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Shop Indian Furniture, Recycled Timber Furniture and Shabby Chic Furniture at East Connection.

Timber Furniture. Vintage Furniture. Sideboard Cabinet. French Provincial Furniture. Sideboard Cabinet. A sideboard, also called a buffet, is an item of furniture traditionally used in the dining room for serving food, for displaying serving dishes such as silver, and also for storage.

Sideboard Cabinet

Sideboards usually consist of a set of cabinets, or cupboards, and one or more drawers, all topped by a flat display surface for conveniently holding food, serving dishes, or lighting such as lamps or candleholders that add atmosphere to your dining room. The words sideboard and buffet are somewhat interchangeable, but if the item has base that sits directly on the floor,it is more likely to be called a sideboard; if it has longer legs it is more likely to be called a buffet.

In traditional formal dining rooms today, an antique sideboard is a desirable and fashionable accessory, and finely styled versions are the most sought-after and most costly. Boho Style. Indian Antique. Painted Furniture. Industrial Furniture. You don’t need to scour old factories and vintage stores to find industrial furniture anymore as the trend towards using industrial pieces in interior design continues to rise.

Industrial Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture. Antique Furniture. Butterfly Chair. Details The first version of the Butterfly chair was designed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938 by the architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, which is why it is also sometimes known as the BKF chair, for Bonet-Kurchan-Ferrari.

Butterfly Chair

The original design was composed of two bent tubular steel rods and a leather sling creating a suspended seat. The frame of the classic butterfly chair is traditionally painted black; the sling is brown leather. Butterfly chair reinvented for now East Connection’s butterfly chair stays true the timeless design of the original with a powder coated black steel frame and top quality handstitched leather seat available in traditional brown leather or black leather for a sleek and modern look. The butterfly chair is a modern classic widely considered by many one the best efforts of modern chair design – even so many decades after its creation it remains extremely popular as it still looks as fresh and modern today as when it was first created. Antique furniture. Shabby Chic Furniture. Shabby Chic furniture and the interior style that comes with it, can lend a cottage style character to your home, but one that is softer and more opulent than your average country style furniture or farmhouse decor.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Recycled Timber Furniture. Retro Furniture. A decorating style that seems to be gaining popularity day by day is retro furniture.

Retro Furniture

The terms vintage furniture and retro furniture are used almost interchangeably to describe furniture from the 20 th century that can be any style from mid-century modern, to art deco or other styles popular in various decades of last century. The difference between retro furniture and other vintage styles is often seen to be the use of colour and the light-hearted sense of fun associated with retro furniture. When you picture a retro sideboard it may be from any era – some may feature the rounded corners or angled legs that make you think of the Scandinavian furniture that was widely popular in the swinging 1960’s.

Moroccan Furniture. The colourful tiles of Morocco are widely known for their beautiful floral & geometric patterns and decorate many floors and walls in locations all over the world.

Moroccan Furniture

When you take solid timber furniture and decorate it with these Moroccan tiles, you end up with a unique Moroccan furniture range that we call Marrakesh. East Connection’s Marrakesh range is a one of a kind innovation that is becoming popular due to the hand crafted beauty of the furniture made from solid hardwoods inlaid with colourful Moroccan tiles to give your home a designer look without the high designer price tag. From a small piece of Furniture like a Moroccan side table of coffee table to a big statement piece like a tile inlaid wardrobe or amazing Ceramic tile sideboard, we just the right item in our exclusive collection to add that well-travelled ‘global chic’ look to your interiors. Antique Mirrors. Recycled Timber Furniture, Country Style & Reclaimed Timber Furniture. Recycled timber furniture or reclaimed timber furniture is – as the name suggests- furniture made from timber that is not ‘brand new’ but has been previously used.

Recycled Timber Furniture, Country Style & Reclaimed Timber Furniture

The reclaimed timber for this furniture may come from old homes, barns, or even railway sleepers which means that new trees are not being cutting down to create furniture making recycled timber furniture an environmentally friendly option to furnish your home. The use or recycled materials from old barns and farmhouses gives many recycled timber pieces are country style furniture feel that is honest and humble in character. The previous life the wood used in reclaimed timber furniture obviously plays a role in its appearance as many reclaimed pieces will have a distressed finish due to many layers of paint, or an aged look due to the timber being weather by being outdoors in its former function.

Timber Furniture. Antique Mirrors. Adding a mirror to any room can change the space instantly by helping to reflect light and brightening up your interiors.

Antique Mirrors

When you use an antique mirror in your home, not only does the mirror reflect light but also the beauty of your interiors. The right mirror can pull your entire decorating theme together or become the focal point of your room when used in the right way. Vintage mirrors can add a glamorous touch to any room if they are gilded or feature pressed metal like East Connection’s timber and brass fitted mirrors.

Other antique mirrors make the most of traditional techniques that are not as common nowadays such as carving intricate designs painstakingly by hand on a timber frame. The high level of workmanship on these carved antique mirrors is evident to one and all who visit our showroom and see them in person. Indian Furniture.