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5 Benefits of Switching To an Efficient Billing System – Cloud Accounting Software – Easy Accountax. 5 Benefits of Switching To an Efficient Billing System - EasyGST. Whether you’re running a well established- enterprise or managing small startup, you need smart assistance with almost everything.

5 Benefits of Switching To an Efficient Billing System - EasyGST

With too many things to handle, you cannot afford to put your resources on non-core business activities. This will not only decrease the productivity but also affect in the long run. Top Accounting Courses in India Offered by ICA - Easyaccountax. In today’s world, there is a significant role played by accountants to make decisions for a company.

Top Accounting Courses in India Offered by ICA - Easyaccountax

This does ensure a great opportunity, but also a bright career. Getting employment in today’s highly competitive world is not an easy task, and you have to keep it in mind. So, the development of good skills is always important even when you have completed your graduation. So, in case you have completed your B.Com, you can take a look at courses offered by ICA. There are so many courses available that might help you achieve what is thought to be unachievable. Reliable Cloud Accounting Software Easy Accountax. Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses - Esay Accountax.

Company Set up in HRMS - HR Management Software. Best % Billing And Accounting Software In India - Easy GST. Today, every business needs a new billing management system, which should work according to the new tax regime of India.

Best % Billing And Accounting Software In India - Easy GST

For this, many companies like ClearTax, Tally, and Marg Accounting has introduced their new billing software, which has been developed completely based upon the new Goods and Service Tax guidelines. A billing and invoicing software help businesses perform automated calculations, keeping taxes in mind. Additionally, they are also useful for bookkeeping and record-keeping purposes.

To help businesses choose, here’s a list of the top 10 billing and invoicing solution available in India: How To Find The Best GST Software? Like every person, every firm is different and has its own expectations from any accounting software. 1) Software should include all requirements relating to payroll. 2) The system should be able to track available stock, work in progress, orders, jobs, and other task management requirements 4) Whether the software handles foreign exchange.

Features: QuickBooks. Decisions and Amendments Made By Gst Council In 35th Meeting - Easyaccountax. On 21st June 2019, the 35th GST council meeting was held in New Delhi.

Decisions and Amendments Made By Gst Council In 35th Meeting - Easyaccountax

It was the first one held under Nirmala sitharaman, the Union finance minister. Top Accounting Trends 2019 You Must Know About. The technology has been influencing every sector of the economy and society. With the advancement in technology, new ways have been discovered to handle things. The accounting sector has also seen an upsurging change in the methods of accounting trying to increase the overall efficiency and the standards. The new age of accounting experts must grasp innovation and adjust to the accounting patterns that are disrupting the long-held prescribed procedures.

The new accounting patterns would help accounting and tax assessment firms to achieve new degrees of progress along these lines empowering them to work in a lot quicker and more brilliant way. These accounting patterns are examined thus beneath. The labor-intensive tasks like audits, payroll and banking will be completely computerized – a pattern that is viewed as the best chance. Top Accounting Trends 2019 You Must Know About. Add GST Details in Easy. Now You Can Save Even More Money with Just Tax Payments. Yes, tax paying is one of the duties you have as an honest citizen but there isn’t any bad in saving some tax amount as you have a lot of other expenses too.

Now You Can Save Even More Money with Just Tax Payments

Well, saving tax is a need but many of them do not really know how to use it as their profit in their taxpaying because of the lack of information. This happens when you do not research before paying the taxes or you have hired a wrong person who is helping you in your business. No matter how the amount you earn big amount or fewer amounts, you can always claim your rebate while paying taxes. You just need to provide the necessary documents as a proof for claiming for your rebate in your taxes, this especially helps you are a small business owner or have just started your own start-up because in the starting the more money you save more beneficial it is for you. GST Registration. GST Registration - Benefits of having a Registered GST number.

If you do any kind of business you must know about GST, but those who do not know about GST let us briefly explain it to you.

GST Registration - Benefits of having a Registered GST number

A GST or The Goods and Service Tax is a single or indirect tax which is charged on the supply of all kind of goods and services be it the hotel or restaurant services, or the airplane services, shopping services, the factories, and many others, you can name any of the business where some kind of goods and services are provided the GST would be charged.

GST may sound little or complicated term but it is a very simple, comprehended and multi-stage tax which is charged on every value added to the goods. The GST came into force on 1st July 2017 and it took 17 years for the govt to make this force in the present economy. There are a lot of benefits who have registered for GST, those who have already registered for GST would know about its benefits, but those who do not know here are some of them: Limited Tax Payment: If you are first time tax payer, then you need to know these things - Easyaccountax. Taxpaying is one of the important part of your duty as a citizen of your country, the tax you pay to your govt comes back to you in the form of services which is made better for your conveniences such as good roads, safe public transports, availability of nearby shops for basic essentials and many other things.

If you are first time tax payer, then you need to know these things - Easyaccountax

It is a big responsibility of all the citizens to pay their taxes honestly because the tax you pay is used for the basic essentials which you need in life. If you won’t pay taxes, the govt won’t be able to raise funds which can be used in public betterment which include the things done for the economically backward class and the unprivileged section of the society which means the developmental process will be slow down.

Hence, it is important to behave like a good and honest citizen because by doing this you are not only doing well for your nation and its people but also you will do well for you. Top Accounting Software. Add GST Scheme in Easy Accountax Software. GST Composition Scheme For SMEs in India. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of India’s most comprehensive and widely discussed economic policies in recent years.

GST Composition Scheme For SMEs in India

Unlike demonetization which largely drew the ire of various sections in society, media, and academia, the GST has prompted a mixed set of critiques. Although the allure of a comprehensive single taxation system, spanning the wider regional disparities of the nation is attractive, the intricacies of its implementation can tilt outcomes in one way or the other.

The effects of the GST system are also different for different categories of businesses and individuals, with larger ventures usually possessing the necessary resources and expertise to navigate this complex accounting labyrinth. What, therefore, is the way out for small or medium-scale businesses which often do not have extensive resources at their disposal? How to File Income Tax Returns in India? - Easyaccountax. In a country with democracy in power, it is necessary to make sure about the financial earnings of every individual.

How to File Income Tax Returns in India? - Easyaccountax

To ensure the same in India, we have Income Tax Return (ITR) for every individual earning throughout the financial year. ITR is the declaration of the income you have earned through the year and have made the tax for. In our country filing, ITR is a mandatory obligation under which you are required to provide detail of your income from salary, business, or any other source like an investment and made through relief claims throughout the financial year. In spite of being a mandatory obligation for every citizen for our country, most of us are still unaware of the ITR. In order to understand this essential financial action, we will take you through all the details. Top Accounting Software 2019 for Small Businesses and Startups. I can understand how to start it is to maintain all the records and take care of the accounts.

Top Accounting Software 2019 for Small Businesses and Startups

Besides, if you are like me who took accounts class last time back in college only then, it will be harder to maintain accounts while starting a new business. Yes, a startup not only requires you to come up with new ideas and lots of hard work but also needs to take care of exhausting accounting tasks. This is the reason you need small business accounting software to take care of all your company’s accounting needs. Best Accounting Software For Accountants. Add Business in Easy Accountax Software. Inventory Management Software. Top 10 Payroll Software for Small Businesses - Easyaccountax. Owning a business is amazing, but it also comes with some of the most common challenges. The biggest problem that will face while managing a business is dealing with payrolls as employees grow with business expansion.

Everyone wants to grow their business, but it also comes with a higher number of employees and the responsibility of their payrolls. With a number of people working for you, it is almost impossible and tiresome to manage their leaves, attendance, deductions, expenses, and reimbursement claims manually. This makes them the integration of payroll software an essential need to run your business effectively and without any worries. Best GST Software In India - Top 10 GST Softwares For 2019. In India, Which is one of the most diverse countries with a complicated infrastructure GST is the first technology driven tax regime. If you are looking for the best GST accounting software in India, then you have tended to the rig page, here we have jotted down the best GST ready software for small business and startups to tackle their GST confusion. Since the day of its Inception, GST has been an epidemic of confusion for the business owners in India.

Moreover, after years debates, discussions, amendments the GST is the only tax regime that was implemented by the government, and every business needs to follow it. Add Purchase Order. GST Billing Software For All types of Businesses. Pan Card Compulsory For Quotations In Financial Transactions - Easy GST. A PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is a ten-digit unique alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department. PAN is an important document, especially for calculating financial transactions. As it is known to all that through PAN card the Income Tax Department keeps tabs on financial transactions of an individual.

GST Registration with the Help of GST Suvidha Kendra. Cost Effective Online Accounting Software. 10 Best Invoicing and Billing System in 2019 - Easy GST. Who Pays GST Tax? 5 Biggest CRM Trends that will impact your business in 2019 - Easy GST. One of the most important tasks for any company to perform on a regular basis is Customer Relationship Management. You can differentiate success and well-documented failure with an optimized CRM strategy. Apply for Registration Certificate for Shops & Establishments in India. If you own a shop or any other commercial establishment in India then you must apply for a Shop and Establishment License within 30 days to the Chief Inspector. GST Rates 2019 - New GST Rates Applicable From January-2019 - Easy GST. 2019 Key Budget – Highlights of the Interim Budget 2019. 32nd GST Council Meeting – All updates and important decisions taken.

The GST Council meeting was held on 10th January 2019 in New Delhi to bring some benefits to medium and small-scale enterprises (MSMEs) with regards to GST exemption and permitted 6 % composition scheme for the services sector. Addressing a press conference after the 32nd GST Council meet, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley declared that the services sector will now be eligible for benefits under the composition scheme, which was only applicable to manufacturers and traders earlier. The Best HR Software & HRMS Solutions For Business - Easy Accountax. List of 5 Best Billing & Invoicing Software Vendors In India. Sometimes it is impossible to make your customers enjoy paying their bills, but you can always make the payment process quick and simple for them. You can offer customers new payment channels like electronic payment channels and mobile payment networks.

There are a number of products available to help you get a better handle on your billing and invoicing operations. This software can track your sales or services rendered such as who was billed, the fees or charges applied, and when payment was received (or when it was supposed to be received but wasn’t). It also provides you with a data path to record all of that data in your other accounting and bookkeeping systems. In accounting terms, this workflow is an element of Accounts Receivable. Zoho Invoice Pros: