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Some lesser-known truths about programming. My experience as a programmer has taught me a few things about writing software.

Some lesser-known truths about programming

Here are some things that people might find surprising about writing code: Averaging over the lifetime of the project, a programmer spends about 10-20% of his time writing code, and most programmers write about 10-12 lines of code per day that goes into the final product, regardless of their skill level. Good programmers spend much of the other 90% thinking, researching, and experimenting to find the best design. Bad programmers spend much of that 90% debugging code by randomly making changes and seeing if they work.A good programmer is ten times more productive than an average programmer. A great programmer is 20-100 times more productive than the average. Make Programming Fun Again. CSS Cheat Sheet. 30 game scripts you can write in PHP, Part 1: Creating 10 fundamental scripts. Getting started As both a game master/storyteller and a developer, I frequently find myself writing little utilities and scripts to help me when running, planning, and playing games.

30 game scripts you can write in PHP, Part 1: Creating 10 fundamental scripts

Sometimes I need a quick idea. Other times, I just need a whole pile of names for Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Occasionally, I need to geek out on numbers, work out some odds, or integrate some word puzzles into a game. Many of these tasks become more manageable with a little bit of script work ahead of time. This article will explore 10 fundamental scripts that can be used in various types of games. We will blaze through these scripts pretty quickly. Back to top A basic die roller Many games and game systems need dice. In many cases, that would be more or less fine.

Listing 1. Function roll () { return mt_rand(1,6); } echo roll(); Then we can pass the type of die we want to roll as a parameter to the function. Listing 2. Random name generator Listing 3. Listing 4. Listing 5. Scenario generator Listing 6. Summary. CSSDesk - Online CSS Sandbox.


195 Free Online Programming Books. Update – Update..

195 Free Online Programming Books

This List has Grown to 345… Update: – I will be updating this list very shortly, many of the links were taken from How to Be a Programmer to Design Programs Theory of Programming Engineering for Internet Applications and interpretation of computer programs programming books Programmers Stone Version Control: Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects Ada Ada 95 Rational 95 Reference Manual to Ada 1987 – 1995 95: The Lovelace Tutorial Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming Algorithms Algorithms and Complexity Algorithms Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms Assembly Assembly Language Tutorial From the Ground Up Language Programming Brown's Interrupt List Art of Assembly Language Programming Assembly Language Database Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C Programming Orientated Programming in ANSI-C C Book Bug-Free C Code – Elements of Style GNU C Java.

Mobile Computing with iPhone and Android. The dates for each paper presentation are listed below.

Mobile Computing with iPhone and Android

For each paper, a student or group of students will be asked to present the paper. The presentation should present a technical overview of the paper and argue the merits and flaws of the paper. Each paper presentation should be 25-30 minutes, plus time for questions. There will be 2 paper presentations per class. All students are required to read the papers before they are presented. Presentations will be graded based on apparent understanding of the material in the paper, presentation style, and entertainment value.

In creating your presentations, you are free to use any additional material beyond the content of the paper. The class will be held in an AcIS Electronic Classroom and we strongly encourage you to use the presentation equipment available there. January 22 - First day of class Roy Levin and David D.