes. Salon provides an engaging, interactive and data driven platform. Signing Up If you are an instructor click here to create an account. OpenStudy.

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