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Kimchi Recipe. If I had to name my favorite cuisine, it would be a toss-up between Vietnamese and Korean.

Kimchi Recipe

Both offer charbroiled meats, pickled or marinated vegetables, and a lively and sometimes spicy array of seasonings. What’s not to like? Most unfamiliar ethnic foods become instantly accessible if you take a trip to a local shop to stock up on a few specific ingredients. It wasn’t until I learned about Moroccan spices that I realized that a tagine is basically a braise seasoned with specific spices mixed in the right combination, such as turmeric, paprika, saffron and ground ginger. Mexican food isn’t all that difficult if one familiarizes themselves with chilies, cilantro, and corn tortillas. Ok, and a nice hunk of pork shoulder as well. Every time I go to a specialty market, whether it’s Mexican, Japanese, or Chinese, I invariably lug back bottles of vinegars, odd herbs, specialty sugars and some sort of backside-burning chili pastes home with me. But I couldn’t find any. Zip. banchan (Wikipedia) Coconut Cream Poke Cake. I'm really thrilled to be sharing this next recipe.

Coconut Cream Poke Cake

First of all, because we made it recently to celebrate my Momma's birthday. Secondly, because it's another one of those easy cakes to make but tastes outta-this-world good. Last year my Mom really wanted some Pea Pickin' Cake to celebrate her special day. And because she loves those tropical flavors so much, I decided to make her a Coconut Cream Poke Cake this year. The cake is so moist and has such a great creamy, coconut flavor that I think even folks who are not coconut lovers will fall in love with this one!

Ingredients: 1 (18 oz.) box white cake mix.

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Weblogs recipes collections. Cookbook steampunk Fuel for The Boiler. Cookbook-2011-A5. The Homestead Cook Book. The Stoner's Cookbook. Fun Finger Foods. DIY Cookie Treats. We shared our cookie party post last week, and in case you missed it, here it is again along with some quick and easy cookie DIY treats!

DIY Cookie Treats

What’s a party without yummy treats? With the help of some fabulous refrigerated cookie dough, we made a bunch of delicious cookie creations! First up, mini cookie cups. We used a mini-muffin pan to create these perfect bite-sized sundaes. Scoop cookie dough into the greased mini-muffin pan and bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden. Once they come out of the oven, take the end of a wooden spoon and press down the center of the cup while still warm. Next, top these mini treats with ice cream and all of the toppings—a melon baller works great for petite scoops of ice cream. Saucy's sprinkles (bloggedy blog blog): {simply} sweet.

It's so simple, it's silly.

saucy's sprinkles (bloggedy blog blog): {simply} sweet

Everyone has probably seen it or done it already, but Saucy just felt like stuffing her raspberries with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips today. As if the raspberries weren't sweet enough. They're cute on their own or they'd be even cuter on ice cream. Anu's Bhapa Doi Recipe. TENDER CRUMB: French Chocolate Brownies (TWD) This weeks Tuesdays With Dorie selection French Brownies comes to us courtesy of Di at Di's Kitchen Notebook .

TENDER CRUMB: French Chocolate Brownies (TWD)

Now, I don't know of anyone who doesn't appreciate the rich decadence and deep chocolatey flavor of a brownie. From these brownie aficianados, there are definite opinions on texture (cakey vs. fudgy), type of chocolate (semi-sweet vs bittersweet), and additions (choc chips, nuts, or no additions). Let's start by saying that I am of the cakey, bittersweet, no addition camp.

For me, the most important ingredient in any brownie recipe is the chocolate. I always try to find the best quality chocolate, as it will dictate the flavor of the final product. The technique for this recipe is definitely different from a traditional brownie, as it requires beating the sugar and eggs in a mixer before folding in the other ingredients. Low carb spicy almond cheese crisps. (Easy!) Low carb spicy almond cheese crisps.

Low carb spicy almond cheese crisps. (Easy!)

(Easy!) Anu's Bhapa Doi Recipe. Blackcurrants. The most intensely coloured and flavoured of all currants, blackcurrants are highly aromatic and have a delicious tart flavour.


Recent research findings suggest that eating blackcurrants can help prevent the onset of Alzheimers disease. Availability Blackcurrants are at their peak in June and July. You can buy frozen blackcurrants year-round. Choose the best Look for plump, firm currants with shiny, unbroken skins. Prepare it. Baked Falafel Recipe. Homemade Fajita Seasoning. Once upon a time, Pat and I made chicken fajita tacos by opening a bag of pre-made frozen fajita chicken.

Homemade Fajita Seasoning

True story! We’d thaw them in a skillet and fill our soft taco shells with the chicken, shredded lettuce and cheese. Thasss it. I know… that was WAY before this little blog of mine took over our lives. Green Mac and Cheese. Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort meal for Mandi and me.

Green Mac and Cheese

We make it when it has been a rough day, or on a Sunday night to relax. It is very easy to make, super addicting when you eat it, and the best thing is there are always leftovers to bring in to work for lunch. My FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookie. I have experimented with countless recipes searching for that perfect chocolate chip cookie. The characteristics of the perfect cookie are a very personal matter, and here are my preferences: texture: chewy w. medium thickness --- everyone has their preference, and this is mine!

Chocolate to cookie ratio: 50/50 --- I really enjoy having a lot of chocolate in every bite chips vs. chunks: chunks --- I like sizeable pieces of chocolate in my cookie. Crockery Cooker. Home Food & Groceries Kitchen Tools and Organization Dusting Off the Old Crockery Cooker When I think of crockery cooking, I always see in my mind's eye my mother's old avocado-green crock sitting on her turquoise-and-white kitchen counter.

Crockery Cooker

What a thing of beauty it was. Slow cooker recipes - Menus & Collections - Foo... Fried Chicken Recipe - How to Cook Fried Chicken - How To Make Four Thieves’ Vinegar And Oil. How To Make Four Thieves’ Vinegar And Oil Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr. Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza. Char Siu Bao (Pork Buns) 20th May 2012By KatePhotography by Adam When I was living in Japan I used to buy these buns from the seven eleven below my apartment. In true Japanese style in addition to the traditional Chinese fillings they came in all sorts of kooky flavours like pizza, cheese & curry and chicken and mayonnaise.

Along with a can of hot coffee they were a most reliable cure after a night out clubbing in Ropponggi. On a more recent trip to Sydney, my two year old daughter took great delight in watching highly skilled chefs throw hand stretched noodles around the kitchen and produce baskets of gorgeously delicious steamed buns formed intricately into the shape of little pink pigs! Foodgawker. Recipe for Spicy Shrimp Sandwich with Chipotle Avocado Mayonnaise at Life. I will be the first one to admit that I am not a huge sandwich person. Ryan loves them. He loves sub sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, meatloaf sandwiches, meatball sandwiches…I could go on and on.

Baked Potato Grilled Cheese. Behold my latest creation…THE BAKED POTATO GRILLED CHEESE! After the glory that was the Brocolli & Cheddar Soup Grilled Cheese , I began racking my brain for what other wonderful things I could deconstruct into grilled cheese format. Smoky Sweet Potato Burgers with Roasted Garlic Cream and Avocado. Before we talk burgers, let me tell you what I’m doing. Blackened Chicken and Cilantro-Lime Quinoa. ETA: Long after I scheduled this post, the events in West, TX transpired. That tragedy, combined with the tragedy in Boston earlier this week, grieves me deeply.

Siu Mai. 31st May 2012By KurtPhotography by Adam. Chicken Sammich. No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites. These are perfect little bites of energy and deliciousness that are great when you don’t want to turn on the oven (or like me, have a broken oven)! Never fear, a new one is on the way. 75+ Delicious Ways to Enjoy Strawberries. April 2014. Love how simple all the different grain free, refined sugar free treats I’ve been making are, as well as they are often no-bake. Baking And Boys! A Cooking Life. Orange Citrus French Yogurt Cake with Berries, August 2011. How to make the perfect glamorgan sausages. Homemade Granola Recipe. Granola started off as a healthy treat, full of whole grains, sprinkled with wholesome nuts and dried fruit. Over the years, commercialism and appealing to the masses caused cereal companies to reinvent granola, adding all sorts of preservatives and unappealing additives.

Making homemade granola is super simple. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Carrot cake recipe. 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Grease two deep 20cm round sandwich tins and line the bases of the cake tins with baking parchment. 2-Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie For One & Recipe & Zoom Yummy. Baked Turkey, Quinoa & Zucchini Meatballs Recipe in Lettuce Wraps. How to Make Brown Sugar. The Simplest Tomato Sauce Ever Marcella Hazan) Recipe - - 273976. Ultimate lemon meringue pie.

Simple Chocolate Truffles – 2 Ingredient Chocolate Truffles. Ultimate roast potatoes. Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder. Chocolate & caramel ombre cake. Snow Cone Cupcakes: Tutti-Frutti Flavored. Comforting casseroles: Easy, one-dish supper so... Easy Traditional British Rice Pudding. Carrot & cream cheese cupcakes. Chocolate Carrot Cake - Moist & Very Chocolatey. This isnt happiness&8482; (Hot Chocolate Cup Cake), Peteski. Recipes. Food. Quick. Recipes. Crockpot recipes. Rachael Ray\'s Official Website. Cooking. FOOOOD! Recipe Boxes. Recipe Sites. Food. Foods. Cuisine. Breakfast. Snacks and Desserts. Dinner. Healthier Food! Food/Cooking. Cooking two.

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