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eCommerce Awards 2019 Finalists. It’s that time of year again – time for the eCommerce Awards 2019!

eCommerce Awards 2019 Finalists

Wow – doesn’t a year go past quickly? It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be a year since we celebrated making finalist at the eCommerce Awards 2018, but here we are! It’s been a busy year hard at work supporting our clients and making moves to make eCommerce easier. We’ve been shortlisted at other industry awards, but as our first, the eCommerce Awards will always be special to us! The first one always is, isn’t it? Getting Started in eCommerce. Getting into eCommerce selling can be incredibly rewarding.

Getting Started in eCommerce

Statista reported that global spending online has reached around $2.8 trillion this year. Linnworks Price Structure Changes - May 2019. Linnworks price structure changes significantly from today.

Linnworks Price Structure Changes - May 2019

If you’re one of the sellers using Linnworks and reading this, you’re bound to be thinking about how this will affect you. The change comes as they move away from the user-based model at £150 + VAT per month. What you need to know: Linnworks have posted about these changes on their website, but here’s a quick overview: The new plan is based on the number of orders processed per monthThere’s a cap on the number of SKUs in the Standard and Advanced tiersThere’s a fair usage policy – so there might be specific pricing changes on a case by case model for users with lots of complex information stored per SKUThe full pricing plan is here – go check it out.

Winning eCommerce Website Strategies. Your website is likely to be the first place your customers encounter your business.

Winning eCommerce Website Strategies

It’s your shop front, your business card, the public face of your business, and more. A great website is critical to your business – it shows customers why they should engage with you. Beautiful, modern design, great content and a seamless customer journey will encourage browsing and purchases. Choosing the right solution for your eCommerce website can be tricky, especially if (like many sellers) you’re not a developer. As always, do your research and find a partner/developer who understands the challenges of eCommerce before you make your decisions. The Numbers Game - Payments, Accounting & Reporting. Payments, accounting & reporting.

The Numbers Game - Payments, Accounting & Reporting

All essential to any great business – without secure payment solutions and accurate accounts, your eCommerce business can’t exist, or thrive. So it’s important to make sure your setup reflects your ambition for the company, not just current needs. With the move by HMRC to make tax digital, you might be relying on spreadsheets as a stopgap (or otherwise!). With so many solutions providing automation (and security from last minute panic!) EBG Celebrates: Retail Systems Awards 2019 Shortlist. EBG Celebrates – The Retail Systems Awards You might think all we’re talking about on the blog lately is industry awards – being shortlisted, attending events and winning.

EBG Celebrates: Retail Systems Awards 2019 Shortlist

And you’d be right – we’ve been shouting about our success quite a lot. But as you can imagine, we’re proud of what we’re doing at the moment! Next up for us to enter in 2019 was the Retail Systems Awards. Recognising technology excellence and innovation within the retail sector for 14 years, the competition is full of household names. We were delighted yesterday when the Retail Systems Awards shortlist was released. Our competitors this year include Bleep UK, OrderWise, HubBox and Parcelly, and we wish all competitors the very best of luck. The judging panel is made up of recognised industry experts that we know will be fair in their task. The awards ceremony and gala dinner this year are being held at the Waldorf Hilton in London on 27th June. EBG Events: The Asian Business Awards 2019. We announced our delight at Tejas being shortlisted for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Business Awards around a month ago.

EBG Events: The Asian Business Awards 2019

This was an exciting development for eBusiness Guru, and Tejas himself. As many of you are aware, Tejas came to the UK from India years ago, establishing eBusiness Guru in 2011. Today, our team in India are critical to our success – we couldn’t support so many clients worldwide without them. While this is just one tiny link between our two great nations, it all contributes to successful trade and prosperity. We’d never entered the Asian Business Awards before, and these awards really are something special. Held this year at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, the evening began with a drinks reception. With a fantastic dinner, attentive staff and convenient location, we highly recommend the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. Taking Your Magento Website to the Next Level.

Has your Magento website successfully been bringing you customers and making sales for a while?

Taking Your Magento Website to the Next Level

If so, you might be feeling confident and comfortable, with no reason to believe that it won’t continue to. However, if your Magento website was built using Magento 1, then there are upcoming changes you need to be aware of. Magento officially announced the end of life date for Magento 1 websites back in September. We didn’t talk about it on the blog then as there was a lot of other events happening, and it felt like there was plenty of time. Long story short, all versions of Magento websites, from 1.9 to 1.14 will be supported until June 2020. So, with time marching on, what do you need to do? If you’re not sure of the version of Magento your website is built on, start there. EBG Celebrates: UK eCommerce Awards 2019 Winners! The inaugural UK eCommerce Awards 2019 took place last night at the Montcalm Marble Arch in London.

EBG Celebrates: UK eCommerce Awards 2019 Winners!

In case you missed it, we were shortlisted as finalists in four categories: UK eCommerce Innovation Award (for avasam) Tejas Dave: Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. Tejas Dave: Shortlisted as finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2019!

Tejas Dave: Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Those of you who know Tejas will know just how popular he is within the eCommerce community. EBG Celebrates: National Technology Awards 2019 Shortlist. EBG Events: West London Business Awards. What is DropShipping? The DropShipping revolution continues to gain pace – if you’ve not heard about it, or jumped in, where have you been? Here’s a quick recap of the basics for the beginners: DropShipping is a retail fulfilment method where a retailer/seller, whether online, offline or both, ideally does not hold stock. When a customer buys a product, the seller immediately buys it from a supplier, who dispatches directly to the customer. The seller never sees or handles the product. Sellers typically use the DropShipping model for four reasons: Their business is 100% DropShipping, and they don’t hold inventory at allThey want to expand the number of products in their existing inventoryThey want to test the market for new products before investing, or without needing to invest in stockThey want to make better use of a portion of their capital by keeping it liquid, rather than tying it up in stock.

Suppliers tend to use the DropShipping model: Feel the Love! Thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. On a personal level, it’s a bit like Marmite, isn’t it? Are you on the side of the lovey-dovey crowd, and adore all the red and pink? Looking at Linnworks. Linnworks is a popular cloud-based Business Automation system that enables multichannel retail businesses to streamline online and offline selling processes.

These processes include stock control, ordering and processing, creating listings, shipping labels, purchase orders and buying and reporting. Linnworks allows businesses to manage retail processes from their own websites, online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, and in-store purchases all in one place. EBG Celebrates: UK eCommerce Awards 2019 Finalists. We’re excited to have received the news this morning that eBusiness Guru has made another industry award shortlist! We entered four categories, with each of our entries making the shortlist at the inaugural UK eCommerce Awards. UK eCommerce Innovation Award (for Avasam) UK eCommerce Software or Extension of the Year (for Avasam) UK eCommerce Software or Extension of the Year (for our Groupon seller app) UK eCommerce Agency of the Year (eBusiness Guru)

Season’s Greetings from eBusiness Guru! Season’s Greetings, one and all! You’ve made it! It’s the last Friday before the big day. While there’s those panicked, last-minute orders, the end is in sight. There might not be a break in the orders being placed, and January is always busy, but we’re almost there. Control Your Business Anywhere with Linnworks on Your Mobile. Your Sales Reports – The Easy Way. Growing Globally – Expand Your Brand Worldwide. Social Media Content: Planning Ahead. Although you’re likely to be in the thick of getting those Christmas orders out the door as we publish this blog post, you might already be thinking about making the most of Q1, or how you can increase the profile of your brand, and engage with your customers via social media this year.

Four Features of Our Groupon Software Sellers Love. Website Design Company UK. eBG Celebrates: West London Business Awards Finalists! 5 Tips to Help Deal with Negative Reviews. The Unboxing Experience: Does It Matter? If your business is focused on purely online sales, then the extent of your contact with the customer outside of advertisements and possibly social media will be when they place their order, and when they receive their package from you. With this in mind, for them to become a loyal customer, they need to have had a positive experience with you each step of the way. Increasing Website Sales Using Consumer Psychology.