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Eastern Software Systems (ESS) is the leading provider of Enterprise Automation & ERP Software Solutions in India, Africa, and the Middle East. ESS has more than 1100+ customers across 25+ countries in 20+ verticals.

BEST SOFTWARE FOR ERP CONSTRUCTION. ERP For Manufacturing company Why Manufacturing company need ERP Software Not Only Manufacturing companies need ERP Software every industry in marking need of ERP Software.


Because of ERP Software Manage the whole process of your manufacturing company. Like Finance, Help to make a smart decision that grows your business, Handle production activity, Reduce all wastage, Maintain everything These all activities become Easy, With ERP For a Manufacturing Company. The Manufacturing company always has to run with the Trend.

What the customer wants what comes in Trend now, According To The Trend They plan their whole Manufacturing. GDPR Audit Assessment. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - May 2018.

GDPR Audit Assessment

James William. ERP Development ERP Company is a main Enterprise Automation Solution across Africa, Middle East, and India.

James William

It has empowered numerous enterprises across assorted industry verticals to change themselves from working in non-incorporated conditions with dissipated islands of single, into coordinated, nimble, and solid worldwide organizations wherein the whole tasks are overseen from a solitary area. ERP development shares a typical interaction and information model, covering expansive and profound operational start to finish measures, like those found in money, HR, dispersion, assembling, administration, and the inventory network. James William. Supermarket ERP software is a software that is very important in the company, can manage your inventory to keep a check on the inventory level of something so that you never run out of stock, all of a sudden it will set you a warning level.

James William

Allows and alerts you when the minimum level is reached so that you can restore your warehouse. By which we come to know this, there is a minimum scarcity of these goods in our warehouse, we get to know the information of which we complete our goods and this information is available to us through ERP software. Oil & Gas. Lubricants & Additive Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) The automotive industry has been growing exponentially.

Oil & Gas

Emerging economies are the biggest market today with latent demand morphing into high sales of vehicles in nearly all segments. The Technology for vehicles is also changing rapidly. Due to increasing sophistication of engineering, many new industry verticals within this industry have spawned. Retail. Engage and Give Customers The Ultimate Retail Experience Customers who come shopping to your retail outlets are looking for a personalised experience in all channels from your brick-and-mortar retail stores in a geographic location to their smartphones.


In the modern era of a consuming society the Retail Sector has to lay a red carpet to attract customers.


Construction. Discrete Manufacturing. While selecting an ERP System for discrete manufacturing operations you have to make sure that the ERP System works with your processes. ebizframe erp Discrete manufacturing industry is essentially concerned with the assembly of products in a continuous process by unification of components manufactured at several units or a single unit.

Discrete Manufacturing

The flexible nature of the process puts high importance on inventory controls, so one has to keep an eye on timely supplies and the cost of inventory transportation. By providing an integrated view ebizframe ERP Manufacturing helps you see the bigger picture. ERP for Distillery Industry. ERP for Distillery Industry ebizframe ERP for Distillery Industry The global craft spirits market is segmented by type (Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, Rum, and Others), distribution channel (On-Trade Channel, and Off-Trade Channel), and, by geography.

ERP for Distillery Industry

While the distilling industry is largely tradition-bound, it does not suggest that there is no space for innovation. With an increase in the number of consumers that are looking for varied offerings compared to their usual spirit options is one of the major causes of pushing the revenue generation in distilling industry apart from the social acceptability of these drinks. In the past 2 decades the distilling industry has seen a boom in production and more and more craft distillers are showing up across the globe. Fisheries. Do you know that Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 35 percent of fish and seafood are wasted along the whole value chain i.e. in fishing, post-catch, processing, distribution and consumption?


Out of which more than 60% is wasted during processing and Distribution only. Hence every process in the chain demands utmost care and planning. Some of the typical challenges faced by the Fisheries are : End to end Traceability from catch to delivery of goods to customerCatch Management and Vessel TrackingWeight management species and sizesProduct costingEnsuring correct recipesShelf life and Expiry management ebizframe ERP comes with advanced quality control check which helps in assuring fish quality in every stage, ensuring no compromise is being made on the product side. EPC. The EPC industry is a capital-intensive industry and it faces many challenges in different areas right from Project Planning to Execution with aim of completing the Projects in time with no cost and time overruns.


Project costing, working together with large number of suppliers/contractors calls for a very high degree of visibility on Project status and cash flows alongwith ensuring the regulatory compliances. Site Management requires stringent management of costs per project, keeping optimum labour, hiring and usage of machinery and keeping within the budget is the key to success in the ERP software for EPC or construction Industry. Typical challenges faced by the EPC or Construction industry are : ebizframe ERP for EPC or Construction companies brings the following functionality to you: • Manage multiple nature of projects like Construction, HVAC, Engineering etc. • WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) to manage Projects with Multilevel activity.