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How To Treat TMJ Pain. TMJ disorder, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD, can cause pain in the jaw, facial muscles, and in front of the ears.

How To Treat TMJ Pain

It can also cause headaches and pain when chewing and talking. While the cause of TMD can be difficult to pinpoint, it is usually a temporary issue. Disorders that affect the temporomandibular joint lead to dysfunction in your jaw joints and the surrounding muscles as well. TMJ inflammation and trauma can be debilitating depending on the cause. Approximately 10 million Americans are affected by TMD. Symptoms of TMJ Disorders It’s possible to have a TMJ disorder without experiencing pain. EaracheClicking or popping soundsJaw painHeadachePain while talking or chewingTenderness in your jaw or facial musclesDifficulty opening or closing your mouthTense or aching jaw musclesRinging in your earsJaw stiffnessNeck painChanges in your bite, also known as a malocclusion Causes of TMJ Disorders. What Causes Dry Mouth, Symptoms and Treatment? Dental Bonding Cost, Procedure, and After Care.

Dental bonding is a cost-effective solution for correcting or restoring damaged teeth due to decay.

Dental Bonding Cost, Procedure, and After Care

This damage may include discolored, chipped, or cracked teeth. This cosmetic dental procedure, also known as tooth bonding, can change the shape of your teeth, close gaps, and protect teeth that have exposed roots. What is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding is a procedure where composite resin is placed and molded onto your tooth. The composite bonding material is tooth-colored, so it blends in seamlessly with your existing teeth that are not being bonded. Stained Teeth Causes, Prevention, and Treatment.

When you think of someone with a beautiful smile, they probably don’t have yellowed or stained teeth.

Stained Teeth Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Discolored teeth are common, but luckily it is possible to reverse and treat tooth discoloration. There are two types of stains: intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. Tooth Erosion Symptoms and Causes. Dental erosion is a common issue among patients.

Tooth Erosion Symptoms and Causes

While your teeth may be strong and able to chew through the toughest of steaks and hardest candies, they are not unbreakable and should be treated with care. It’s essential to know the signs of tooth erosion, what causes this issue, and how to prevent it. Tooth Erosion Symptoms. Importance of Flossing: Benefits and Technique. People everywhere avoid flossing.

Importance of Flossing: Benefits and Technique

Some think it’s unnecessary, some find it painful, and some don’t make time for it. Brushing alone is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene. Floss can access places toothbrushes cannot, giving your gums and teeth a better cleaning. Tooth Extractions in Mesa, Arizona. The Extraction Procedure Dentists and oral surgeons are the only professionals who perform tooth extractions.

Tooth Extractions in Mesa, Arizona

They are required to go through special training and experience to perform oral surgery. From preparation to aftercare, here’s what you can expect. Step 1: Initial Assessment Your dentist will perform a visual inspection of your mouth and take X-rays to help determine the current health of your teeth and gums. East Valley Dental Professionals.

Having loose dentures is not only uncomfortable and embarrassing.

East Valley Dental Professionals

Over time, they even pose a risk to your oral health. Unfortunately for denture wearers, experiencing looseness is often part of the long term consequence of needing this type of dental care. When looking for loose denture fixes, there are a variety of options. These include fast, in-office fixes all the way through permanent changes to your denture that can last several years. For more information on dentures becoming loose and what to do about it, keep reading below. Why Dentures Loosen Dentures stay in place by gripping to the existing gum. While good oral health such as cleaning your dentures and removing them at night helps stave off resorption, it is not always possible— especially for those wearing full dentures.

Loose Dentures Cause Health Problems Many individuals don’t know that wearing dentures that fit incorrectly can cause health problems in both the short and long term. Dental Bonding Vs Veneers: A Quick Guide. Having the perfect smile is something many covet.

Dental Bonding Vs Veneers: A Quick Guide

Unfortunately, whether it is from diet or childhood medication, many are left with existing teeth that are less than ideal. To fix these problems, many individuals turn to cosmetic procedures to quickly create a smile makeover, generally leading them to one of two options: dental bonding and porcelain veneers. While these procedures are used to produce similar end results, the process, material, cost, and longevity of them are world apart. These differences are important to identify before speaking with a cosmetic dentist to ensure you know what options are available to you and which is the best for your needs. Veneers and Bonded Teeth: Why You Want Them. East Valley Dental Professionals. Veneers and crowns are both permanent dental restoration techniques used in a variety of different situations ranging from structural reinforcement to cosmetic changes.

East Valley Dental Professionals

While both options allow you to retain your existing tooth, there are several key differences between the procedures which influence which is the right choice for your needs. Crowns: Best For Decay and Damage When you have extensive tooth decay or have undergone a root canal, crowns help save the original tooth while making it more durable than before. This type of added strength is commonly needed after these procedures as little of the original tooth remains after clearing the decay. Crowns cover the entire tooth and are custom designed to fit correctly in the mouth. Each crown is custom-made to the individual. Veneers: Best for Cosmetic Purposes. Sensitive Teeth Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments. Each tooth has nerve endings and roots buried deep below the enamel and dentin layers of our teeth.

Sensitive Teeth Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

These nerves, when triggered, can create pain and sensitivity ranging from mild tooth discomfort all the way through severe and persistent pain. Read below for our breakdown on what causes sensitivity and what to do if you are suffering. What Causes Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity is caused by the demineralization of the outer layer of the tooth, called enamel. This demineralization causes the inner layers of the tooth to be more exposed to irritants such as hot or cold temperatures, acidic foods, and sugary foods. Sensitive Teeth Treatments and Causes. Unless you have spent time looking at a diagram of the teeth, many are under the impression that the thick enamel covering goes far deeper into the tooth than it actually does.

This is important for a variety of reasons, the most striking of which is that it proves teeth can be delicate. Not far under the enamel is the “pulp” and roots of the teeth. These substances are nerve dense and incredibly sensitive, meaning that when your enamel is compromised, you will feel it. East Valley Dental Professionals. Root canals are a dental procedure that has earned quite the reputation over the years for being invasive, painful, and potentially harmful. In reality, how we perform root canals has grown much since the early days of dental intervention. Now, the endodontic treatment is a routine procedure that is minimally invasive and usually normally no more painful than regular dental work. East Valley Dental Professionals. Cracked teeth are the 3rd leading cause of tooth loss in adults below dental caries and periodontal disease. Sometimes this is due to the severity of the crack itself and sometimes this is due to the patient being unaware their tooth is even compromised.

In case of the latter, patients will allow a small crack to get progressively worse until it is in pain, inflamed, and potentially too far gone to heal. What are these cracks and how do we fix them? Importance of Pediatric Dental Care. For many families, there is some debate about when dental care should begin. For parents who want to put off regular dental visits, many justify the decision by noting that a child’s baby teeth will eventually be replaced.

Unfortunately, this mindset not only wreaks havoc on a child’s teeth but creates a long-lasting impact on how they view dental health. The result is a child who does not understand the importance of preventing cavities, maintaining good oral health, or participating in good dental habits later on. Experts Recommend Starting Early Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children begin seeing a pediatric dentist by the time they reach their first birthday. The reason behind this early dental treatment is twofold: Importance of Preventative Dentistry. In many cases, preventative dentistry is the most effective method to avoid costly and painful procedures later on. How to treat Cavities in Baby Teeth. Safety During COVID-19: Can I Still Go To The Dentist?

It was a viral spread that started in New York City, moving so quickly and nefariously it caught the nation’s attention. Certain individuals were discriminated against for it and many used the virus to cultivate fear over the global pandemic. You may think we are referencing the Coronavirus but actually, we’re not: it's the AIDS pandemic. AIDS is still a pandemic, it’s just one we have gotten used to talking about over the years. 37.9 million people are infected with HIV globally.

Now, almost 50 years later, the medical field may have finally found a potential cure. Denture Alternatives: Building a Beautiful Smile. East Valley Dental Professionals. Fix A Gap Between Your Front Teeth Without Braces. East Valley Dental Professionals. East Valley Dental Professionals. How to Prevent Cavities in 6 Easy Ways. East Valley Dental Professionals. East Valley Dental Professionals.

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