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Eastbay Behavior Therapy Center

East Bay Behavior Center specializes in treating emotional disorders, which teens and adults suffer most often. The center houses behavioral therapists who have decades of experience in their respective fields and have successfully handled critical cases in the past. The selection of a therapy depends on the situations a client faces currently and the ways meant for attaining those goals. East Bay offers behavioral therapy services including individual therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, OCD warrior group, social flexibility group and intense outpatient program.

Join DBT Skills Training Group to Enrich Your Life. DBT Skills are taught on a weekly basis in a 1.5 hour group session.

Join DBT Skills Training Group to Enrich Your Life

DBT skill groups are not traditional “process” groups where people share feelings, thoughts, opinions and simply discuss about them. Rather, a DBT Skills group is much more like a class on “emotional intelligence.” Certainly sharing can and does happen, and members can be supportive to one another as far as they are comfortable; however, the group is about learning DBT skills in a classroom style format. At our center, every group session starts with a mindfulness exercise followed by homework review, presentation of a new skill, and homework assignment.

When presenting a new skill, handouts are given to clients and experiential exercises are conducted as well in order to facilitate the learning process. Get DBT Individual Therapy in Walnut Creek. Individual therapy sessions usually consists of 50-minutes unless you and your therapist establish longer sessions because of a particular situation.

Get DBT Individual Therapy in Walnut Creek

For example, for family session we encourage clients to book a 90-minute therapy session because of the complexity of having more than one person in the session. The frequency and schedule of the appointments will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Most clients rather to establish a routine for their therapy sessions (same day, same time); nevertheless, if your schedule does not allow you to do that, we do have flexibility in adjusting to your needs to the best we can. At the beginning of treatment you and your therapist will discuss specific “goals” and “behavioral markers” for the therapy process that will allow both of you to see how therapy is going. Periodically you may be asked to fill out additional forms to see what is changing and what still needs to change in the course of therapy. Best Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy in Walnut Creek. At the East Bay Behavior Therapy Center we do believe that “therapy is an emotional and financial investment” and “you deserve the best service possible.”

Best Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy in Walnut Creek

Therefore, we have established the following process to ensure your needs are met: First step: Call for a phone screeningSince we do have certain areas of clinical specialization, it’s important to briefly learn about what you are looking for and assess if we do have the expertise or availability to fulfill your therapy needs. You can give us a call for an initial phone screening at 925-956-4636 or e-mail us at Second step: Schedule online an intake/consultation session (s)Based on our phone conversation, and if we both agreed that there is an opportunity for us to work together, we’ll invite you to schedule an intake session by simply clicking “here.” At the end of the intake session(s) we’ll share with you our treatment recommendations that will effectively respond to your needs. Develop Expertise of CBT Behavioral Therapy in Walnut Creek.

December 2014 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 101 July, 2014 Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Minneapolis, MN.

Develop Expertise of CBT Behavioral Therapy in Walnut Creek

May, 2014 Mind and Emotions: transdiagnostic processes in therapy. In-service training Kaiser Permanente Richmond Psychiatry Department. March 27-30, 2014 Mind and Emotions: transdiagnostic processeses in therapy. A review of what we learned so far. 2013 Mind and Emotions: transdiagnostic processes in therapy. Find the Best Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Walnut Creek. When people ask us about our clinical work, there is only a single sentence that responds to this question: it’s specialized.

Find the Best Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Walnut Creek

What does it mean? It means exactly that, our clinical work is specialized. We are not “eclectic therapists.” We don’t do talk therapy or ask you “how are you feeling all the time.” We are not “integrationists” either. Please keep in mind that engaging in behaviorally oriented therapy doesn’t mean that you will be forced to do things you’re not ready to do or that we’ll strictly talk about reinforcements. Best OCD Treatment Available for Children in Walnut Creek. Cognitive Behavior Therapy Treats OCD in Walnut Creek. Patricia E.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Treats OCD in Walnut Creek

Zurita Ona, Psy.D. Director Dr. Zurita Ona, or “Dr. Z,” is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California. Get Top Notch Social Anxiety Treatment in Walnut Creek. Why a social flexibility group?

Get Top Notch Social Anxiety Treatment in Walnut Creek

Over the last couple of months we have been working with teens and adults struggling with “fear of embarrassment or humiliation in social situations.” Most people dwell over these situations either before, during, or after them. Sadly, the task of managing their anxiety becomes a full time job, 24/7 days a week, with the end result of avoiding social events or attending to them using emotional crutches (carrying meds, playing with the cell phone as a form of distraction, attending to events only with “safe people,” etc).

In United states, social anxiety is the fourth most common psychological problem; it affects 7% of the adult population and 1-3 adolescents aged 13-18 are affected as well. Best Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety in Walnut Creek. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) & related conditions What is it?

Best Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety in Walnut Creek

Self-assessment Below are the most common forms of OCD: Contamination OCD Common obsessions: fear of germs, chemicals, or other “contaminants” Common compulsions: excessive washing, cleaning, reassurance-seeking and avoiding. Hyper-responsibility OCD Common obsessions: fear of making a mistake, causing a tragedy Common compulsions: excessive checking of light switches, stove, appliances. Just Right OCD Common obsessions: fear of not being able to tolerate specific feelings Common compulsions: repeating routine behaviors, arranging/ordering, checking/repeating writing and reading, homework, or work tasks.

Hypochondria/Health Anxiety Common obsessions: fear of having or catching illnesses Common compulsions: checking body for symptoms, excessive googling/researching symptoms, excessive reassurance seeking or avoidance of medical professionals/procedures. Find the Best Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Walnut Creek. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., as a treatment for individuals with borderline personality disorder or emotional dysregulation problems.

Find the Best Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Walnut Creek

DBT is an empirically-based, highly practical, and structured therapy that emphasizes both acceptance and change-oriented skills (dialectic). The word “dialectical” means a synthesis or integration of opposites; for example, as therapists we understand that our clients are doing the best they can and, at the same time, they need to change specific behaviors in order to achieve their life goals. Therefore, clients are helped to move away from rigid and unworkable behaviors to more effective ones. DBT has shown to be effective with individuals struggling with depression, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse problems and emotion dysregulation problems in general. For more information about DBT, visit Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. East Bay Behavior Therapy Center.