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 Sarah Kay. Recently, much media attention has been paid to what it means to "be a woman," but often the conversation focuses on what it means to be a woman in relation to others.

 Sarah Kay

(Women as mothers, as wives, as sisters, as lovers... etc.) I believe these relationships are important. I also think it is possible to define ourselves solely as individuals, without comparisons or relationships. Women don't have to be defined by others. We have the power to define ourselves: by telling our own stories, in our own words, with our own voices. The Type Everyone needs a place. 35 Ways to Tell If It's Over, and to Tell Your Partner. When you first met, you thought the two of you had been touched by the same star.

35 Ways to Tell If It's Over, and to Tell Your Partner

Then something happened. Love began to crumble. You made excuses. There was tension when you were together. But you reasoned that it was better than being lonely, because fear of the monster called “Alone” too often leads people to stay in relationships long after a connection has ended, emotionally and physically. Even for college students in relatively brief relationships, a break-up can create overwhelming sadness and extreme stress. The United States Census Bureau reported in 2011 that its latest data (compiled in 2009) indicated that 83 percent of all currently married couples had made it to their fifth anniversary, and that about 55 percent had been married at least 15 years. How to handle a mid-life crisis - 5 signs you're going through a midlife crisis - xinmsn Lifestyle.

Many have said: "I used to think I was immortal, that I held the world at my fingertips, that I could change any outcome as long as I was able to road map it.

How to handle a mid-life crisis - 5 signs you're going through a midlife crisis - xinmsn Lifestyle

" But then happy hard work paved the way for more work, and more work took away more time. More time passed faster than sand slipping through my fingers, and I'm now facing off with my ultimate nemesis - my mid life. What I Learned About Love By Ending My Marriage. I Stayed In The Wrong Marriage For 11 Years I had a kind and handsome husband.

What I Learned About Love By Ending My Marriage

We lived in a four-bedroom home in a suburban golf community. We had nice cars, took vacations and had a wide circle of friends and loving families. I had a good Read I was 28 years old and had my picture-perfect happy ending: a big beautiful house, a handsome college-sweetheart husband, and an amazing two year-old son. Until one Sunday, after years of conversation, repeated attempts to better compliment each other, counseling and soul searching — my husband and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes. For the first time, we acknowledged out loud what we both knew was true: We loved each other, respected each other, but weren't in love despite our desire to stay together for our son.

Walking away from life as I knew it was never something I'd envisioned. Here are some of those lessons: 1. 3 Steps to Boosting Your Charisma. We often consider charisma to be a rare quality, bestowed on only a few lucky souls, special individuals who end up in highly-visible, highly-rewarding positions as politicians, CEOs, actors, and talk show hosts.

3 Steps to Boosting Your Charisma

But that’s a myth, according to Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth. Cabane contends that charisma is not an innate trait, reserved for A-listers. Instead, it’s a characteristic anyone can develop. The Hidden Risk of Cohabitation. Dotshock/Shutterstock Stories on cohabitation never fail to generate discussion and argument.

The Hidden Risk of Cohabitation

I think this is because, for the past 40 years, cohabitation has been on the vanguard of massive changes in how people partner-up and do (or don’t do) marriage. People are drawn to the topic like moths to my garage. (I’d say flame, but they all seem to be in my flameless garage this summer—you could say they have moved in.) A number of people commented after my last piece (also on cohabitation) that they were not really interested in ever marrying.

The Mystery For decades, people have believed that living together would increase their odds of doing well in marriage. Let’s start with what the current research shows. 5 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached Its Expiration Date. By Marina Margulis for As a relationship coach, I sometimes have to advise couples to do something they hate to hear: break up.

5 Signs Your Relationship Has Reached Its Expiration Date

It is always just as painful for me as it is for the couple. Some call it tough love. The New Rules of Relationships. Human beings crave intimacy, need to love and be loved, and function best when they are.

The New Rules of Relationships

Yet people have much trouble maintaining relationships. It's clear from the many letters I get to my advice column that lots of folks, men and women, have no idea what a healthy relationship even looks like. Because I write about these things, and care about the environments children grow in, I feel obligated to say something. From many sources and many experts over the years, I have culled some basic rules of relationships. This is by no means an exhaustive list. . • Choose a partner wisely and well. . • Know your partner's beliefs about relationships. . • Don't confuse sex with love. . • Know your needs and speak up for them clearly. . • Respect, respect, respect. It Takes Just 4 Minutes To Explain Why Women Should Never Be Embarrassed About Past Relationships. Sarah Kay: All right.

It Takes Just 4 Minutes To Explain Why Women Should Never Be Embarrassed About Past Relationships

So, there's a poet by the name of Richard Sikin, who is an incredible poet, and he has a line in one of his poems that goes, "Everybody needs a place. It shouldn't be inside of someone else. " And I've been thinking about that line a lot recently and this poem is for my best friend. If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at, you can let them look at you, but do not mistake eyes for hands or windows or mirrors.

Let them see what a woman looks like. How to Spot and Deal With Passive-Aggressive People. Behind the smile, a hidden knife!

How to Spot and Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

―Ancient Chinese proverb describing passive-aggressive behavior. 5 Things We Now Know About Successful Dating. A Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day. 11 Ways to Tell if Your Lover Loves You. Most theories of relationships focus on how intimate partners feel about each other, but according to John Gottman’s behavioral approach, you need to focus on outward signs to test the health of yours. This approach follows from the assumption that observable actions provide, in many cases, harder evidence about what’s going on inside a person than the inferences we make from what he or she says.

7 Valid Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Men So Easily. True love is something that all people search for, especially when they are young. It should be mentioned that men and women have different attitude to love. It is a well-known fact that boys love with their eyes and girls love with their ears. That means all the words we hear from our guys are very important to us and we take everything serious. Being trustful, women can easily fall in love and give their heart away to those men who don’t deserve their great affection.

That’s why I advise you to be reasonable when you start a new relationship. 1. Unfortunately very often we can get attached to handsome guys just because of their appearance and as a result our heart may be broken and we stay alone. 2. It’s not a secret that men are lustful and we can’t do anything with this. Read also – 11 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You. 8 Simple Ways to Show Your Love Without Words. It’s so easy to tell someone you love them, but can you show your love without using words? Great actions always speak louder than great words and when it comes to love, it’s important to learn how to express your love without words. Did you remember that guy who said that he loved you many times, but it was in word only and he didn’t back up his confession with gestures?