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Is it more childish and foolish to insist that there is a conspiracy or that there is not?”
― China Miéville, The City and the City

ISIS in Iraq and the Path to Iran. Brandon Turbeville | Activist Post | June 20 2014 Recently, I wrote an article entitled, “The Clandestine Reasons For ISIS Taking Over Iraq,” where I suggested there were at least two possible reasons out of several for NATO powers to direct ISIS fighters in their rampage across Iraq and subsequent seizure of large swaths of territory in that country. One of the reasons for directing ISIS’ assault against Iraq is the ability to arm the organization with heavy military equipment to then be funneled across the border into Syria for use in that country. Such equipment as tanks, Humvees, and even helicopters could thus be written off as a mistake and not the backdoor weapons transfer that it was.

Second, and more likely, is the possibility that the United States has allowed ISIS to conquer Iraqi territory so as to justify the eventual invasion of Syria in addition to the reinvasion of Iraq. Unfortunately, this knowledge is being put to use in the worst way. [1] Turbeville, Brandon. Government Secrets.


News. Secret mad-HATers. Notyetsonic. H.R. 2847 Expected to Cause U.S. Dollar to Collapse-Unproven! The Truth: This eRumor appears to be an unproven conspiracy theory that warned of the possible ramifications of the passage of the Hire Incentives to Restore Employment Act along with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. has found no evidence at this time as to how the enforcement of this act will effect the U.S. Dollar. We will post findings here if anything develops. We found the possible source to this eRumor on the Victory Women In Development Association (VWIDA) website.

The page links this allegation with a story about gun control legislation and the lobbying efforts of National Rifle Association. Hire Incentives to Restore Employment Act & Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act H.R. 2847, the Hire Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act is real and was signed into law in 2010. The article said, "Under FATCA, banks will be forced to submit information on total assets, account balances, transactions, account numbers and other personal identifying information. Inside the Agenda of Bilderberg 2014: Mark Anderson. 6 Massive Secret Operations That Are Hidden All Around You.

Ever had a sneaking suspicion that there's another world, a secret world, hidden just out of sight of this one? Good news: There totally is! Bad news: There's a reason they're hiding that secret world from you ... L.A.'s Urban Oil Rigs The City of Angels: It's where many of our favorite celebrities work, play, go to rehab, get breast implants, relapse and drive expensive cars into trees. "Just pretend it's a jungle gym, kids. " Well, don't worry: It isn't. If it's tall, out-of-place and oddly phallic, it might be an oil well. See despite it's reputation for being not in Texas, L.A. has been an oil town from the time black gold was discovered there in 1892 right up until today. Get your minds out of the gutter. Where Are They Hiding? Right here. On street corners, on school grounds, tucked away behind shopping malls--hidden rigs are literally everywhere in Los Angeles.

Hidden Government Bunkers Government officials are elected to look out for you. Who are we kidding? Disguised Cell Phone Towers. The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald : The JFK Assassination. Although the bullet shells and the rifle implicated Lee Oswald in the assassination, a substantial proportion of the general public either remained unconvinced that he had acted alone, or doubted that he had been involved at all.

In order to help the media to “convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,”1 the Warren Commission was obliged to describe in detail how Oswald, without assistance, was able to kill one man and injure two others. The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald The essential part of the Commission’s case involved three claims: that all of the shooting came from the easternmost south–facing window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository; that Lee Harvey Oswald had brought the rifle to work, and was at the sixth floor window with the rifle at the time of the shooting; and that it was physically possible for a lone gunman to have caused all the known injuries with only three shots.

All the Shots Came from the Sixth Floor No Gunman in the Window. LEE HARVEY OSWALD'S SOLE GUILT -- POINT-BY-POINT. "The Last Words Of Lee Harvey Oswald", Compiled by Mae Brussell. Hunt's Deathbed Confession Reveals JFK Killers. Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown after JFK Assassination. LittleSis - Profiling the powers that be. Can the Government Control the Weather? The Answer Surprised Me Too. A string of extreme weather events, such as a polar vortex in the US and mass flooding across the UK, have led some to question if this strange weather came as the result of some sort of government experiment into artificial weather creation.

While we might wish to scoff at conspiracy theories about ‘fake snow‘, or government induced floods to steal land, it turns out the weather making experiments themselves are not actually bunkum, and have in fact been tied to disasters past. No, I couldn’t believe it either so I did some reading. The New Scientist and the BBC carried articles in 2001, linking rain making experiments by the UK government, to a devastating flood that killed 35 people. The New Scientist report reads: Artificial rain making operations may have caused a storm that nearly wiped out an English village in 1952. The piece ends with a meteorologist undermining the whole article, and you’re left not quite knowing who to believe. No. So was China just making it up? MIND CONTROL. MIND CONTROLThe Reign of Evil "In the Kingdom of the Blind, the ONE EYED shall be King" 'This drug......IMPEDES mind control.'--Fritz Springmeier “Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.

"---George Bernard Shaw [Mind control is the Reptilians Matrix of Evil, put into action by their on planet proxies: the Psychopath SatanicReptilian hosts. Good film on Beta slave programming, an almost blatant portayal, is Wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis. London Riots, 7–11 August 2011 – An Insight from those who Control Same Information Control For Social Manipulation by David B. Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects by Val Valerian COMING - THE MIND READING MACHINES (excerpts) by William Hamilton © 1980 Terms Mind Control Programming Seminar Taught by Steve Oglevie [ 2005] Home -

For a number of years, I have been researching a variety of unusual topics. I have documented my work in a series of original research exhibits which present factual materials most people have never seen. Much of this factual data logically leads to the creation of certain inferences and tentative conclusions that are based on a holistic view of the data but which cannot be independently proven. The following introduction to my website is designed to present a "bird's eye view" of my findings and is therefore necessarily partly speculative. However, it is firmly grounded in hard data which is publicly available, and much of which is presented in articles and exhibits throughout this site. The situation as best as I can determine Sometime during the early or mid-twentieth century, scientists working for the military industrial complex perfected an application of neurotechnology that allowed the encoding and decoding of human brain activity.

Source: Jeremy Radlow. About this website Download. Hollow Earth Evidence. Has anyone looked into the evidence for the mother of all conspiracy theories, the Hollow Earth? I have personally read all about worldwide D.U.M.B.'s, Admiral Byrd's trip to the poles, Olaf Jansen's book, Dr. Nansen's and several other 19th century explorer's accounts of the land beyond the poles. The various testimonies are compelling and surprisingly there is actually plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing towards Hollow Earth theory. Nowadays only government-approved teams are allowed anywhere near the poles, but historically almost every explorer who has traveled to the poles has recorded that as you get closer, it gets warmer, the snow and ice disappear, and greenery and wild-life reappear.

Even modern-day explorers continue finding driftwood, pollen, animals, and insects the closer they get to the poles. Other links: Hollow Planet Blog The Polar Openings Hollow Earth Links. My unexpected discovery. The Hollow Earth Theory. Continuation of the OP A hollow Earth has got to have places to live, right ? To my surprise I’ve ran into 4 of them. Bonus: The location and the number of inhabitants are given. Capitol Cities POSID: Primary Atlantean outpost, located beneath the Mato Grosso plains region of Brazil. Population: 1.3 million. SHONSHE: Refuge of the Uighur culture, a branch of the Lemurians who chose to form their own colonies 50,000 years ago.

I assume they are advanced and act like it. If they do exist, you can take these numbers as they are. There are also a number of entrances which are: Cueva de los Tayos (Cave of the oil birds), Ecuador Gobi Desert , Mongolia. Link. So much for the hollow Earth story. Now, for the second part of this thread I will present you with the “So called” evidence , arguments and counter arguments, on the big “]Fact or Fiction” question. Fact or Fiction The Aurora Borealis. ( Imagine for a sec. the aurora australius. A few pictures.

And the most beautiful. Gravity ? And… 1. David Icke. Shadow Government Statistics : Home Page.