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Earth Enviromental

We provide a high quality, cost-effective and pragmatic geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental service to our clients. We take pride in our work, we enjoy our work, and we are very committed to the provision of timely services at a reasonable cost with clearly presented solutions.

Earth Enviromental. COAL MINING RISK ASSESSMENT SERVICE. Telecommunications. GEOTECHNICAL ASSESSMENT. FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT. Earth Enviromental. RIVER LUNE, LANCASTER. NEW RETAIL PARK, PRESCOT. WHAT ARE BROWNFIELD SITES? Earth Enviromental. SITE INVESTIGATION AND REMEDIATION STRATEGY – NEW RETAIL PARK, PRESCOT. FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT. Site Investigation. Ground Investigation. LANDFILL GEOTECHNICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES. Site Investigation and Hydrographic Survey of the River Bed. Development of Brownfield Site Seminar 8th November. What are Brownfield Sites?

Development of Brownfield Site Seminar 8th November

In the UK a brownfield site is defined as “previously developed land” that has the potential for being redeveloped. It is often (but not always) land that has been used for industrial and commercial purposes and is now derelict and possibly contaminated. Most of the land that was once used for industry in this country laid redundant for many years. But where demand for residential and commercial property is high, and available green spaces are low, brownfield sites have become an increasingly popular development opportunity.

Brownfield land is seen as a great development option and everyone is keen to see brownfield sites brought back to life. In 2015 the Government set It’s Objective for 2020: To have planning permission in place on 90% of brownfield land suitable for housing. As brownfield land is usually located in urban spots it is ideal for housing, so planners look very favourably on brownfield redevelopment proposals. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. And Ground Engineering Services. Flood Risk Assessment. Construction Quality Assurance. Construction Quality Assurance is an important element during construction ensuring liner, drainage and capping systems meet planning and licensing requirements.

Construction Quality Assurance

Our service includes auditing of raw materials, supervision of installation and preparation of Quality Assurance reports. We routinely undertake geotechnical assessments of materials including on site testing (density, permeability, moisture content) during the construction phase. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. 403 Not Allowed. Remediation of Groundwater, Liverpool. A site investigation on a site in Liverpool found concentrations of hydrocarbons in shallow groundwater, in excess of water quality standards.

Remediation of Groundwater, Liverpool

The benzene concentration, in the core of the plume was 1810ug/litre, and is thought to have originated from a former fuel retailing facility. Records relating to the former fuel retailing facility were not found, despite a search of Petroleum Licencing records and examination of historical maps. Anecdotal evidence from local residents suggest that the facility was operational over fifty years ago. Drainage Assessment. Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation. Stockport MBC were undertaking a feasibility study for a new link road between the M60 and the A6 in Stockport.

Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation

It was intended for the proposed new road to cut into sloping ground below one of the arches of the Stockport Viaduct. A disused railway tunnel was present in this location which would have to be removed. As part of the study, a ground investigation was undertaken to pinpoint the exact location of the railway tunnel and to assess the depth and nature of the existing foundations to the Stockport Viaduct. The investigation also obtained soil and rock geotechnical parameters for the design of retaining walls to support the road through cut slopes.

Geoenvironmental information was also included for a human health risk assessment. The railway tunnel was located with trial pits and trenches excavated at locations selected using historical maps. Site Investigation and Hydrographic Survey of the River Bed. Development of Brownfield Site Seminar 8th November. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. Surface Water Drainage Strategy. The surface water management strategy will also investigate what effect the development will have on these, and outlines measures the developer can take so that runoff rates meet the requirements for the site set by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the Environment Agency or by local planning policy.

Surface Water Drainage Strategy

In particular, the SuDS report will demonstrate that the development will conform to the guidance set out in NPPF where: Paragraph 051 states, the drainage is to be designed to control surface water run off close to where it falls and mimic natural drainage as closely as possible, will provide opportunities to reduce the causes and impacts of flooding, and will remove pollutants from urban run-off at source;

Flood Risk Assessment. Site Investigation Services. Any site investigation should ideally follow the development of a site walkover survey and desk based study (Phase I Desk Study) using readily available publically archived information (historical, environmental, mining etc) that allows for a cost effective strategy to be implemented.

Site Investigation Services

The defined scope of work within any preliminary investigation is paramount for a successful project to be completed, the old adage “you pay for a site investigation whether you have one or not”, is commonly quoted to clients! All site investigations are conducted in accordance with strict and well defined health and safety practices with site specific method statements and risk assessments provided. Prior to commencement on site service (gas sewers, electricity etc.) information is acquired from the client (or its agents) with utility tracing conducted, if required. Environmental Monitoring Service. Monitoring of environmental criteria is often required to assess the potential impact of contaminated soils or groundwater, ground gases, volatile organic compounds, leachate on a proposed development (including infrastructure, construction workers and end users), neighbouring land or the wider environment.

Environmental Monitoring Service

Installation of ground gas groundwater monitoring points are completed by use of our in-house drilling services and are constructed in accordance with best guidance procedures and guidance established by the Environment Agency and United States Environmental Protection Agency. Corporate & Banking Due Diligence. Commercial Property developer. Our blend of experience in particular of previously working for land developers, within technical consultancy practices and at board level for remediation contractors gives us a unique ability to unlock any development opportunity.

Commercial Property developer

We fully understand the process of site acquisition through to site development, having assisted many national blue chip FTSE 100 organisations in the past. Typical services we provide to property developers include; Environmental Statement. Geological & Environmental Services. The company was established by three Directors, all of whom have been lifelong friends and partners, who always had a desire to work together and establish an environmental, geological, and geotechnical practice that could offer an expert driven, cost effective and pragmatic service to prospective and existing clients.

Geological & Environmental Services

Adam Czarnecki (Managing Director) Adam is the proud son of Zdisław Czarnecki who fled with his family from invaders in Poland and Russia and for some unknown reason eventually settled in East Lancashire, in the former cotton town of Blackburn, Lancashire. Adam’s interest in geology originated in studying landforms with his father in the Ribble Valley, whilst on fishing trips, in particular around the Waulsortian mud mound deposits around Clitheroe and the nearby Trough of Bowland. Many years later Adam could often be found mapping (wandering aimlessly) around the Trough looking for mineralisation (sulphate, copper, zinc, barite, fluorite & silver). Simon Leat. Cinderford Geo-Environmental Site Investigation Case Study. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical News. Pierce, the Blackburn-based business advisory and accountancy group, has been chosen to support a recently established business in its ambitious growth plans.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical News

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical, headquartered in Stockport and with an office in Somerset, carries out surveys for the property, financial, chemical, legal, mining and construction industries. The business is managed by Adam Czarnecki, a former Blackburn resident, and was founded to provide bespoke, cost effective and pragmatic solutions to clients. Pierce group was brought on board by Adam to support the business as it was established, providing tax advice, and to plan for future growth. Adam said: “It’s an exciting time to be establishing a new business after a painful recession and we are seeing real signs of improvement. So far business has been excellent with numerous orders from all parts of the UK”. “We are planning steady growth over coming years and look to Pierce to support us in our strategy.”

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. Remediation of Groundwater, Liverpool. Surface Water Drainage Strategy. Ground Investigation. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. 4th November 2019 - Radon Awareness Week - Do you know the facts? 4th November 2019 – Radon Awareness Week. Get the Facts & Then Act Radon Awareness Week is just over 2 weeks away, beginning on Monday 4th November 2019. UKRA will be running a campaign focusing on the research from PHE that energy efficient measures are increasing indoor radon levels. Surface Water Drainage Strategy. Plate bearing test used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of rocks. It is routinely used in the design of temporary structures such as working platforms for piling rigs or pads for crane outriggers. Approximate equivalent CBR values can be derived from the Modulus of sub grade reaction by use of empirical relationships. The Plate Bearing Test is carried out in accordance with BS 1377 Part 9: 1990 and consists of loading a steel plate and recording the settlement corresponding to each load increment.

The Plate Bearing Test is normally carried out at foundation level, either on the surface or in a shallow pit. Plates of varying sizes up to 720mm diameter are available. The loading plate is placed on the ground and connected via a load cell to a reaction load. Flood Risk Assessment. Soil Waste Classification. On many previously developed sites the chemical quality of soils needs to be assessed to determine the impact on end users, construction workers and also controlled waters. Much of this data can be used to determine whether excess soils, if taken offsite, are Hazardous or Non Hazardous. If the excess material is re-used on site this same data can be used as part of the construction of a Remedial Strategy and Materials Management Plan. Material Management Plans. Waste soil materials can be reused in accordance with the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Development Industry Code of Practice as long as there is sufficient information to demonstrate the suitability of materials.

Suitability is assessed by the degree of environmental risk posed and governed by planning permission together with an accepted remediation strategy. As part of the development of an MMP there should be as a rule a minimum of a desk study for greenfield sites. For previously developed sites, chemical characterisation of soils will invariably be required, together with a risk assessment for the receiving site. The risk assessment would detail the potential risks posed to human health and controlled waters (rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, aquifers). Following completion of the transfer of materials, a verification report must be produced detailing the works carried out. Engineering Surveys. Earthworks Modelling. This work requires the modelling of earthworks taking into account the regrading of sites to achieve development plateaus that recognise drainage levels, subsurface structures and any contamination. Ecological Services.

Environmental Monitoring. Environmental Monitoring. Soil Waste Classification. Surface Water Drainage Strategy. Soil Waste Classification. Mineral Reserve Assessment. Our staff has provided advice to mining and quarrying companies in the UK and overseas. Drainage Assessment. Earth Environmental.