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A Shamanic Path for Men-Who-Love-Men. Spirit-Work & Devotional Polytheism. A blog of Traditional Witchcraft. This year, the Feast of Hecate, which we’ve adopted into our own craft, falls on the Dark Moon and the peak of the Perseid meteor shower.

A blog of Traditional Witchcraft

Several years ago, we published an article on Hecate and the origin of her festival on August 13. In the early 2000’s this festival was commonly ascribed to an aspect of Hecate known as the Lady of Storms with some notion that part of the reason for the festival was to propitiate Her to protect the harvest. Our work and experiences with Our Lady of Night have changed and evolved since that time, and as the feast date continues to grow in popularity, we thought we’d revisit the article.

Back in 2007 we wrote: There’s not much in the classical literature about [Hecate] being associated with storms, beyond that Zeus ‘gave’ her power over all realms. Walking the Twisting Path. Walking the Hedge. Walking the Hedge is the heart-child of Juniper and Dizzy Witch.

Walking the Hedge

It began sometime in 2005 and back then it was hand coded, purple and featured spinning graphics. Since then it has grown and matured … a little. Walking the Hedge is meant to be a resource for Witches, spirit workers and such, with articles, links, images, sound files and so forth. While Walking the Hedge is aimed primarily at Witches, Heathens and Pagans who walk such Paths as Hedgewitchery, Green and Nature Witchcraft, Hearthcraft, Cottage ad Kitchen Witchcraft, the Cunning Arts, Wise Wo/men, Rootworkers, Herb Wives and other related Paths and practices, it is open to all people of any Path. We welcome people to write articles and essays, share rituals and spells etc. You can contribute by writing to Juniper at or by clicking on the “Contribute” link on the top of the main page, registering and using the Dashboard. The Sleeping Giant. The Demoniacal. Rue and Hyssop. Grimr. Muninn's Laughter. Tomes of Lore, Grimoires of Wisdom: Book Review - Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition...

Across the Abyss. Myths from the Spider's Web - Grimr. There are three books from Grimr currently in the works.

Myths from the Spider's Web - Grimr

The purpose of these books is to teach the fundamentals of Grimr and our practice in a way that can be applied outside the Grimr context and lead people to a more independent, dynamic, and powerful esoteric practice. They will include myths, lore, poetry, experience, theory, and praxis in a consistent format that people with different backgrounds and learning styles can connect with. We will attempt to do in writing what is fundamentally accomplished through oral teaching. Not all readers will connect with the material, because it is essentially esoteric mystery. Our hope is that enough will to make the writing and publishing of the books a worth while venture. The first, the White Book, will be called Grimr's Grimoire: a Book of Myths from the Spider's Web. At the moment, we intend for all three books to have the same basic structure to each chapter. After the opening poem, there will be a major myth.

The White Book: 1. 2. 3. 4. The Blyssful Witch - Spirituality and Witchcraft from a Theistic Luciferian Perspective – Proponent of the Adversarial Current and Left-Hand Path. A Sanctuary of English Witchcraft. The Cauldron_downloads. Cultus Sabbati: Provenance, Dream, and Magistry. The Sabbatic Craft is a name for a Nameless Faith.

Cultus Sabbati: Provenance, Dream, and Magistry

It is a term used to describe an ongoing tradition of sorcerous wisdom, an initiatory path proceeding from both immediate vision and historical succession. Animism, Folk Magic, and Spirit Work in the Pacific Northwest. Canny Crafting. Traditional Witchcraft. - Canny Crafting. Traditional Witchcraft is a Land and Ancestral based faith.

Canny Crafting. Traditional Witchcraft. - Canny Crafting

By tapping into the energies of the land we can gain knowledge and wisdom and utilise this in our workings We can also gain these values by acknowledging and honoring the Ancestors of these lands. Traditional craft is related to shamanistic workings - as we use trance state techniques to gain access to the underworld. Crooked Path Pagan Podcast. Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent. “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow” Psalm 51:7 Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a fairly new addition to my magical repertoire having only recently been studying and experimenting with Hyssop’s powers.

Old Time Witchcraft in the Heart of Modern Kent

I have grown Hyssop in my garden since we moved in nearly 4 years ago, It was in fact one of the first plants I brought in, the same plant now being older and woody still yields a wonderful show of both pink and white flower heads. It was only when I ‘stumbled upon’ Psalm 51 (as one does!) That I began to explore Hyssop’s properties and powers. Growth and Cultivation Hyssop is an evergreen shrub which I think grows a little like members of the Thyme family; it looks very similar growing fairly prostrate with the flowering shoots reaching less than a foot in height. Traditional Witchcraft. Traditional Witchcraft : Sarah Anne Lawless. Posted by Sarah on Friday, September 11, 2009 I’ve heard many people trying to say what Traditional Witchcraft is and isn’t in the past few years.

Traditional Witchcraft : Sarah Anne Lawless

Most people think it’s a tradition like Wicca, but it is really an umbrella under which many witchcraft traditions flourish. Traditional Witchcraft has attracted many newcomers in the past five years as it is currently the “in thing” to rebel against Wicca and seek something that isn’t “fake”.

Robin Artisson

Treading the crooked path. Articles and Books about Traditional Witchcraft and the Occult. The cunning man. My Craft and Sullen Art. It seems like I'm on a bit of a roll with tackling thorny issues in the Craft after having just done 'secrecy' only two blog posts ago.

My Craft and Sullen Art

But this one is an issue that has been really in my face of late, for numerous reasons. Some of those reasons are reminders of shitty things I've seen happen due to hierarchy, others are reminders of problems encountered without the accountability of leadership, the fact that I've started training in another tradition besides my own (Wildwood) which is egalitarian in nature, and most immediately when it was stated to me on a Facebook group that: 'if it has a hierarchy then it's not witchcraft.' Rather than reply immediately to this statement I went away and thought about it, as the issue was already one at the forefront of my mind I decided to explore the question in more depth here.

For a liberal progressive like myself these are hard-hitting questions, so please bear with me while I try to answer them as best I can. But this is not the only point here. The Country Witch's Cottage. New World Witchery - the Search for American Traditional Witchcraft. Traditional Witch Home. American Folkloric Witchcraft.