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EasyIT’s cloud services make scaling easier, reduce management overhead, and allow businesses of any size to leverage the reliability of a large cloud system.

Trimming Your Budget? Don’t Cut Your IT Spending! - EasyIT. Even though businesses worldwide are expected to spend less on IT this year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, infrastructure spending among these entities is still projected to moderately increase, but why?

Trimming Your Budget? Don’t Cut Your IT Spending! - EasyIT

IDC in February projected worldwide IT spending to reach $4.3 trillion in 2020, an increase of 3.6 percent over 2019. Since then, COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically. Now, due to the overwhelming economic impact of this pandemic, the IT research firm expects worldwide IT spending to decline 5.1 percent in constant currency terms this year to $2.25 trillion. While these numbers paint a bleak picture for some in the tech space, the IT infrastructure market tells a different story. This part of the IT market is projected to grow to $237 billion, nearly a 4 percent year-over-year increase. The fact businesses are spending on IT infrastructure is a good thing (they should be focusing their efforts on leveraging more cloud-based technologies).

IT support tickets are rising. Are Your Employees Working Remotely? Here’s What You Should Know - EasyIT. More than likely, you and your employees are working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Are Your Employees Working Remotely? Here’s What You Should Know - EasyIT

While many employees are thrilled with this flexible arrangement — unless they’re also managing the challenges associated with watching small children — cybersecurity professionals aren’t too keen on the current situation, especially when there was very little time to prepare appropriately. Even though there are security issues with employees working remotely, businesses and cybersecurity professionals may have to become comfortable with what’s being touted as “the new normal.” For that to happen, top cybersecurity practices must be followed by all employees. Watch out for these scams! - EasyIT. Best Practices to Protect Corporate Resources - EasyIT. With so many of us working from home and the occurrence of online attacks at an all-time high, we are commonly asked: “How do I keep my personal computer secure?”

Best Practices to Protect Corporate Resources - EasyIT

This is particularly important when you may be using a personally owned machine to reach corporate resources. When doing so, you need to follow best practices to protect corporate resources from potentially harmful material on your personal machine. Note, the following is only if you are using a personal machine from home, a corporate-owned machine, such as a laptop, should already be protected. Best Practices to Protect Corporate Resources when using a Personal Machine The most important thing you can do is: Install an ACTIVE (Has a current license) antivirus solution. There are several options for securing your machine. PREFERRED OPTION: Webroot for Mac or PC ($59.98/year) – If you have Windows 10, turn on Windows Defender.

If you have Windows 7, download Sophos Free Version: Pro-Tips: Affordable Voip Phone System and Service for Small Business. Structured Network Voice And Data Cabling Contractors in Dublin OH. Structured Cabling – Voice | Data | Network We provide full service cabling & wiring solutions for new construction as well as existing spaces.

Structured Network Voice And Data Cabling Contractors in Dublin OH

From phone lines to data & network cabling, we can handle all of your low voltage wiring needs. Our technicians are highly skilled and will help you find the best solutions for your computer networks, data centers, VOIP phone systems, and telecommunications. So whether you’re looking to install a Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, or Fiber Optic cabling network, we have the experience to build a world class communications infrastructure for your business.

Data and Network Wiring – Installation | Upgrades | Repairs Your business depends on your data & network working flawlessly. We have years of experience helping businesses with a wide range networking needs. So whether it’s a full network system for a new construction project, or an upgrade to an existing office, we can handle all your data wiring and cabling needs at a very reasonable rate. IT Management Consulting and Support Services in Dublin Ohio. Managed IT Security & Compliance Services For Businesses. Cloud Computing Services & Solutions in Dublin Ohio - EasyIT. EasyIT provides a managed private Cloud / Virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Services & Solutions in Dublin Ohio - EasyIT

Is it time to upgrade your data center? You should consider a cloud infrastructure! The logic for retaining a locally hosted datacenter is rapidly losing ground to the scalability, robust feature set, and economy that cloud services provide. This change reduces the need to buy or lease hardware or make sure the air conditioning works! Instead, you can concentrate on your business and consider leasing your needed computing power. Successfully building and delivering cloud services require a holistic view of how applications, infrastructure, automation, people, and processes interact. Whether you’re a large enterprise, growing business, government organization or non-profit, EasyIT can help you meet your unique infrastructure challenges, allowing you to deploy, manage and secure your critical business applications and services in the cloud. EasyIT Services Provider of Managed IT Service. Managed IT Services Provider For Small Businesses in Dublin, OH.

Managed IT Services & IT Solutions For Business in Dublin, Ohio.