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Rags and Bones. Spirits of the Arcane. Ophidiansabbat: Iron Nail CrossCross of SamaelOak NowlMetalwork, sculpture, and carving attributed to Daniel Schulke “The Thorn is both punitive & binding, the Holy Nail of the Greenwood executing the grim sentence of Crucifixion at once harnessing the forces of binding & torment.”— Daniel Schulke, Viridarium Umbris : The Pleasure Garden of Shadow The cross has been defined by Schulke as “the supreme magical formula of incarnation-sacrifice-apotheosis arising from the fixation of spirit into the four ways of matter.”

Spirits of the Arcane

(via the-dark-arts-and-crafts) Prepping some aphrodisiacs to be transformed into a delicious love cordial. Creating a few herbal mixes today for use as ritual smokes. I quit smoking cigarettes years ago because I grew tired of being reliant upon a substance (tobacco) which is sacred at its heart. The Luciferian Apotheca - Your Satanic, Left Hand Path & Occult Shop. A lesson in Diabolism and the Dream By Michael W.

The Luciferian Apotheca - Your Satanic, Left Hand Path & Occult Shop

Ford In many of my most public of books, articles and dissertations I am very clear to dictate that the aspiring initiate applies reason and centers the self in all initial workings; that purpose is defined with consistent records. The Cranky Warlock. So, in my art history class today, my professor was talking about something that is so fuckin awesome.

The Cranky Warlock

These are warrior shields from the Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea. The warriors paint them with imagery meant to symbolize animals who have traits they wish to embody in battle. These depictions are intended to give the person using it the powers of what they’re depicting.Now. Look at this Wahgi shield:Hmm. Spells and Magic for the Sorcerer - Love Spells, Black Magic, White Magic Spells. Chaos Magic. Artiklar och krönikor - Tunrida Craft & Design. As faithful readers of this blog might have guessed, I and my family have moved.

Artiklar och krönikor - Tunrida Craft & Design

From a ginger-bread house-like logcabin in the evegreen forest close to the river, to a 1800:th century farmhouse in a lush old garden on the top of a hill in the midst of a landscape of meadows and fields, with the brink of the forest a bit further away. Most surely get to know thier new surroundings when they’ve moved, I do as well, but perhaps with different focus. The exploration never ends, there are of course new things to find no matter how long you live somewhere, if you only know how to look. My time is limited, as usual, but for a change I thought I’d try to write shorter entries more frequently. Right now I’m looking around in the garden to see what grows there. Art of the Devil. Infernal Dialogues. Artes Magicae: The True Human Soul Complex or the Anthropology of Mankind. The following is the second chapter from a book that I am writing.

Artes Magicae: The True Human Soul Complex or the Anthropology of Mankind

This is to give the student a basic idea of how the human soul complex works. The samples from cultures outside of traditional Germanic culture are given as approximations only, to give a basic point of reference to those readers who may have experience with these. Downstrodden. I want to tell you a story, it’s not a fairy tale or even fantastical in anyway, there are no mystical creatures or ancient artefacts involved, no revelations from heaven, no family secrets and definitely no grannies or long lost aunts.


In fact this is a very ordinary tale about a very ordinary boy living a very ordinary life. As a young lad I used to play in the street collecting snails and eating dirt, I spent my summers in the country with family baking, gardening, riding horses through the woods. As I grew up and became a teenager I became more interested in friends, alcohol and cigarettes, such is life. Yet I was always fascinated by the supernatural and what I guess we call ‘the occult’. I had been watching horror films for most of my life and loved ghost stories, ouija boards, haunted houses and so on and no matter how adolescence changed me, my interest in the ‘other’ was pretty constant.

Bioregional Animism. Spirit-Work & Devotional Polytheism. Pagan Arts and Crafts. English folklore and grim witchcraft with a distinctly lovecraftian flavour. Oh and its a bit fruity too. The Dreaming Wood. Reddening the Bones… The first time I came across the term ‘Reddening the Bones’ was back when I was occasionally practicing with a group of Witches back in the UK, quite a few years ago now.

Reddening the Bones…

We were never a ‘formal’ group, as we all preferred to do our own thing. We are all very solitary in nature. We found a common link between us, even though we were of all ages, backgrounds and experience, we learned from and encouraged each other to take our own personal craft further. American witchcraft. In general, the techniques described here are from Traditional Witchcraft practices.

american witchcraft

These are generally taught and learned through direct instruction, rather than textually. We maintain uniform praxes because we want everyone to be on the same page when working together. Rather than having long invocations to memorize, we find that knowing a few simple physical motions (and perhaps an occasional spoken charm or two) allows us to sync our work together, and that when words are needed, they come from the heart and do so much more readily after doing these exercises. We may not always use every one of the following techniques, but a general ritual would include at least some of them in more or less this sequence: 1.

Other techniques may be taught or used during particular rituals, including, but not limited to: Storytelling We treat fairy tales and folklore like mines of rich magical lore. Otherworld Journeying Folk Magic Divination Sigils. The Starry Cave.