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How to Audit Proof Your Trader Tax Status. Do you qualify for trader tax status?

How to Audit Proof Your Trader Tax Status

Are you aware of what the IRS focuses on when determining whether to tax you as a trader or an investor? What are the red flags that can trigger an IRS audit of your trader status? Please join us as Steve Ribble of Shrink My Taxes and Trader Tax Coach answers these and other trader tax questions. In this webinar, Steve will be covering: How to qualify for trader tax statusRed flags that could trigger an audit Mark to market accountingDeductions that are frequently missedWhen it makes sense to incorporate About the Presenter Steve Ribble is founder and CEO of Shrink My Taxes LLC and Trader Tax Coach, a tax and accounting firm catering to the trading community.

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Rosie Smith - Nudist History

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Bob Delmonteque - Nudist History

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Cécile Allain - Nudist History

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