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Shane Barrett, a travelogue writer who loves to explore those inimitable and unmapped local destinations. The passionate traveler has traveled across the globe and provided interesting trivia and tidbits of his experiences while exploring some interesting and uncharted locations.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown (2020 Update) - Really Good eBikes. Introduction to the Ultimate Fat Tire eBike Showdown Fat tire electric bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after styles of electric bike for both ebike veterans and beginners alike.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown (2020 Update) - Really Good eBikes

That's because they enable riders to go anywhere with ease - from downtown streets to sandy beaches, and from gravelly paths to snowy trails. What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike? Buying Your Next Ebike? Look Up This Guide Before You Decide. Ebike Buyer’s Guide For Reliable and Updated Information About Ebikes:

Introduction We prepared this Ebike Buyer’s Guide for customers of Really Good eBikes, and anyone else interested in learning about electric bicycles (aka ebikes).

Ebike Buyer’s Guide For Reliable and Updated Information About Ebikes:

It includes all the basics you’ll need to become an informed ebike shopper and a competent ebike owner. ReallyGood eBikes is an online store for electric bikes, conventional bikes, electric scooters, kickbikes, and other modern forms of personal transportation. We do not carry any gas-powered vehicles. We are based in Buffalo, Wyoming, with suppliers nationwide. If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please click the Chat Icon in the lower right corner of the website, and we will personally do our best to help. Table of Contents 1. 1. In this Buyer's Guide to electric bikes (ebikes) we are going to help you understand the different types of ebikes on the market, and guide you through the process of deciding which ones might be best for you and your family. 2. 3.

Motor. Iconic National Parks in Utah Welcome Electric Bike Users. Ebike Traveler: Hunting on the Back of a Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. Last year, I was in the wilderness area near Mount Rogers in Southern Virginia, ambling up and down forested Appalachian hillsides on a late season hunt for the eastern whitetail.

Ebike Traveler: Hunting on the Back of a Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

I’d often driven up to Mount Rogers for other kinds of outdoor recreation, like bouldering on the ancient granite, hiking, camping, and birdwatching. However, this was the first time I’d come to Mount Rogers on a hunting trip and things weren’t going particularly well. On the evening of the third day my provisions were all gone and so was my weekend.

I didn’t get a deer that season, but I did discover something that may prove more valuable. PICTURED: Early morning as weather got crummy with me in the wilderness area near Mount Rogers. While I was looking at surplus hunting equipment online, I noticed an article about electric bicycles (ebikes) and how they were becoming very popular amongst hunters. A year went by and now I’m ready to go hunting with my ebike I had to know more. So just to review: Why Ebikes Are So Popular Among Boomers. If You Are an Ebike Owner - These Sites Should Be on Your Bookmarks Bar. If you are an avid cycler and owner of an ebike or traditional bike, it is likely that you are on a lookout for some nice trails to consider for your next biking trip.

If You Are an Ebike Owner - These Sites Should Be on Your Bookmarks Bar

A great trail resource for you is Rails to Trails. They are America’s oldest advocate for turning old and unused railway lines into trails. Their mission is to connect people and places across America by connecting sections of disused railway lines and turning them into walking and biking trails. They lobby and advocate on Capitol Hill, mobilize community organizations, and partner with national private sector initiatives and funds to pursue the creation of more trails to create a healthier country and a healthier population. A wonderful and exciting trail resource for outdoor enthusiasts and electric bike owners is Think of as a kind of exclusively for hiking, walking, birding, and cycling trails. PICTURED: In this image, we can see the homepage. The Benefits and Basics of Folding eBikes Explained.

By Shane Barrett A Travelogue Writer Thanks to technology and design ingenuity, folding electric bikes are more popular than ever.

The Benefits and Basics of Folding eBikes Explained

There are still some misconceptions around foldable electric bikes, which we hope this article will clarify. Some believe that you have to sacrifice quality or efficiency to get the benefit of having an electric bike that you can fold in half for storage or travel. That may have been true a few years ago, but no longer. Counting Carbon - Comparing Cut-backs On Carbon for Conscious Commuters. For the carbon-conscious commuter, there is no form of motorized transport that gets them closer to neutral carbon emissions than an electric bike, or ebike for short.

Counting Carbon - Comparing Cut-backs On Carbon for Conscious Commuters

Believe it or not, an ebike is a better mode of transport for Johnny Polar Bear and the Ozone layer than a horse. Electric cars like Tesla and Nissan Leaf have emerged as the future of transportation and currently take up a huge market share of American automotive manufacturing. This article does not question whether electric automobiles are good for the environment - they are unquestionably better than gas or diesel powered vehicles. Electric bikes, however, are better for the environment than electric cars, and here’s why…